Laut Aao Trisha 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha is happy to attend Sanya’s Bday but then gets worried and decides to leave quick before he comes.. Neha comes back to office and hugs pratik.. he asks her to take charge soon but also asks her to maintain a distance in office just to show people.. Neha is to leave when she comes back and questions pratik on why’s she’s brought back and tries to get some importace for herself telling Pratik that he’s alone since Trisha isnt there and Amy is worried, and so who better than her, but Pratik tells her off that he’s Pratik Swaika and if he wishes, he can bring in line of girls of her stature..

She’s to leave when Lavanya enters and is shocked.. Neha leaves greeting her and Lavanya starts questioning on why he’s employed neha back when she was removed but Pratik clarifies to her that Neha was never removed, she was on holiday and is now back.. Lavanya asks what if amrita gets to know and warns him but Pratik isnt bothered.. He tells her he knows to keep personal and professional life apart unlike her who brought in kushaan but Lavanya asks him not to compare the two.. Pratik says he knows Neha’s talent and capability and she will stay and asks Lavanya to leave..

Pratik is getting ready when Amy comes and questions about Neha rejoining and asks him how could he get back a suspect to work.. Pratik defends Neha and says that he got her back as he respects her work and that she had called to inform about how she’s the only earning member of her family.. they are to get into an argument when Sanya intervenes and Pratik leaves with her..

He asks her to carry on and heads straight to Gaurav’s room where Gaurav is telling Sonali to ready up fast or else some other matter will crop but Sonali tells that she isnt afraid of anyone.. Pratik enters right then and asks her to be scared and also respect him as this house and office belong to him but Sonali argues with him that Gaurav also has a share in all this.. Amrita enters right then and asks them to stop all this atleast today.. She requests them not to create a scene for the sake of Sanya..

Trisha is ready and is to leave when she realises the door is locked.. She cries to open the door but in vain.. Party is on but no one is happy from family.. Gaurav remembers how all happily celebrated Pratik’s bday when Sonali comes asking him to enjoy.. He asks how and says that with Trisha missing everything changed..

Guests are backbiting about what a family this is where one daughter is missing and they are celebrating when sonali comes and they do fake praise in front of her.. Lavanya comes with kids and wish Sanya.. Amrita asks about Kushaan and Lavanya says he couldnt as he had some emergency work.. Kushaan is shown to be drinking..

Pratik questions Lavanya for informing Amrita about Neha but she says she didnt.. He warns her to stay in limits but Lavanya not bothered gives him back in her own way.. Meghan is angry for she’s got to attend this boring children’s party than going to disc and bobby questions her.. She asks him to stay away from her matters when her friends come in shocking her and they say about bobby inviting them.. a guy calls out to meghan and lavanya sees them both leaving outside together..

Vivan’s current GF is surprised how bobby invited her and tells about vivaan inviting and asks and bobby tells that friendship starts with a call.. vivaan comes and moves to his GF when a girl asks about Trisha.. Vivaan asks them not to talk about her and that she will come when she’s found.. Bobby doesnt like that..

Amrita looks at the door and is hopeful that Trisha will come today as her heart says so.. Trisha here manages to break open a glass window and escape.. Amrita talks to Lavanya saying she knows the tension between Pratik and her but Lavanya says its all because of time and tries to escape from bursting out her feelings but Amrita stops her and tells her that she is a woman and she is there with Lavanya always..

Kabir enters and Amrita welcomes him and takes him to Sanya.. Sonali asks Gaurav why he’s here in party and wonder if he’s there to arrest someone.. Kabir surprises Sanya and she’s happy seeing her magic uncle while Amrita waits for Trisha.. Trisha is seeing finding her way through the trees..

Sanya dances with her baccha party friends.. Servant brings parcel and gives to Amrita.. She reads the card to find its gift for Sanya from Trisha

Update Credit to: Preetz

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