Laut Aao Trisha 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita tries to learn Trisha’s code language, but cannot after many tries. Kabeer and his officer barge into Prem’s house and search for evidence. He then sees someone running and follows him. His sees his officer finding Trisha’s choc and says we can reach Trisha soon.

Amrita reminisces trisha’s conversations and decodes her code language and reads diary where Trisha writes about her family and her feelings for them, etc., says she can also have boyfriend like Lavanya, etc…

Kabeer brings unconscious thief and asks doc to wake him up. Doc goes to treat thief. Officer praises him for his perfect shot on thief.

Pratik reminisces Prem’s confession that he loves Lavanya and then Lavanya saying she made a mistake and requesting not to inform it to Meghan and Bobby. He gets Prem’s repeated calls, but cuts them. He thinks he will punish Prem for trying to play with Swaika’s dignity.

Doctor informs Kabeer that thief has gained consciousness. Kabeer meets him and asks to speak. Thief acts as dumb and deaf. Abhay asks him to speak. Kabeer asks Abhay to make his encounter. He then breaks drops glass on floor and sees thief watching at it, realizes that thief is acting.

Amrita and Pratik peform aarti during pooja. Lavanya and Kushan then perform aarti followed by Gaurav and Sonali. After pooja, Amrita distributes prasad to everyone. Pratik gets a call and leaves from there. Amrita then gives prasad to Meghan and others. Sanya sees Meghan not eating prasad and asks why she is not eating it. Meghan says it is very oily and she will get fat. Sanya says even she will not eat it as she wants to be slim like her and trisha. Amrita hears their conversation and asks Meghan to speak carefully with Sanya, else she will learn bad ways. Meghan says it is up to Sanya to listen to her or not. Amrita says Sanya is very small and does not know what is good or bad, says we perform Dussehra pooja religiously. Meghan gets irked and asks Amrita to stop irritating her. Amrita says she is talking to her calmly, then why is she misbehaving with her. Other family members hear that and come over there. Lavanya gets irked seeing that and asks Meghan what did she do. Meghan says she does not want to perform pooja, but Amrita is adamant in forcing her to perform pooja. Meghan says then says Amrita is also questioning why she gave gift to Sanya. Amrita says she gave makeup set. Lavanya says Meghan is very sensitive and who is she to give advice to her. Pratik also backs Lavanya and says let Lavanya live her life she likes and asks her not to interfere in her matters. Amrita says if he just announces his decision without knowing her answer, it is her insult.

Precap: Amrita scolds Lavanya for brainwashing Trisha.

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