Laut Aao Trisha 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik sees Amrita hugging Kabeer and asks what the hell is happening here. Kabeer says she wanted to see this place, so he brought her. Pratik starts shouting on Kabeer. Amrita tries to explain and says he brought you in this restricted area and can be dismissed for it. He asks Kabeer why did he bring his wife to this restricted area. He says Amrita is a mother and he can understand mother’s pain. Pratik says he is there to care of his wife’s pain and asks him to concentrate on finding Trisha than consoling someone else’s wife. He then drags Amrita from there.

Sonali gets Lavanya’s call who scolds her for not stopping Amrita from going with Kabeer. She informs about it to Gaurav. Gaurav asks her not to inform about it to Pratik. She says Amrita is not having an affair with Kabeer, so they should not worry. She says looking at Trisha, she feels like having a baby girl now. Gaurav hears door bells and opens it. Pratik angrily gets in and moves to his room.

Kabeer reaches his office. Abhay informs him that they found only Trisha’s finger prints in secluded house and not kidnapper’s and says kidnapper must be a professional of must be watching detective serials. Kabeer reminisces Pratik scolding him.

Pratik asks Amrita why does Kabeer gives preference to her. She says he is her friend. He says a poor ACP cannot be my wife’s friend. She says he is Trisha’s mom’s friend and says only Kabeer could have taken her to the spot. He says he would have taken her if she would have desired. She says she tried to call him repeatedly, but he did not pick her call, says he is having problem that she went with Kabeer and says only Kabeer can bring Trisha.

Kabeer looks at the evidences found in secluded house/spot and asks officer to find where choc box is brought and asks to get CCTV footage of check posts around Lonavla.

Amrita says Pratik that she did not find any clue at the spot and went there to feel Trisha’s presence there as Trisha was kept there for 15 days, says he cannot understand that else he would not have dragged her from there., says she will not explain her more as he does not believe her now.

Lavanya says Kushan that Sonali had called her and told that Amrita went with Kabeer alone, she would not have gone like that. Kushan asks what is wrong with it. She says Armita is a Swaika and has certain responsibilities, says she will ask Pratik to handle Amrita. Kushan asks her not to interfere between husband and wife and let them handle it alone. She gets Prem’s call and cuts it. He asks whose call it was. She says it was wrong number. He asks her to bring coffee for him.

Abhay and another officer discuss that Kabeer’s doubt is correct, Trisha must be having a relationship with the kidnapper. Kabeer asks them to call Gaurav.

Maid sees Amrita sitting tensed. She says she will come late tomorrow as she has to go to temple and suggests her to pray god to send Trisha back. Amrita says she prays with every breath to get Trisha back. Maid says she is fasting for her son’s good results and suggests Amrita to do the same. Amrita says god does not need a bribe and says she respects her concern though.

Gaurav reaches Kabeer’s office and asks why did he call him. Kabeer says he is feeling hungry, calls a hotel and gives his order. Manager says it is 5 star hotel and does not serve all this. He then says his regular customer Gaurav Swaika told you serve this menu. Manager says Gaurav was in his hotel yesterday and asks why will he tell lie. Kabeer then says Gaurav he had to do this to know if he was in that hotel and asks when he has a lavish home in Mumbai why did he lie and stay in that hotel. Gaurav says why should he tell him about his personal life. Kabeer says hotel staff told that a girl entered your room and asks who that girl was.

Precap: Amrita says he does not believe her more. He says a husband/wife should trust each other.

Update Credit to: MA

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