Laut Aao Trisha 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer asks Gaurav to tell the truth. Gaurav reminisces being with a pr*stitute in a hotel room. He is about to kiss her, but stops and says he loves his wife a lot. She says whoever comes to her, loves his wife a lot after meeting her. He pushes her and sends her giving money. Kabeer says he cannot digest what he said and asks there is something behind his thought and asks if the reason is Nikhil. Gaurav asks what is he trying to say. Kabeer says it is obvious to get him frustrated seeing his wife with her ex-boyfriend. Gaurav asks if he is trying to say that his wife is having extramarital affair and he is trying to cheat his wife seeing this. He then says why should he tell all this to him. Kabeer says she must be Trisha instead of pr*stitute. Gaurav says she is not Trisha, he thinks her as daughter.

Sonali and Amrita reach police station and are shocked to see Gaurav there. Sonali asks what is he doing here and Amrita asks Kabeer why did he bring Gaurav here. Kabeer says he was just doing investigation. Sonali asks why did he call Gaurav. Kabeer jokes he that he asked Gaurav to bring Navratri dandiya. Sonali asks him to doubt culprits that her family. Gaurav consoles her and takes her from there.

Kabeer reminisces Pratik’s words that he should concentrate on finding Trisha than being with someone’s wife. He starts drinking alcohol, sees someone in his washroom and picks his gun. Psychiatrist come out and says she knows where he keeps his keys. He says he does not have time for psychiatrist now. She says she came as a friend and asks if he is still confused that he loves Amrita or not. He says he loves only his wife. She says he can love again and accept that he loves Amrita. He says she is just his client and there is nothing between them than a friendship. She says she will not go from his house until he accepts his love for Amrita. She asks him to sleep on sofa while she sleeps in his bed.

Lavanya gets Prem’s call and asks him not to call him when she is at home, asks him to stop being casual. He says they did not spend time together today and asks if they can tomorrow. She says she has to meet Amrita tomorrow. He insists her to meet him tomorrow. She agrees and asks him to meet at 10-10.30 a.m. tommorrow. Kushan hears her conversation, hiding.

Amrita reminisces Pratik’s words that Kabeer should concentrate on finding Trisha than being with someone’s wife. Pratik on the other side is busy drinking.Psychiatrist watches him from bedroom. Abhay calls him and says he has arranged Lonavla’s checkpost’s CCTV footage and says he got choc wrapper’s distrubtor numbers and will find the shop soon. Kabeer cuts call and says psychiatrist that he pays her so that he can sleep peacefully, but she is troubling him instead.

Kabeer reminisces his happier times with his daughter and wife. He argues with his wife that she can love only him. She cays she can love anyone and challenges that he may be his first love but last one is someone and says her daughter I love you. Kabeer thinks if his wife was right, if love can happen twice, if he is wrong.

Pratik has breakfast with his family members including Sonali’s family. Sonali signals Vivan to talk to him. Vivan says Pratik he is wearing nice watch, but gets sad and leaves from there not hearing a reply from Pratik. Sonali asks Amrita how is the omlette. Amrita says Pratik likes spicy omlette. Sonali praising her for knowing pratik well. Pratik says after so many years of marriage, husband and wife should know each other well.

Precap: Pratik calls someone and asks him to find out details about Kabeer as he has remove him from Trisha’s case. Kushan reaches Prem’s house asks about his extramarital affair with Lavanya.

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