Laut Aao Trisha 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer shouts at his Abhay for telling him that he was taking his wife’s name instead of Trisha. He then apologizes him later.

Pratik and whole family stunningly watch news about Trisha and Pratik’s misbehaviour with them. Amrita says his rude behaviour is responsible for Triha’s kidnapping. Pratik gets hyper and shouts at Amrita and whole family.

Amrita cries reminiscing Pratik’s misbehaviour and says she will bring Trisha back.

Sonali reaches Nikhil’s home. Nikhil gets tensed seeing her and asks her she would have informed him before coming. She asks does he take permission coming to her home and asks him to give him a drink. Sonali smells ladies perfume and thinks it is his girlfriend in the room and goes in to check, but Nikhil asks her to stop interfering in his personal life. Sonali gets sad hearing that and leaves. He gets in to room and says his gay partner that they escaped today from Sonali.

Amrita meets Kabeer at a hotel. Kabeer says he does not like anyone’s pressure. Amrita apologies and says she came to request him, she thought Trisha would come back, but she did not come yet, requests if she can be part of his investigation. Kabeer says no and asks her to be positive, he says she has to be courageous. She says she cannot wait for miracles to happen and wait at home, she has to do something and find Trisha alone.

Kabeer is asleep at his home. He gets a panic attack and writhes in pain.

Sonali complains about Nikhil’s misbehavior to Gaurav and gets angry. Gaurav asks her to stop interfering in someone else’
s life and to concentrate on her family. He says we have to be with Amrita and Pratik, our son has made a mistake and we should think of our family instead. Sonali thinks a friend in need is a friend in deed, but it is completely opposite. Nikhil comes and apologizes her for his misbehaviour, he says Newyork’s life has made him a bit irritated. She says she does not want to know who was with him in bedroom, if he himself wants to say, it is ok. Nikhil says he wants to reveal a big secret which he cannot hide now. Gaurav hears that and gets tensed.

Pratik reaches his office. Reporters throng him, but he gets into office while security gaurds hold reporters. He gets into his office room. Lavanya says she knows he is tensed, but he should handle his angle and need to cut the negative attitude, else they will lose many project in pipeline. She says she spoke an image consultant who suggested to have a press conference and clear reporter’s doubt.

Kabeer meets his psychiatrist. She asks how come he is remembering her after 6 months, if he is not getting criminals to shoot. He asks her to treat and stop taunting. She welcomes him back and asks whats up. He says he started getting nightmare again yesterday. She asks if he is reminiscing everything again. He his wife and daughter being killed and gets tensed.

Sonali asks Nikhil to speak up and asks if he is caught in drug racket to run here from Newyork or if he killed someone. Her says he and ____. Gaurav gets tensed hearing that, stops him and says he cannot increase their problem with his own. Sonali asks Gaurav to let Nikhil speak. Nikhil says Gaurav is right and we should talk about it later.

Kabeer starts crying. Doc asks if he can see the faces in his dreams. He says yes. She says he must be trying to find his daughter Ishita in Trisha and asks him to get away from the case from today.

Precap: Amrita on news channel requests kindnapper to let her daughter free. Kabeer meets Sanya and images her daughter in her.

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