Let’s Synchronize our Emptiness (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

It was another day…another morning but for Om this type of morning were quite common. They came and went but his life….remained same. The same stormy winds..the rains…those laughs and shouts of children..and yep how can one forget the chirping of lovely birds. Om woke up from his sleep. He was feeling quite nice after having a good sleep..ummm all thanks to sleeping pills by the way. He heard the raindrops which were splashing on the leaves and flowers. What a lovely atomsphere it was! Om thought. He kept his hand out of the window waiting like a little kid for those droplets to fall on his hand and soon he was granted this wish of his. Looking at those raindrops….having a glance of that amazing surrounding which had nature created. He closed his eyes. Everytime he thought of not thinking about her..he always ended up smiling and imagining a huge part of their journey but his fantasies were soon broken by his brother’s voice.
Shivaay: om… I need to have a talk with you

Om nods his head.
S: Om why don’t you visit a pschologist..I mean they can help you out.
O: I know shivaay…you want to help me..but this is not possible..I won’t…
S: Om please for my sake…please…
O: Shivaay…
Shivaay understood om’s hesitation but he wanted make om feel better..he wanted to carve a smile on his face which was lost long back…

S: Please om..I can’t see you suffer like this..please just for once
Om knew he didn’t really wished to go but he couldn’t make shivaay anymore sadder who was already broken seeing his brother in this situation.
O: Ok I will go…but remember shivaay..just once..
Shivaay’s happiness knew no bounds that moment…after all his brother was finally making an attempt to overcome his past.

Om was walking on the road. He found some lillies which were hanging out from a basket. Those lillies reminded him of her. It used to be her favourite. He couldn’t stop his footsteps and more importantly his heart from grabbing those lillies. He went to the vendor and purchased them. Suddenly it started raining heavily. Om remembered her. Raindrops touched him. The aroma of roasted corns..the fragrance of lillies combined with the sweet aromatic smell of the mud…the screams and shouts of children…everything just mesmerized him. “Om..om..what are you doing? Just come here..” a girl shouted.
Om replied,” Ishana just shut up. I m not going to get wet in the rain.” Ishana said rather scolded,” You have to come.”

She brings om forcefully in the rain. She dances in the rain. Her eyes which hold so much happiness yet her smile which concedes so many secrets of hers..oh god!! Om thought. He could spend his whole life time looking at her. His chain of thoughts were broken by the giggles and yellings of kids who were ordering their corns. Ishana went running near them. She enjoyed eating corn with kids. Ishana signalled om to enjoy the rain and dance under the clouds which were pouring out their happiness. Om gradually started loving rain. He spread out his arms and raindrops touched his face. He started jumping and dancing in the rain like a 5 year old kid. Ishana smiled looking at him. Om was mesmerized by this look of ishana. Suddenly a car from opposite side was approaching om. Ishana rushed towards om. The mere thought of her om lying in the pool of blood crushed her heart.

She ran to save him,”Om…om..”she called out. She pulled him towards her side.” Thank you ishana”he said. She saw a girl looking at him with confused eyes who had actually in reality saved om from the hit of the car. “Uh..uh..I am sorry…just..” tears welled up in his eyes recollecting that it was just a flashback. “Are you ok?” She asked out of her concern. “Ya..I m fine…thank you so much..and what is your name?” Om asked. “My name is gauri..gauri sharma” she replied and left from there with a magical smile. Om was left there smiling. Maybe because of her or whatever…but now he was feeling better. On the other hand the raindrops which were splashing on the ground still repeated those sentences…those words..those scoldings of ishana that continuned to play in his mind.

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Precap: Will Om share his emptiness?

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  1. _APARNA_

    i see a lot of symbolism , i really don’t know how to point it out , but it was really beautiful , really looking forward to reading the rest of your story 🙂

    1. Yashu

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    amazing part..nice go..luved the way it goes…its smooth…But i kinda felt it short..super one

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    Wonderful update… loved ishkara part… gauri’s entry was awesome.. Eagerly waiting for the next part…

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