Laut Aao Trisha 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya cries thinking about her kids. Sonali visits her & starts criticizing Prateek & Amrita for intruding in their personal lives. Lavanya laments that they’ve taken away everything from her but now she’s going to make them pay for what they’ve done. She instructs Sonali to go & take care of Bobby & Meghan while they’re at Swaika mansion. She calls someone on the phone and tells him, “Its time”.

At the Swaika mansion, Amrita serves dinner to Sanya, Meghan & Bobby. She gets a call from a stranger informing her that Trisha is being kept at room number 303 of Seaside Hotel. Amrita calls Kabir to inform him the same.

Kushan reaches home & tells Lavanya that Amrita is not responsible for whatever is happening with their kids. He blames her instead. Lavanya refuses to accept that she’s a bad mother. Kushan warns her that the wrath of her karma will crush her image & ego next.

At the secluded house, Trisha tries to strike a deal with the goon, saying that she’ll pay him 3 times of what he’s being paid right now. The goon laughs at her & informs her that he’s very loyal to his boss.

Kabir reaches the hotel along with Abhay & notices Prateek’s car in the parking lot. The receptionist informs that ‘Praveen’ & ‘Sneha’ are staying in room number 303 & that they are a regular at their hotel. Kabir tells Abhay to cover up Prateek’s car with a car-cover. He also instructs him to stop Amrita in case she arrives at the hotel.

Inside the hotel room, Neha lies next to Prateek & asks him about the future of their relationship. Prateek angrily replies that his marriage with Amrita is binding a lot of people together & is therefore, important to him. They hear a knock at the door & he thinks it’s the hotel staff. He opens the door & finds Kabir at the door.

Prateek hurriedly tells Neha to put on her clothes as police has raided the hotel.

Amrita reaches the reception downstairs. Abhay tells her that Kabir has ordered him not to let her go upstairs but she refuses to listen to him. She rushes to the room & finds only Kabir there. Kabir tells her that someone pranked them & that it was a hoax call.

Kabir notices Neha’s purse underneath one of the pillows. He distracts Amrita & tells her not to blindly trust everyone.

Kushan reaches Swaika house to meet Bobby & Meghan. Meghan refuses to go along with him & tells Kushan to divorce Lavanya. Bobby tells her to rest & tells his father that he’ll take care of Meghan while they are there.

Prateek reaches home & Amrita tells him about the hoax call. Kushan comes downstairs & rebukes Prateek for informing Bobby & Meghan about Lavanya’s affair. Prateek on the other hand, taunts him that he used to be a nobody before his marriage to Lavanya. Kushan says that he was talented & skillful enough to become a renowned architect on his own. Prateek accepts that he blamed Lavanya in front of her kids to humiliate her & crush her ego but says that it was important for them to know about their mother’s truth as well. He then blames Kushan for not controlling his wife & for allowing her to have an affair. Amrita tells him to stop making such comments. Sonali hides behind a pillar & overhears them arguing.

Precap: Amrita tells Prateek that it was wrong of him for revealing Lavanya’s affair in front of her kids & now he’s stooping further by justifying his actions & taunting Kushan like that.

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