Laut Aao Trisha 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer asks Abhay to sing in Tamil. He says he cannot. Kabeer asks to dance then. He says he does not know to even dance. Kabeer asks him to stop relaxing and to start working back and asks to find out who all in Swaika family has guns.

Pratik and Amrita take Trisha out to the parking area. Trisha says she feels like being relieved from a tie now. Kabeer comes there. She sees him and says she saw him even inside hospital. Amrita says he is our family member. Trisha introduces herself and forwards her hand. Kabeer imagines his daughter in her. Pratik says let us go now. Amrita asks Trisha to go while she talks to Kabeer and join her. Once she leaves, Amrita thanks Kabeer for getting back her Trisha back and says he fulfilled his duties as a friend. He asks he to take care of Trisha. She says yes. Trisha calls her and they all 3 leave towards home.

Amrita and Pratik bring Trisha home. Trisha is surprised to see her welcome decoration. Bobby, Meghan and Vivan welcome and hug her. Sonali sees that and thinks she did good by sending Gaurav office, else he would have got tensed. She says Trisha that she is happy that she is well and says welcome home. Trisha asks Meghan about Lavanya and Kushan. Meghan says they are stuck in some work and will come soon. She asks about Sanya. Amrita says Sanya got afraid hearing abour your health, so she sent her to boarding school. Trisha is surprised to hear that. Amrita says she will bring home back now. Pratik gets Neha’s calls repeatedly. Trisha sees that and gets sad. She asks whose call it was. He says nobody else and says from today he will be with his daughter.

Meghan and Vivan take Trisha to her room. Amrita comes and asks her to rest. She says she wants to talk to her cousins. Bobby says yes we want to talk to her. Amrita asks her to go and freshen up first. Once she goes to bathroom, Amrita asks 3 of them not to discuss about kidnapping with Trisha as she told she met with an accident. Trisha comes out and asks what is she talking about. Vivan says she was telling about having medicine on time. Trisha says she looks so ugly in hair cut and says she will not meet anyone now. Meghan says we can get hair extension for you. Everyone laughs. Meghan says it is a bad idea then. Amrita says it is a good idea. She sees her getting sad and says if something is not in our hands, it is better to face them. They both smile and hug each. Amrita says she feels good seeing her back home. Vivan starts joking that he likes short haired Trisha. Bobby says we will get Meghan’s hair cut. Meghan starts fighting with them.

Kabeer meets Varhs and asks he a way to get back Trisha’s memory. He says sometimes it takes a lifetime and sometimes with a pic or sign, it can come back. She says just like Trisha got well soon, she will get back her memory. He says even doc told this and he believes her. She thanks her for believing her. Abhay comes and says Pratik, Kushan and Gaurav are having guns. He says they all 3 are richies and it is obvious to posess gun, we have to find out from whose gun, Trisha was shot.

Trisha gets sad hearing that she missed her birthday and asks what happened in her absense. Vivan tells him about his blind date incident. Trisha sees Meghan silent and asks her about it. Meghan says she started missing her after she left them.

Kabeer reaches Pratik’s house and asks him and Gaurav to give their guns to him, gives them authority letter. Gaurav asks if he wants to check if trisha’s dad or uncle tried to kill her. Kabeer says he has right to check and asks them to get their guns.

Doctor reaches Trisha’s room. Meghan and Vivan leave seeing him. He asks how is she feeling now. She says fine and asks him to tell tell truth. He asks what truth. She says she thinks her family is hiding something from her and she wants to know about it. She says she can understand just with an accident, she will not get so many stitches in her stomach. Doctor says he is not a surgeon, so he cannot tell if her wounds are due to accident or something else and says as a doctor he can advice that she needs rest to recover soon and not stress herself. She says to recover, she has to know what happened to her in 1 month and says she is feeling as if she is lost. He says she is not lost and she has her cousins, famil and him to help her and says everyting will be alright.

Pratik and Gaurav hand over their guns to Kabeer. He thanks them for their cooperation and leaves.

Meghan and Bobby reach home and see Kushan tensely drinking alcohol. Meghan says she wants to ask him something. He asks what. Bobby shows his gun and asks what is it doing on floor. He says he did not find his important keys, so he kept his locker items out and left gun out in a hurry. Bobby says they both feel something is wrong. He says everything is fine. Meghan says we believe you a lot and don’t want you to hide anything. Kushan asks them not to derive any other meaning about this issue. Meghan says she is worried after Lavanya’s infedility, etc, and if something happens like that again, she will break off and says she knows her dad is best dad in the world. Kushan gets tensed hearing that.

Sonali meets Trisha and starts showing her fake concern. Trisha says she feels they are hiding something from her. Sonali says she will tell her waht happened.

Doctor says Pratik and Amrita that he spoke to his senior and even his opinion is that Trisha should not know about her kidnap, etc. Pratik says he will not let her know about it and Amrita says same, says she will not do anything with which she will get disturbed, she will make sure nobody tells her anything.

Pratik and Amrita reach Trisha’s room and see Sonali telling her about her kidnap, etc. Trisha starts getting panicked and getting headache. Pratik yells at Sonali. Doctor asks if she is fine. She says he is getting severe headache. He asks her to see in his eyes and gives her sedative injection. Amrita gets tensed seeing her sleeping. Doctor says she is in a shock and once she gains consciousness, we will know. Sonali says Trisha is fine and needs rest. She walks out of room. Pratik shouts at her and asks how dare she is to tell Sonali about her kidnap and asks her not to test his patience, says he tolerated her nonsense as he was worried about Trisha. She says she could not see her in confusion, so she told about her kidnap and says instead of praising her, they are yelling at her. Amrita says she should have taken her permission. Sonali says to show concern, she does not think she shoud take her permission. Pratik says if anything happens to Trisha, he will not spare her. Doctor tries to intervene, but Pratik scolds him and asks him to stay out of his family issues. Amrita apologizes doctor and he says he is just worried about Trisha now.

Lavanya massages Kushan’s head and let him sleep on her lap. He thanks her for helping him. She says her kids and him matters to her and she is tensed that her kids have still not forgiven her. He says he will speak to them. Servant informs them about ACP Kabeer coming home. Kushan gets tensed that Trisha must have got back her memory. Lavanya asks him to relax and behave normally. They both go down and she asks Kabeer why did he come here. He says he wants Kushan’s revolver. She asks why. He says he wants to confirm if Trisha was hit by Kuishan’s gun. She goes to get it. Kabeer sees Kushan sweating and asks if he got a heart attack or worried about getting caught. Kushan asks what rubbish he is talking. Kabeer asks him to tell if he has done it. He says he was exercising. Kabeer asks if he exercises while having alcohol. Lavanya gets Kushan’s gun. Kabeer says he will return it after investigation and smiles seeing Kushan tensed. Once he leaves, he starts panicking. Lavaya asks him to relax as he did not shot Trisha.

Lavanya wakes up from sleep, takes out gun from her cupbaord and looks at it. She thinks Trisha was shot from this revolver and nobody knows about it. She hides it in warehouse and panicks remembering how she shot Trisha and cries apologizing her. She reminisces how she went to Trisha’s hideout venue and meeting Trisha, trisha telling that Kushan has kidnapped her and showing her proof, getting happy that she will meet her family now, and she then shooting her from gun.

Precap: Kushan asks what if Trisha gets back her memory. Trisha gets afraid seeing Bobby wearing hooded jacket. He informs Lavanya and Kushan kidnapper was wearing hooded jacket as Trisha got afraid seeing him in hooded jacket.

Update Credit to: MA

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