Laxmila – the love story (Part 4)

Child 2: now Urmila didi you have to bat.

Urmila proudly walk to Laxman who happily give the bat.

Urmila get ready to bat. Laxman bowl her first bowl. Urmila hit it and the bowl goes up in the aaaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai air and

Ouch Laxman caught it and shouts how’s that. The child who was umpire of the game stares at both of them.
Laxman:(shout) what happen?
Child umpire: no ball.
Urmila jumps yipeeeeeeee. Not out not out not out.
Laxman: you sagar you ditch me.

Sagar take him aside. I am sorry kumar but didn’t you remember “attithi devo bhava” and look how much she is happy.

Laxman sees Urmila.

“sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar ki teri sasen chalti jidhar rahu me bas udhar”

Laxman and sagar also join them and start dancing. Urmila sees to the sun.
Urmila: kumar don’t you want to show me next things.

Laxman and Urmila bids a farewell to the ashram. Laxman show the important places in Ayodhya. They meet the common people, eats food in a local’s home.

Urmila: what a day!! Where are we going now?
Laxman: this is the last place I want you to see. The garden. You know I and Bhaiya spent most time of our childhood day there. And it is Sita bhabhi’s favorite place also.
Urmila:(teasingly) if you want then why not.
Urmila and Laxman roams in the garden met the gardeners who tell her some naughty incidents of ram-Laxman’s childhood.
Urmila: kumar who made this swing?( seeing a swing made of leaves and flowers)
Laxman: mata. Both of them prepare this for ram Bhaiya and me. You want to sit on it?
Urmila: it will not fall?
Laxman: even you were an elephant you will not fall. Trust me.
Urmila: you again want to tease me. Let it go. You may also sit. You are not big as an elephant.

Laxman and Urmila both sat on the swing. Urmila slowly swing it. Laxman stares her lovingly.
Urmila: say something.
Laxman: you say.
Urmila: about what?
Laxman: anything your friends, childhood.

Urmila smiles and start describing her relation with Sita, their days in mithila, her childhood. In between sometime Laxman also narrates some incidents of their childhood. But Urmila talks nonstop. And Laxman, he adored her with his eyes.

“ Jitni haseen ye mulakate hain, unse bhi pyaari teri batein hain
Batoun me teri jo kho jate hai , rahu na hosh mein main kabhi, bahon mein hai meri zindagi hay”

Its evening Ram and Sita come in the garden to look for Laxman and Urmila. They saw them on the swing.

Ram start going toward them but Sita stops him.
Sita: don’t disturb them Swami! It is the first time they are having a normal talk.
Ram: I don’t think they are talking. Look Laxman is just listening.
Sita: don’t you remember when we were here for the first time you too were just staring and listening me.
Ram: how can I forget that day. Well should we now disturb them?
Sita: wait for some time.

There Urmila and Laxman were lost. At once Laxman gain senses and smiles.

Urmila: why are you smiling?
Laxman 🙁 teasingly) by seeing how much you talk.
Urmila: then why are you listening?
Laxman: I am very good listener.
Urmila: Ohoh then I am very good orator.
Laxman: it’s getting late we should leave for the palace.
Sita: (coming from behind) at least you both remember that.

Ram and Sita laugh. Laxman and Urmila smile.

Ram: you know if you both talk normally like this, these oral war can come to an end. And you can be good friend.
Urmila: friends!! I can become friend with humans not with lion.
Laxman: and I am also not interested to become friend with a box full of problems.
Urmila: when I created problem for you?
Sita: are you both hungry? Or your stomachs are full with your words. Come on let’s go.
Urmila: yes yes didi, you know how much I want to tell you about the day.
Sita and Urmila proceed.
Laxman: what a girl she is?
Ram: one and only! Who can make your lips seal?
Laxman: Bhaiya. Ok I have to tell you many things so let’s go.

Ram and Laxman also proceed for the palace.
In the room of Urmila, Sita is arranging bed for them.

Sita: what was the best part of your day?
Urmila: discovering Kumar Laxman. You know did today I saw someone different whom I actually don’t know. He is not that bad.

Then Sita listens the details of Urmila’s day. In Laxman’s room ram was listening the description.

Urmila: didi! I think I should thank him.
Sita: why to get late for a good work.
Urmila goes to Laxman.
Laxman: for what are you here?
Urmila: I would like to thank you for making today the best day of my life. Because of you this day was probably the happiest day of my life. So just thank you!!
Urmila goes and Laxman stay silent standing.

“ ankhiya kare jee huzoori, mange hain teri manzoori
Kazran sihaye din rang jaye teri kastoori rain jagaye”

Laxman: I am gonna mad.

  1. Guys here is a small poll for u all…..pls vote for anyone of the options……

    1. Best actor I portraying the role of lord Vishnu

    a. Ashish Sharma
    b. Saurabh raj jain

    2. Best swayamvar

    a. Sita’s swayamvar
    b. Draupadi’s swayamvar

    3. Best villain

    a. Ravan
    b. Shakuni

    Pls vote guys……from lakshmila aka suchi…….

    1. Pragyashree

      well for me nothing is better than Siya ke ram so my vote goes to……………
      1. Ashish Sharma (best Ram ever)

      2. Sita’s Swayamvar (grand!!)

      3. Raavan (no doubt bcz he has some positive points also)

    2. Arnasharma26

      Ashish ji obvio, jaan hai vo
      Sita’s swyamwar…..loved it yaar
      Ravan(even he was smart yaar??)

    3. Jayani

      1. Saurab Raj Jain
      2. Can’t choose… But I lyk Draupadi’s swyamvar a bit more dan sita’s
      3. Shakuni

  2. Lovely episode dear pragyashree

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you so much!! glad to see your comment.

  3. Aman

    Ashish sharma as Ram, Sita swayamvar and Ravan as best villian

  4. Aman

    Nice ff superb

  5. Aman

    Nice ff superb loved it

    1. Pragyashree

      Thanks bhai. Glad you like it.

  6. Loved it.

  7. its superb . all the scenes were really very nice . especially when siam see lakshmila talking was nice . the last part where urmila thanks a lakshman was really cute and sweet . . i follow all the episodes of ur ff but i dont find time to comment . all the episodes are awesome di . update next one soon . eagerly waiting for the next one

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you!! Glad you like it. will update soon.

  8. Astra

    wow.. excellent work dear… i’m fidaa to your ideas.. keep it up dear..

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you very much!!

  9. Jayani

    Sry for d late comment di… As usual loved d epi… Full of fun… Lakshmila teasing each other… Nd d cricket fun… Waiting for d next epi di…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Pragyashree

      I am really angry jayani how can you do that? I am shocked. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. You yourself forget the rule of No sorry. So I will not give you sorry.

      Thank you very much for your comment and will update soon.

    2. Jayani

      M sooooo *** for using dat word… Will not use it again

  10. Jayani

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    1. Jayani

      Found dis in whatsapp… Felt dat shud share it wid u guys coz dese r sum rules which v shud follow in our daily lives

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