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Varsha comes to Kabeer’s office with food. She says she knows he would not have had food, so she herself came here with food. She asks if everything is fine. He says all is fine. She asks if he is not getting lead in Pratik’s case. He says he is investigating with Pratik’s personal belongings. She serves him matar paneer and asks him to have it. He says she is a biwi material/wifey qualities and says she will be happy after marriage. She asks if he will marry him and says she promises she will keep him happy more than herself. He suprisingly looks at her. She laughs and says she was just joking.

Lavanya thinks she will have to make Amrita resign at any cost and only Gaurav and Kushan can save Amrita, so she has to keep an eye on them. She sees Gaurav with an architect and asks hsi personal assistant to check Gaurav is with whom. Secretary says he is with an architect. Lavanya asks if he met architect before. She says no. Lavanya goes to Gaurav’s cabin, asks architect to excuse them, and checks design. She says it is not education mall’s design. Gaurav says it is not and says architect is his childhood friend who used to visit their house. She identifies him and says she will send architect in.

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Kabeer says Amrita that her well wisher will come and meet her in some time and they will have to wait.

Kushan requests nurse to take her out. She takes him. He asks driver to stop car near a store and says he wants to pee. He gets in, nurse gets busy on phone, he comes out and faxes design to Amrita, and sits back in car.

Pratik asks his officer if all entries and exits are sealed. He says yes, but some courier man came to deliver some other thing. Amrita’s secretary informs her that board members will meet her at 11 a.m. Amrita says Kabeer that game is over now. She gets fax of designs. Kabeer asks his officer to trace number and send team to catch culprit. Team reaches shop and asks who sent fax. Shop owner says customer and he was wiping face, so he could not see his face. Officers angrily leave.

Amrita shows board of director architect designs of Pratik’s dream project and asks if they will approve it. Directors check them and show it to Lavanya. Lavanya says designs are not good. Directors says designs are perfect and they should go ahead with the project. Amrita thanks them for supporting her. They congratulate her and leave. Amrita sees Lavanya annoyed and says she should be happy instead that they are getting a chance to fulfill Pratik’s dream. Lavanya asks whose designs are these and asks if she got them next to her bed like a fairy tale. Amrita says she got a fax just before meeting. Lavanya says she knows her helper and soon she will expose them both. Gaurav and Amrita get irked hearing her words.

Lavanya calls Meghan and asks about Kushan. Meghan says he went out with nurse. Lavanya says she was a little worried about him. Meghan asks her not to worry as she is there to take care of him.

Amrita says Kabeer that board of directors were impressed with the designs. Kabeer says her well wisher is very smart and he could not trace him. Amrita asks till when they should continue this game. Kabeer says it is like a cat and mouse game, mouse has to come in front at any cost. He says he will inform her about the development, congraulates her for board of director’s approval and it is her win. Amrita says this win is from a person who is her enemy. Kabeer says fate wants her to be happy, but she does not want to be. She says he is right, because of this Pratik’s dream will be fullfilled. He leaves.

Sonali comes to Lavanya’s cabin. Lavanya asks her not to sit there. Sonali says it is import and says Amrita has done what was impossible and everyone is praising her. Lavanya says she just got the designs and will have to get project details. Sonali says she will as some genius is helping her. Lavanya says she will find out if he is genius or mad.

Kabeer asks officer where were Swaika family members when fax was sent to Amrita. He says what everyone were doing and says Kushan was out with nurse. Kabeer says that means Kushan has sent. Officer asks how can a mad person send designs. Kabeer says he is sure, Kushan is the one and asks him to get search warrant.

Lavanya says Amrita that she may be finding it difficult to understand the designs. Amrita says yes. Lavanya says she is sure somone is helping her who wants to confront her. She has to get all the department together and it is not easy. Amrita says she is there to help her. Lavanya says Swaika group is her company and she can do anything to win.

Lavanya comes home and calls Meghan and Kushan. Maid says they are in garden. Lavanya thinks Kushan is Amrita’s well wisher, so she wil have to find out designs blue prints. She searches whole house but does not find them.

Amrita meets Kabeer in his office. He asks if everything is alright. She says she does not know and says Lavanya has called an urgent meeting and wants details of the project, she warned her that she will not let her win. Kabeer says her well wisher will help her as he is an expert in it. She asks if he knows who is it. He says he does not have proof though. She asks again who is it. He says Kushan. She says he is mad. He says he is acting to get away from confinement. She says why will he harm Lavanya. He says only Kushan can answer this.

Meghan and Kushan fight for a snack. Lavanya comes there and he leaves into his house. Meghan asks Lavanya if she is thinking something. She says Kushan is fine now and he is faking this. Meghan says she feels it is good if dad does not get well, else police will arrest him again. She asks her to convince dad to continue the drama as she cannot see them separating. Lavanya says she will not let Kushan go to jail again. Meghan thanks her and leaves towards her room.

Trisha tries to rush out of house. Amrita asks where is she rushing. Trisha says she is going for jogging as Aditya will also be there. Amrita asks what is happening. Trisha says Aditya is just her friend. Amrita says it is good that she is getting good habits due to Aditya, says he is a good guy. Trisha asks if she was busy in office. Amrita says she went to meet Kabeer after office work. Trisha says she will ask maid to serve her dinner.

Meghan and Kushan are busy playing game. Kabeer comes there with his team. Lavanya scolds him for coming at the time of dinner. Kabeer asks if she prepared something special for dinner and says he says in his line of duty, he does not care about his dinner, so he may not about her. He says he just came to take opinion on designs. She asks what designs. He says she knows what designs and gives her search warrant. Officers go to search house. Kabeer asks Kushan that he is playing good and twists his hand. Kushan acts as feeling pain and says he hates him. Lavanya asks is it a way to behave with an ill person. Kabeer says everyone knows that he is not ill and he is sure after searching house, Kushan’s dinner, lunch, etc, will happen in jail. Officer informs that he did not find anything. Lavanya says she made a mistake by not complaining about him and asks him to leave now. She says she wants to tell something and says Amrita is in trouble as she will need project details, so it is better he helps her. Kabeer says he is very determined and focused, and his focus cannot be spoilt by Lavanya or Kushan. She wishes him all the best.

Sonali sees Amrita and Trisha and says Amrita that she must be remembering Pratik. Amrita says nothing like that. Sonali asks if she got any info about progress of case. She says Kabeer is investigating case. Sonali says she does not feel Kabeer will solve this case as he is incapable. Amrita says she has forgotten that he brought back Trisha and he is the one who informed about Neha and Kushan. Sonali apologizes and says she did wrong that Kabeer is her closer friend and she cannot hear bad about him. Amrita says she is thinking wrong. Sonali says if she needs anything to let her know. Trisha gets annoyed hearing Sonali’s words.

Kushan wakes up at night and take s out his designs from photoframe. Lavanya switches o light, shows him blue prints and asks if he was searching them. She claps and congratulates him, asks who is he, says she regrets the day she met and married him. She repented the day when she knew he kidnapped Trisha and should have let him in jail. She says to save him, she became partner in crime and asks him to remember how he pleaded to save her and she saved him, but he betrayed him by acting as mad. She says because of him, she lost her career and son, he shot him. He gets panicked and says he did not kill him, then says he shot him, but she and her family is responsible for it, he did not forget when he pleaded to help him and she took advantage of him and did not let him know that she shot Trisha. Lavanya reminisces shooting Trisha. He says he is talented and she made him criminal by giving him gun from which she shot Trisha. He says she sent him to kill Trisha and wanted him to get trapped. He says Bobby would have become better architect than him and she forced him to shoot his son, she killed Bobby, so he acted as mad to take revenge from her and made Amrita CEO instead. He will destroy her slowly and will send her where she sent him, she cannot harm him at all as she will be in trouble if she gets his truth out, he promises on his death son that she will be dead.

Precap: Meghan asks Kushan if he is not mad. Sonali brainwashes Trisha that people are badmouthing about Amrita and Kabeer’s alleged affair.

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