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Laut Aao Trisha 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita says Trisha that she is worried about her life and wants also her to be strong and help her in being strong. Trisha says she will not let her weak. Amrita gets a letter in which Kushan as a well wisher had requested to made Sonali as joint MD. Trisha asks about letter, she says nothing important.

Amrita shows letter to Kabeer who reads it and asks what decision she has taken. Sonali calls Amrita and congratulates her for become Swaika group’s first female CEO and says wished Lavanya not come become CEO and god accepted her prayer. Amrita thanks her and says she wants her to become joint MD. Sonali gets very happy hearing that. Amrita says she will call her later and cuts call. Kabeer says Amrita that she took a right decision and says wellwisher does not want to benefit anyone but wants to harm by using her.

Aditya checks Trisha’s reports and says everything is normal and she is perfectly normal. She asks if she is normal, then why she cannot remember who shot her. He asks her to calm down and hope for the best. She says he is right, she should not get panicked and thanks him for supporting Amrita, says she came to the hospital alone for the first time. Neurologist comes and informs that Trisha has a spot in the right lobe of brain. Trisha asks what does it mean. She says that part of brain is not working properly and she will not get back her total memory soon. He asks Aditya to take care of Trisha and ask her not to take much stress. Doc asks Trisha to do what do said. Aditya says she is in a company of very boring person. He says he is not boring and says he will show it today.

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Lavanya calls Sonali and blames her that she planned to make Amrita CEO and says if it is true, she will repent. Sonali says if she wanted to make Amrita CEO, she would have informed Kabeer beforehand and they would have arrested her, asks her not to vent out her frustration on her.

Kabeer asks officer if he wants to say something. He says they found footfrints from resort in which Amrita and Pratik were staying, but he did not inform about it to commissioner or anyone. He says he does not want to alert culprit and stop making mistake. Officer says it is a very good idea and asks if he thinks he can get info from footprint. Kabeer says they can get the stature of culprit via footprint.

Aditya takes Trisha to a restaurant, serves her milkshake and then asks her to eat jalebi. She says she does not want to eat sugary food. He forces her to eat. She likes it and orders one more plate of jalebis. He asks if she liked it. She says yes. He says he asked her some question some days ago and wants it answer. She asks him to repeat. He says he loves her and if she loves him. Just then, ganapati idol seller comes there and she goes to buy it. She says she wants to give this gift to mom as it will keep her away from problems. Aditya prays god that he is in bigger problem. She laughs and they both share a lighter moment.

Kabeer meets Amrita and asks her to give him Pratik’s belongings which he was carrying before his murder. She says if it helps him find the culprit, she will give it. He says she should risk her CEO position and says when a culprit can steal POA from Lavanya’s house, he will go overboard to get her back as CEO. She asks how will they do it. He says she should make board of directors believe that company will be in losses, they will get her down. Amrita says Lavanya will get a chance then and her family will be shattered again. He says he understands, but she has to do it.

Amrita gets Pratik’s clothes and finds a diary in his cupboard. She finds his dream of making Swaika Eduaction mall.

Meghan dresses well and is about to walk out when Aditya kneels down and tells her I love you, if she loves him. He holds her waist and fingers her hair. She says she also loves him. She then realizes that it was just her dream.

Sonali tells Gaurav that she is joint MD now and he should congratulate her. He says she must have done some scheming. She says he is jealous that he did not get any position till now, she will get him now. He says her scheming will not work for a long time.

Lavanya reminisces Kushan standing behind her when she kept papers in locker and thinks he is acting as mad and cannot make her fool. She acts as falling. He claps and laughs.

Amrita calls her PA and asks her not to allow anybody inside her cabin. Kabeer asks Pratik’s laptop password. She says no idea. He says something dearer to heart. She asks try Trisha or Pratik’s birthday. He says maybe his name and tries loveyouamy. Laptop opens. Trisha comes there and asks PA about Amrita. She says she is in meeting with Kabeer and does not want to be disturbed. Trisha says she will call her, but her mobile is out of reach. She says she will wait.

Kabeer finds financial files in Kabeer’s laptop and says he will take auditor’s help. Amrita gives him Pratik’s diary and says he wanted to make education mall and company’s directors rejected this project. He asks her to start the project to get culprit on board. Trisha takes phone to call Amrita, but hears employees talking that Amrita must be having an affair with Kabeer, and angrily keeps phone back.

Kabeer’s officer asks what will he find in laptop. Kabeer says they can find out Pratik’s past and asks him to search whole laptop.

Amrita finds Ganesha idol in her room and asks Trisha if she brought it, why did she keep it in roo instead of giving it directly to her. Trisha says she came to office, but her staff told that she does not want to be disturbed, so went back home. Amrita says it was not for you and she will ask secretary to let her in. Trisha says she must be having an important meeting. Amrita says she was finding clue about Pratik’s murderer with Kabeer and asks to hug her as she is very tired. Trisha is still suspicious.

Amrita buys university land and thinks everyone should know about this deal as per Kabeer’s paln. She calls Sonali and informs that she bought 250 crore worth land to start Pratik’s dream project.

Lavanya feeds soup to Kushan. Sonali comes there and tells she called her many times, but she did not pick her call. Lavanya says she did not check her phone, else she would not have dared rejecting joint MD’s call. Sonali says she came to warn her to save her company. Lavanya asks how. She says Amrita is on a destruction spree and has bought 250 crore worth university land for education mall. Kushan silently hears their conversation.

Lavanya angrily walks into Amrita’s cabin and asks if she is considering company as her personal property. She says she tought it would bring profit to their company. Lavanya says it was a dead project and what will she board of directors. She asks her to get structural designs in the morning in board of directors meeting. Gaurav sees her angrily walking out and asks why is she fuming. She tells him about Amrita reviving Pratik’s project. He says it is good that bhabi is reviving bhai’s dream. She says Pratik must be thinking of profit even in it.

Amrita calls Kabeer and asks him not to force her to get into all this as she cannot handle it. He asks her to resign from CEO position as it is his work to find culprit, but she has to assure him that she will sleep peacefully after that. She say no. He says even she knows she is being cheated and wants to know who is the culprit. Amrita says she is forgetting the difference between right and wrong. Kabeer says motive is very important and she has a right motive, even then if she thinks running away is better, she should tell whether he can meet him in office or home. She says he knows answer. He says then he will come to her office tomorrow and asks her to sleep peacefully. She thanks him. He says there is no need for that. She looks at Pratik’s pic and asks if she is doing right and if he is with her. She hugs his pic.

Lavanya thinks it must be not Amrita’s idea to revive Swaika education project, then only Gaurav and Kushan were in favor of it. It means Kushan is behind all this and he is not mad, she reminisces Kushan drawing the design and says with it his name will be in world’s best architects. She rejects his offer. She again thinks Kushan is not mad and is helping Amrita, he is playing with her, she will have to confirm. She goes to Kushan’s room and asks to mute TV as she has to make important call. She calls Sonali and tells her about board of director’s meeting and Amrita will have to submit designs, she is sure she will not have the designs, so she can easily prove that she is misusing company’s money, asks Sonali to take her side. Sonali says of course. Lavanya says it will be Amrita’s last day as CEO. Kushan thinks it will be Lavanya’s last day.

Precap: Varsha asks Kabeer if he will marry her. Lavanya says Amrita that someone is helping her. Kushan faxes design to Amrita.

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