Laut Aao Trisha 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

An inebriated youngster Rahul Dewan is in his car with his friend towards his farm house for partying. His bodyguard asks if he can drive. Youngster says it is okay. A beggar comes and asks money. He shoos them out. Beggar sees a lady Roshni’s dead body under car and tries to confront youngter with his beggar friends. Rahul elopes.

VK fights Rahul’s case. Reporters question him why is he fighting such a spoilt rich brat’s case. VK jokes with them and shoos them away.

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Court hearing starts. Public prosecutor starts questioning Rahul and tells judge that is a clear drunken drive case of spoil rich brat. VK asks if she reads magazines too much and says his friend was not drunk and did not kill lady. She says she has evidences and calls beggar into witness box. Beggar tells how he found dead body under Rahul’s car and tried to confront him, but he elopes in his car. PP then questions inspector gatothak who informs that Rahul’s friends were inebriated, but Rahul was not. PP says friends were inebriated, then how cannot Rahul. VK says police took Rahul’s lie detector test and he was also not inebriated. PP says Rahul was caught after 7 hours and alcohol can be pumped out of body before that. She asks inspector where did he find Rahul. Inspector says he caught him in his farm house and he was hidden in bathroom. She asks what about his car. He says he found car in farm house and it had blood stains on bumper. PP asks inspector about Rahul’s bodyguard. Inspector says he is missing since accident’s night. VK says Rahul does not drink alcohol. PP asks bartender and asks if Rahul drank in party. Bartender says he took alcohol many times. Rahul says he took it for friends. PP calls Rahul’s friend Shruti into witness box and asks about her hobbies. She says painting, etc. PP asks if she is married . She says yes. PP continues his jokes and asks PP to not time pass in court. PP says she is coming to the point and asks Shruti how does she know Rahul. She says she and Rahul are college friends and Rahul misunderstood that she loves him, but she explained that she does not love him and he is just her friend. Rahul started following her and when she complained about him in college, nothing happend as Rahul’s dad is a college trustee, so she left college. VK says it was 8-year-old incident and Rahul has changed. PP says Roshni who was murdered was present in party and had argument with Raghul. She calls one of party guest and asks him to tell what happend that night. He tells about Roshni yelling at Rahul. PP says Roshni is a middle class girl and did not like Rahul’s interfering her privacy in party, so she shooed him. Rahul got irked and crushed her under his car. Judge adjourns case for the day.

VK asks Rahul why did not he tell him about Roshni. Rahul says he met her first ime in party and when he troubled Shruti, it was very immature at that time. Suhana yells that Rahul is a rich brat and killed Roshni after she rejected him. VK says it is not a simple case and asks Charlie and Trisha to check party’s parking lot and Roshni’s NGO where she works.

Charlie goes to parking lot, befriends with watchman and checks whole place. He finds blood stainsand some proof on floor. Trisha goes to NGO and meets Roshni’s boss who tells Roshni is a good girl and should get justice. Trisha asks him about Roshni’s project. He says she was working for slum dwellers and could fight with anyone for their rights. She asks file, sees Pinky’s name and asks who is she. Boss says she is a small kid who is suffering from illness and Roshni wanted to help her. Trisha leaves with project files.

Court hearing starts. PP calls forensic expert into witness box and gives judge case’s forensic report. She asks expert to give details about the case.

Expert says Roshni died to being hit by a hard object. She asks if it s Rahul’s car. He says yes and she even had pelvic fracture. PP shows animation to Judge where Rahul’s crushes Roshni under his car. PP says Rahul was so inebriated tha the did not realize what he is doing and he would have dragged roshni till his farm house if beggars would not have seen roshni’s dead body.

VK questions expert and asks if it is possible Roshni must have been hit by rod. He says it is possible, but he is sure Roshni is hit by car. VK says it is not the case and he will prove it. He tells judge that Roshni is hit by hockey bat or road and gives parking lot photos to judge. He says he found roshni’s blood stains and her ear ring on the spot and it proves Roshni was roughened up in parking lot’s east ring, but Rahul’s car was parked in west wing. He tells how muderer hit roshni on elbow first and then hit her head. He then hides her deadbody in a corner hearing watchman’s voice. When Rahul comes with his friends and drives car, Roshni’s dupatta gets stuck in car bumper and everyone knows rest of story. PP says he should be in films. PP says he looks like hero. She says she is joking. He says she is so nice girl and cannot joke. Judge asks to be silent. PP says Rahul’s goons killed Roshni. VK asks Rahul about his qualification. Rahul says he is engineer and MBA grad and takes care of his dad’s business. VK says judge that Rahul is not an irresponsible person and takes care of his dad’s business. He calls Pinky and her come into witness box and asks them if they knew Roshni. They say yes. VK says Pinky stays in an area where factory’s dirty water has spoilt the whole vicinity. PP says factory is owned by rahul. PP says yes and says Rahul wanted to set up a water filtration plant, but someone took all the money, so roshni thought Rahul took it and yelled at him in party. He says Rahul’s cousin took the money. PP asks how is this issue related to case. VK says it is and he calls Rahul’s body guard into witness box who tells Rahul does not drink and did not crush Roshni. He tells after accident Rahul got panicked, so he called Rahul’s his cousin Ranbir who met him at a place and Ranbir made him unconscious with chloroform and confined him in a room.

VK calls Ranbir into witness box who tells he is Rahul’s cousin and worked hard in company,but Rahul was becoming CEO and he his servent, so he looted company slowly and even setup low quality water filtration plant. Roshni came in between and made report about water plant, she went to party venue and yelled at him. Rahul did not know what she was talking about, but he understood. He killed Roshni with rod in a parking lot and when saw someone coming hid deadbody in a corne and left. He then got body guard’s call and was a lone witness, so he confined him. Judge pronounces Rahul as innocent and Ranbir as guilty.

After court is adjourned, PP congratulates VK and leaves. Rahul thanks VK. VK says if he wants to thank him, he should set up water filtration plant and fulfill Roshni’s dreams.

Precap: VK meets with an accident and is rushed to hospital by Suhana, Trisha and Charlie. He thinks he is going to die but still has a lot of dreams and has not yet proposed Suhana.

Update Credit to: MA

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