Laut Aao Trisha 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Servant gets food for Vivan. Vivan says he does not need it and asks him to get out. Amrita takes food from servant and wakes Vivan up. Vivan says he is not hungry. She asks what is wrong. He says he is a bad boy and does bad to everyone, especially Trisha. Amrita asks what did he do to Trisha. He says their affair and relationship was wrong, it was one sided from his side and she was thinking him as a brother and never had any wrong relationship with him.

Neha hugs Pratik and says he proved today that he loves her so much by giving her project overlooking many seniors. He says he gave this project to take revenge and says he wanted to see humiliation and frustration on Lavanya and Kushan’s face and asks her to remember that. She says whatever it is.

Vivan says Amrita that he got attracted to Trisha as she was very daring and challenging. He wanted to express his love for her and for that, he trapped her. She asks what did he do. He says she like challenges, so tried to brainwash her by saying that she is not courageous, if so then she should get into affair with her. He goes into flashback where he challenges her to get into affair with a close relative, like him. He says he continuously nagged her and forced her to dare get into relationship with her for 2 days. He says she accepted challenge but within 1 day, she broke up and started crying that she cannot get into relationship with her own cousin. He tries to console her, but she does not. He says he wrote an apology letter to her and promised that he will not think about it again, then they got back to normal. Amrita asks what about party night. He says he tried to get closer to her, but she pushed him away. He vigorously cries and apologizes Amrita for his mistake. He says she used to believe me like a brother, but he broke her trust. Amrita consoles him.

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Pratik gets Kabeer’s call who asks him to change the man who called him and told that he killed Prem. He calls even Lavanya and Kushan and tells same. Kushan says he was angry, but cannot go to this extent. He asks Pratik to be in limit, else he will repent. Pratik says he does not know whom he is talking about, he wanted to kill Prem, but never got him. Lavanya warns Kabeer that she will complain about him to his superior if he continues to bother her. He thinks culprit is between 3 of them and he is sure they will make a mistake.

Amrita looks at Trisha’s pic and imagines Trisha there who apologizes her for her mistake. Amrita says mistake is done by everyone, but she realized it and stopped herself from gtting into it, so she is proud of her. Amrita comes out of imagination.

Trisha continues to dig hole in wall. She hears goons coming and stops.

Vivan hurriedly tries to prepare tower designs. Lavanya says she did not know Pratik would make Neha manager who will tell if his designs are good or not. Kushan says Pratik is troubling him thinking that Lavanya will feel the pain and says he is stuck always because of her, says hope one day Pratik realizes my work. Lavanya thinks Pratik is doing mistake and she will have to teach him a lesosn.

Goon asks Trisha where are those sounds coming from. She says she did not hear any sound and stands silently there. Goons leave and she feels relaxed. Goon says his subordinates thathe is going to his home and asks them to keep an eye Trisha.

Kabeer’s officer informs that him that kinapper’s phone which he gave Amrita is from Dharavi and shopkeeper does not remember buyer. Kabeer checks application papers and sees signature from same man, says same person bought all 3 sims around Dharavi. Abhay says this means that man either lives in Dharavi or his known one lives there. Kabeer says then he must have stolen these pics from Dharavi itself and asks officers to search these men to find the culprit.

Amrita reaches Vivan’s room, asks if he is sober now, says when he has courage to tell truth, then he should be courageous to face it also. She says he did wrong, but he was courageous to tell her directly. she says she did not differentiate between him and Trisha always, she would have forgiven Trisha, so she will forgive him.

Precap: Kidnapper’s associate catches Trisha making hole in a wall and informs it to his boss.

Update Credit to: MA

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