Laut Aao Trisha 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man enters Trisha’s hideout place and sees her weepig. She asks who he is and asks about kidnapper. Man says kidnapper hired him to safegudard her. Trisha says she wants to meet kidnapper and tries to get up. Man pushes her back and asks her not to think of eloping, else he will hit her hand.

Kabeer hires professional hacker to hack Trisha’s diary. Hacker checks tab and hacks it. He opens Trisha’s diary which is named as hot talks. Amrita asks which language it is in and says Trisha sometimes writes code language and it must be this.

Sonali says Gaurav that we both are also Swaikas and we both are insulted by Pratik. Today, she saw Pratik and Amrita fighting and in the future Pratik’s arrogance will be broken. Gaurav says he does not understand what she is telling. She says just wait and watch.

Lavanya prepares food for her family and calls them. Prem comes there. She asks him how dare he is to come there and asks him to get out. Prem hugs her and says he cannot live without her. Prem is adamant and says she is his need and tries to kiss her. She pushes him and asks him to get out. He falls on the ground and ssees Pratik standing in front of him. Pratik asks Prem how dare he is to misbehave with his sister and says he gave him work when he was a broke. Prem says he loves Lavanya and is having affair with her. Lavanya asks how dare he to tell that. Prem says he has proof to show about their affair. Pratik is shocked to hear that and asks Prem to get away from his life and not to come back again., else he will ruin his life, he is fired from work now. He shouts him to get out.

Kabeer asks Amrita which code language she is talking about. Amrita reminisces about the incident where Amrita was painting and Trisha praises it. She asks how come she suddenly is painting after many days and taunts her. She also informs her that she can write in code language and shows her writing. Amrita laughs. Trisha asks her also to learn code language. Amrita asks what will she do learning code language. They both share a lighter moment. She says Kabeer that if she would have learnt code language, she would have read it. Kabeer says he will use experts to read it and leaves from there.

Lavanya says Pratik that she made a mistake and has come out of it and finished everything. Pratik reminisces going to Prem’s house when Lavanya was there and Prem hid her. He then congratulates her for brilliantly hiding her relationship and asks how can she betray Kushan. She says she does not want to talk about it. Pratik says he can understand all her plans now and asks how did she do this and had extramarital affair with his friend. He says she should be ashamed when she has 2 grown children. She says even he has children and is having affair with Neha. Pratik says he will not leave Amrita and she will stay with him even if she will know about her affair. She asks what she wants to prove, a perfect woman, mother, wife, etc., and says she could not become a good daughter, mother, wife, etc. He says she should be ashamed and walks out. Lavanya asks him to think from brain and not to inform Meghan and Bunty. He says he will not and leaves.

Abhimany asks Kabeer what new info they got about Trisha’s diary. He says she must have hidden something about family. Another officer says girl is insane and we cannot believe her. Kabeer asks if he had affair during college days. Officer says he had many affairs. Kabeer asks why can’t a girl make boyfriends and how can he call her characterless.

Trisha shouts at kidnapper and asks why did he stop her from attending her sister’s birthday party. He throws party pics in front of her. She sees her family pics and gets emotional. She sees Pratik’s pic and gets angry.

Precap: Kabeer and team reaches Trisha’s hide out place. Pratik performs navratri puja with Amrita.

Update Credit to: MA

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