Laut Aao Trisha 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kushan comes back to watchman’s house and calls Lavanya, but Lavanya is confined on a knife point by kidnapper. Kidnapper runs leaving her.

Neil reminisces his insult by Gaurav and family and angrily says he will not forgive Gaurav and will destroy him and his family.

Sonali packs her bags. Gaurav tries to stop her and apologizes. She says it is impossible living with him in a single roof. She says it is difficult to forgive him, but until she forgives him, he will continue apologizing her. She looks at Vivan’s pic and says she will not leave him as she does not want Vivan lose his property rights.

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Nikhil thinks to destroy Gaurav, he should use love. He calls Gaurav. Gaurav sees unknown number, picks it and asks if it is Nikhil. Nikhil says he is impressed that he identified him. Gaurav asks why did he phone him. He apologizes him for revealing their secret and brainwashes that Sonali will ruin his life and asks to get out of her and be with him. He says he has a plan for him and says he will be Swaika’s sole owner and they both can cooperate with each other professionally, personally. Gaurav asks him not to call him again, else he will kill him. Nikhil thinks Gaurav will help him at any cost and he will use other ways now.

Kushan nurses Lavaya’s wound and says their enemy is more intelligent than them and was waiting for them. She says he wants to harm only her and not him. He asks if she is doubting him. She says no and says kidnapper told that he is punishing for her sins. Meghan sees her wound and asks what happened to her and where were they at night. Kushan says they were at home and slept early. Meghan asks how did mom get injured. Lavanya says scissor slipped and hit her by mistake. Meghan says maybe. Kushan asks her to relax and says he will prepare breakfast for her.

Gaurav gets a news paper courier and is shocked to see a news that Gaurav is having an affair with a man. Nikhil calls him and says if he does not help him, he will publish that news. He says if he does not budge, he will even release their video. Vivan hears Gaurav’s talk and he getting angry.

Lavanya says Kushan that she thinks Jahnavi is behind all this. He asks if she has her contacts. She says she will find out from college, but doubts if they will have old records, she will check old friends also.

At breakfast table, Gaurav engrasped in toughts and does not eat breakfast. He gets a call. Vivan asks him to pick it. A lawyer call him and says he will try to bail out Trisha. He says he has to take up case if he is sure and not try. Sonali taunts him that he is trying to hide his guilt in anger. Vivan asks why is he tensed. He says he wants to stay alone for some time and walks out. Sonali says he must be missing his lover. Vivan gets annoyed and walks out.

Lavanya calls Pratik’s old batch mates and asks about Jahnavi, but nobody has any info regarding her. She tries to call professors, but their numbers have changed. She thinks where did Jahnavi disappear.

Gaurav comes to police station and meets insepctor Jagatjeet. Inspector says if he is thinking, he will get Trisha out, then he is thinking wrong. Gaurav says he and his department did wrong by trapping Trisha into false case for their publicity. He asks lawyers to come in. Lawyer introduces himself as Shashank Jhunjunwala and says he is handling Trisha’s case and wants to meet her. Jagatjeet agrees to let them meet Trisha. Gaurav also tries to walk in, Jagjeet stops Gaurav and says he does not have orders to meet Trisha. Lawyer walks in. Lawyer meets Trisha and says he does not care if she did Amrita’s murder or not, his work is to get her out from jail.

Gaurav asks Jagajeet if he can ask him a question. Jagat says if he feels he should answer, he will. Gaurav says he called him father’s brother, but does not know father’s brother is called chacha or uncle. Jagat says we are thought to believe in relationship, but if those relationships betray, everything is shattered, just like Swaikas did to each other. He tells how Kushan started the game by kidnapping Trisha, then Pratik was murdered by one of relatives and now Amrita also. He says Kushan killed his own son and got caught, but Pratik’s murderer is not yet caught, so he suspects Swaikas even now.

Gaurav asks lawyer if he thinks he can bail out Trisha. Lawyer asks him to calm down and asks not to get hyper. Gaurav says he is getting frustrated as he has lost a lot and cannot lose more, asks if he can save Trisha or not. Lawyer says he will call him and inform what will be their next step and walks out. Gaurav gets Vivan’s call who asks him to come home as Sonali is panicking.

Lavanya calls all Pratik’s old contacts but does not get her info. She thinks Kabeer is investigating the case and must have info, so she should call his department members and check. She calls someone and says she needs to talk to him.

Sonali asks servants to shift her bags to upstair rooms. Vivan asks what drama she is creating. She asks if he does not know what his dad did. Vivan says if she is really irked, then she should leave this house, even he will follow, but she does not want to leave luxuries. Gaurav comes and says he deserves this, but requests not to do anything that would affect Vivan or Trisha. Sonali asks her not to act and leaves. He gets Nikhil’s SMS to meet him. Vivan sees him walking out hurriedly.

Gaurav meets Nikhil in a secluded place. Nikhil says heard that he got a lawyer for Trisha, but should have thought of Swaika group. Gaurav asks to stop his drama. Nikhil says to get out of this mess, he needs 25 crores in 24 hours and wants it via Vivan. Gaurav says he will get money. Nikhil says he is not in a position to keep condition, so cannot order him. He says Vivan hit him, so he has to pay for it. Vivan hears their whole conversation and gets angry.

Lavanya meets Kabeer’s officer and bribes him to get Jahnavi’s pic.

Vivan gets panicked seeing Gaurav and Nikhil together and takes out drugs to sniff, but reminisces Amrita’s words and stops.

Gaurav asks his cashier to get 25 crores cash right now. Vivan comes there and asks how can he meet Nikhil again. Gaurav says he was forced to meet him and says Nikhil called and blackmailed that if he does not get 25 crores, he will inform media about their relationship. He says already Trisha’s case is very weak and it may impact it. Vivan says if he thinks Nikhil will keep quiet if he gets money, then he will give that money. Gauvrav asks but..Vivan says he will not kill Vivan though.

Meghan reminisces blackmailing Aditya to accept her proposal and thinks she is paying for her bad deeds and because of her, Trisha is in jail. Trisha used to love her like her own sister, but she betrayed her. She will go and apologize her. She calls Vivan and starts crying. He asks why is she crying. She says she wants to apologize Trisha. He says he is glad she is showing concern, but… She says what but, she really wants to apologize and asks not to deny her. Vivan agrees.

Lawyer asks his juniors to find out details about guests who attended Amrita’s party and if they have any grudge on Swaika family. Gaurav comes there and asks why did he call him. Lawyer asks if he doubts anyone and if Amrita had any close friends or enemies. He says nobody can doubt Amrita’s character and he is surprised who can kill her. He asks if he, Trisha or any other family members hid anything from him and says if they will, he cannot help them further. He says he told him everything. Lawyer says he needs some more documents and his secretary will give the list. Gaurav asks if Trisha will be saved. Lawyer assures him and says court hearing is in 5 days and says he will get updates daily. Gaurav thanks him and leaves.

Vivan tells Gaurav that he is taking Meghan to meet Trisha and if he gets Nikhil’s call, to inform him. Gaurav says he has to bear all this because of him and apologizes, says he has decided that he will not go alone to meet Nikhil. Vivan says he will meet him alone and says this has to end. Gaurav hugs him emotionally. Sonali sees them. She gets Nikhil’s call and scolds him that he is very shameless to call her. He says Gaurav is more shameless than him and says he is going to get her out of way to be with him now. He asks her to come and see herself in SK mill compound. Sonali thinks Gaurav is planning to get her out of his life and patched up with Vivan, she will not spare him now. She thinks of going to SK mill compound.

Precap: Meghan says she knows they were not at home yesterday night and mom god injured by someone and asks what they are hiding from her. She apologizes Trisha for snatching her love from her.

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  1. When i first started watching it was really a gripping Drama. Now it started meandering.Wish it could really catch our interest again like Ek hasina thi on starplus.

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