Let’s Synchronize our Emptiness (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Just wanna stay alone…away from the world..was the only thought which was running his mind now. All he wanted was just to know himself better..where he was..where he is..and what is happening around him. Tears welled up in his eyes recalling those moments..those moments which he spent with her. It seemed like they never met at places they met in moments…and to be precise those moments which she had left for him. He always bottled up his feelings. It’s not like that he didn’t have anyone to share with but it’s kinda some of those things are better when they remain inside your heart. It was only silence and him at first where he loved to be..but with the entry of this girl in his life had completely changed him. He was no longer a guy who would read books..or at work on his laptop but he had now been a guy who would enjoy his life and be himself.
Umm…yeahhh..but now the situation had changed once again. His bright life was now a dark hell..after she had left him. All he had now with him was just her memories.

He would try to distract himself by watching tv or maybe reading books or even sometimes by doing work on his laptop..but no matter how much ever he triedto forget her the more and more she hovered his mind. She came in his mind for once and never left from there. He came near to his balcony. Watching those twinkling stars he reminsced her. He wanted to fly high in the sky in order to get little more closer to her in stars. He closed his eyes. Flashbacks started playing in front of his eyes. His hand full of blood..her cries..her loving eyes…her painful smile. He shook his head trying to forget those painful scenes. He breathed heavily. He found sleeping pills which were lying on his table. Grabbing those pills and pouring water into his glass with shivering hands he takes tgem. He felt someone was around him and he found his brother’s hand on his shoulder..”Shivaay” he said.
S : How long are you gonna have these om. Just look at yourself what you were before and what you are now.
O : There is no option left for me shivaay…I can’t sleep.
S : But if you will try you definetely can buddy.
O : I can’t shivaay everytime I close my eyes she appears in front of me…her eyes..her smile…her face and that day.
S : Om om..it was not your fault.
O : How can you even say it shivaay…I had a chance..a chance to save her..

He completely breaks down after saying this. Shivaay hugs him. He understood what om wanted to convey after all tears are those words which heart can’t say.
O : I am dying out of guilt everyday shivaay…every minute..every second..I just wanna run away…away from this life.
Upon hearing this shivaay slaps his brother. His anger was at utmost peak after hearing this but then looking at his face shivaay hugged him.
S : how dare you om…how dare you..you just can’t leave me and go away..I will never let this happen..enough om you have juat survived you just survived but now you have to live you have to live your life to its fullest…after that’s all ishaana wanted from you…won’t you fulfil her last wish…
O : shivaay
He looks at him with helpless eyes
S : no om you have to…you have to stay strong
Om cries. Shivaay hugs his brother tightly.
But will shivaay be able to join the broken pieces of his brother’s heart ?
Why is om so fed up of his life ? Stay tuned …

Precap : Shivaay’s decision…new girl in om’s life ????

Hey guys it’s yashu. I am die hard fan of kunal. I love writing and was deeply inspired by reading many of the ffs on tu page. This ff will contain both gauri and ishaana as i love both of them. Hope you all will like it. Please do comment. Love you all ??

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    Feeling Sad For Om? ShiOm Convo Is Emotional?Starting Is Very Intersting?????
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    Brilliant start..is ot Ishkara FF or Gaukara FF??

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      It contains both of the pairs…so yeahh it’s gaurika and ishkara combined ff

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    Yashu,Your English is so good dear???I am happy that you like both ishana and gauri..Many people are hating shrenu as she replaced ishana..But u are different..You like both..??I like gauri alone..But after reading your ff,I feel like crying for ishana’s death?????Its an amazing start dear…Keep rocking…?????Post next part aSAP…plssss

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    Brilliant start..is it Ishkara FF or Gaukara FF??

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