Laut Aao Trisha 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kushan says Lavanya that she forgave her sins, but her sins did not forgive her. He says he does not pity on her and says because of her mistakes, their children are suffering.

Trisha is being dragged back into room by kidnapper. Kabeer on the other side asks Abhay if evidence opened his mouth. Abhay says it looks like he is really dumb and deaf as he did not speak out yet. Kabeer asks to force evidence to open his mouth.

Pratik asks Amrita to come and sleep. Amrita says she cannot and asks him to go and sleep. Pratik says she has changed and says his Amy used to listen to him. She says she has changed, earlier she used to be happy mother of children and wife of husband, but now a mother of sad children and husband who is alleging that she is incapable of taking care of their children. Pratik tries to speak out, but she says him good night and asks him to go back to his room. Trisha is shown cyring in her room while Amrita tensed at home.

Lavanya reminisces Pratik’s allegations that she was having affair with Prem and then Meghan knowing about it and asking Lavanya to get out of her life. Both meghan and Bobby are seen crying.

Amrita calls Kabeer and asks if he got any info from Alibaugh. He says not yet, but his team is trying and asks if she got any call from Trisha. She says no. He asks her to take care of herself, else she will be in pain. She says the pain she is going through is much worse and cuts call.

Pratik sees Lavanya at office and stops in front of her. She overlooks him and walks away.

Amrita reaches Lavanya’s home. Bobby informs Kushan that Meghan is missing from her room. Kushan says he will search her at her friend’s houses. Amrita says she will accompany her and she and Bobby walk with him.

Lavanya fixes spy cam at Pratik’s cabin and sees Neha and Pratik talking about her. Neha asks why is Lavanya silent even after knowing about their affair. He says she thinks our relationship is over. Neha says he suffered a lot these days and needs massage, so they should head to a hotel room. He says she is right and tells her new room number, asks her to go first while he follows her.

Bobby says Amrita that Kushan has gone to Meghan’s friend’s house and says she had a common friend whom he will try to call. Amrita says she will inform Lavanya about Meghan’s missing. Bobby asks her not to. They both start searching her everywhere. Meghan is seen inebriated with a bunch of her boyfriends. Bobby and Amrita reach that spot and rescue her from her friends. Bobby then informs Kushan about finding Meghan in an inebriated state. They bring her home, and Kushan tries to console her. Lavanya comes home. Amrita asks where was she. Lavanya says it is none of her business. Amrita says a few boys tried to rape Meghan. Lavanya is shocked to hear that and tries to console Meghan, but Meghana asks her not to touch her, else she will run from home. Lavanya asks Meghan to forgive her. Amrita asks Lavanya to calm down and says she will take kids to her home until they are until control. Lavanya says who is she to snach her children from her and asks her to get out of house. Kushan says Amrita is right and kids will go with her. Amrita says Meghan is her daughter and she is taking Meghan from her for sometime so that she can unite with you. Lavanya starts fighting with her again. Bobby says Lavanya that she is thinking of herself and not about them and says Amrita that they will wait in her car. Kushan requests Amrita to take care of his children and takes them towards car.

Lavanya says Amrita that her husband broke her house and insulted her in front of her children and now she is snatching her children from ehr. Amrita says she is taking them for some time so that she can give back them to her and leaves. Lavanya starts crying vigorously.

Amrita brings Meghan and Bobby home. Sonali sees them there. Amrita asks kids to go home while she sends food for them. They say they are not hungry. Vivan starts taunting them about their mom’s adultery. Bobby asks him to shut his mouth. Meghan says it is not his mistake but of Lavanya and says she hates her. Amrita asks Bobby to take Meghan to her room. She then says Vivan not to mess with Meghan and Bobby and says she wants to unite them with their mother.

Precap: Lavanya says Sonali that Amrita snatched her children from her. Trisha says kidnapper that she will give him three times more money than he is getting if he will free her. He gets excited hearing triple money.

Update Credit to: MA

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