Laxmila – the love story (Part 2)

Sita takes Urmila to her room.

Urmila: wow didi! Your room is very beautiful just like ours in Mithila. I am very happy.

Sita: pitaji will come to take you.

Urmila: yes didi! You know since your bidai the whole mithila seems to a horror place. Sometimes I try to make everyone happy. But whenever your discussion came your memories make everyone cry.

Sita: (with tears but want to change topic) you bought that what I said you to bring?

Urmila (acting) Oh didi I forgot.

Sita: don’t joke. Give it to me.

Urmila opens her trunk and give Sita the mangoes.

Sita: you don’t know how much eager I was to eat my garden’s mangoes.

Urmila: didi! Will you not eat it?

Sita: yes Urmila but first I have to offer this to….

Urmila: (teasingly) jijasri?

Sita: No to god.

Urmila: do as your wish. I am going to give jijasri his gift.

Sita: you know where he is?

Urmila 🙁 confused) where?

Sita tell her the directions of room. Urmila goes.

Urmila: (in her heart) I met everyone except him. Where is he?

Urmila goes to ram who was coming out of a room.

Urmila: jijasri! I was coming to u. Jijasri Mata has sent this for you.

Ram sees the paintings that ram asked to make while he was leaving from mithila.

Ram: thank you Urmila! I like it.

He sees urmila’s eyes searching for someone.

Ram: whom are you searching?

Urmila: No jijasri I am not searching anyone.

She turns to leave but again turn to Ram.

Urmila: Jijasri! Where is your younger brother? I didn’t see him.

Laxman comes from back.

Laxman: when someone is waiting for me with such desperation. I have to come.

Urmila: waiting for you!! What are you saying sumitranandan? I thought that maharaja banished you from palace but unfortunately that was wrong.

Laxman: I am sorry I was not there to welcome.

Urmila: you don’t need to. There are many people who can welcome me. Rajkumar didn’t need to take any problem because of me.

Laxman: ( in his heart) who is saying this, herself a box of problem.

Urmila: you want to say something?

Laxman: No. well where is my gift?

Urmila: Oh! I myself bought a gift for you. Wait I will bring it.

Urmila goes and come back with a big decorated plate with a cloth covering it. And give it to Laxman.

Laxman: what is in it?

Urmila: you can yourself see. But let me leave first.

Urmila goes.

Laxman: (to ram) Bhaiya shall I open it?

Ram: (teasingly) yes Laxman you must be very eager.

Laxman remove the cloth. Ram burst into Laughter.

Ram: chilli! What a perfect gift.

Laxman: Bhaiya! You are laughing. I will not leave her.

Sita and Urmila were talking to each other. A dasi came to invite them for lunch. They go.
Everyone sits for lunch. Urmila stares at Laxman who give her a fake smile. Urmila control her laughter.
Dashrath ask Urmila about mithila and her family. They finished the lunch.
Laxman came to his room.
Laxman: I don’t understand what is between us. She always teases yet I didn’t get angry and just reply in her way.
Laxman sit on his bed and sees a box on the side table. He opens it and found a shawl with mithila painting on it. He also found a letter. He reads.
“I hope that mirchi was really good. But that gift was from my side. This shawl is from Mata. We hope you like it. You once told me that you like the shawl with mithila painting so Ma send this.”
Laxman: she is interesting.

“Otho ne jo na khaha, nazzron ne keh diya! Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaaaaaaaaaan!”
(lips can’t say that, eyes will tell us! That something is between us!)

He remembers their first meeting. After that in marriage. Something strikes his mind. He has to take revenge for the mirchi. He starts making plan for his revenge.

Urmila, Sita, kaushlaya and sumitra were in garden.

Sumitra: look didi! It doesn’t seem that we met Urmila for the first time.

Kaushlaya: you are right. It seems that she is in our family for much time.

Laxman enters.

Sumitra: Laxman! Won’t you sit with us?

Laxman: why not Ma? I will love to hear your gossips.

Urmila: ladies didn’t gossip. They always talk about something sensible.

Laxman: but if you are present how someone can think of the word sensible.

Urmila: what do you mean?

Laxman: I mean…….

Sita: Laxman! Urmila! Don’t start it again.

Kaushlaya and Sumitra laugh. Laxman and Urmila smile.

Urmila: well let him fight didi. When I will go back he will have no one to fight with.

Laxman get serious and goes.

Sita: what happen Laxman?

Laxman: nothing bhabhi. I have a work.

Laxman goes to Ram.

Laxman: Bhaiya I want your help.

Ram: for what?

Laxman: to teach Urmila a lesson.

Ram: what!! Don’t dare to trouble my sister in law.

Laxman: oh come on Bhaiya. You are my brother.

Laxman thinks that ram will not help her so he starts himself.

Its night now.

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    I lyked d nokh jok between lakshmila… Waiting 2 know abt d revenge… Gr8 2 know at d bonding of sunaina – lakshman nd ram – urmila… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

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      Thank you jayani!! you will soon know about revenge!!

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    I m sorry m late but these studies will kill some day

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      Thank you!! love your comment. and don’t say that studies may try to kill but will make you one day. So keep studying and of course keep reading and writing.

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