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Laut Aao Trisha 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer’s officer comes to Swaika house and meets Vivan. Vivan says he will call dad. Officer says he came to meet him and asks if she takes drugs even now. Vivan asks what does he mean. Officer says Amrita’s drink glass had his drugs. Gaurav hears that and asks what does he mean. Officer says it is a conspiracy to kill Amrita. Gaurav says that is a common drug and many youngsters take it. Office says those youngsters are not related to Amrita, but Vivan is. Gaurav asks if he is doubting Vivan. Officer says many things point at Vivan and asks Gaurav if he remembers someone taking drugs during party. Gaurav says he cannot remember. Officer says drug addicts store their drugs at home and asks Vivan even if he does. Vivan says he does not remember. Officer says if he finds his stock missing, then he should inform him. Vivan says sure. Officer walks thanking Gaurav for his cooperation. Gaurav angrily looks at Sonali.

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Sonali searches her room and finds drug packet in her purse. Gaurav asks if she was searching it and asks what is it. She says she hid Vivan’s drugs here. He sees room stranded and asks why did she do it. She says she is searching her diamond ring. He asks what is she hiding and says she is behaving weird after Amrita’s death and says when officer was questioning Vivan, she was tensed. Sonali says nothing like that. He says after Pratik’s death, Amrita was intefering in her ambitions. Sonali asks if she means she killed Amrita. Gaurav says she overdosed and murdered Amrita. Sonali says it was an accident. He is shocked to hear that.

Meghan gets tensed thinking she is Amrita’s murderer and police will question her now. She reminisces Amrita’s death and thinks if she is sentenced, she will lose her family, friends, Aditya, etc., so she should think of something. She looks at a magazine and picks it.

Gaurav asks Sonali to tell what happened, if he should call police then. She says she mixed drugs in Amrita’s glass, but she did not want to kill her, it was just an accident. She says she just wanted to ruin her image and thought she would prove Kabeer and Amrita’s alleged affair. He says shame on her and asks how can she do this being a woman, she wanted Amrita to get ashamed in front of Trisha and leave this property for her. Sonali says she did for him and Vivan and wanted him to be successful and Vivan feel proud of him. He says she is lying and she loves only herself and needs money. She got Swaika house, group of companies, everything. She says he is getting her wrong and he has to believe that she did it for him. He says he has decided to break their relationships. He sees his gay friend Nikil there and remembers their intimate moments and asking Nikhil to get out of his life.

Meghan tells Lavanya that she wants to go out on a holiday. Lavanya asks why. She says she cannot tell her. Lavanya asks what is the issue. Meghan says she just wants to go out for some days. Lavanya says she will help her. Meghan says she made a mistake and says she loves Aditya and Aditya loves Trisha, tells her how she mixed drugs in drinks for Aditya to get intimate with him and Amrita drank that drinks by mistake, says her intention was not to kill anybody and it was just a mistake. Kushan hears their conversation.

Sonali hugs Nikhil why did he come. He says he thought of surprising them. He tries to hug Gaurav, but Gaurav stops him. Sonali asks what would he like to have, looking at Gaurav. Nikhil asks her to stop looking at Gaurav and says he will not leave her. Gaurav angrily tries to walk out, but he stops him and says he came to meet him. He asks about Vivan and Trisha. She says Vivan has gone out and Trisha is in her room, he must have heard about the sad news. He says he knows it is very sad. Vivan comes home back. Gaurav gets tensed. Nihil tries to speak to him, but he walks out. He asks why are they behaving weird. Sonali says after Amrita and Pratik’s death, everyone is in a shock and goes into kitchen to get food for him. Gaurav asks why did he come. Nihil says he cannot live without him and came back for him. Gaurav asks him to back. Nihil thinks he came back not go back.

Lavanya says Meghan if she thinks Amrita died due to drug overdose and gets panicked that she lost her son, her husband may go to jail anytime and her daughter is a murderer. Meghan says she does not want to go to jail and to save her. Lavanya says nothing will happen to her and asks her to stay at home. Kushan who hears their conversation is shocked.

Goons in jail taunt constable. Constable says new officer will take care of him. New officer comes just then and gets into goons’ cell. Goon says he will question him, but he will not tell him anything. Officer takes out his belt and beats goons. Goons plead to spare them. Officer asks constable to file a report of hitting an on duty officer and introduces himself as senior inspector Jagatjeet Singh.

Sonali gets engrasped in thought while preparing tea. Nikhil asks what happened to her. She says she is fine. He starts showing fake concern and says he knows her since he was her boyfriend and asks why there is a tension between her and Gaurav. She says Gaurav thinks her as greedy and selfish woman, but she is not like that and always did wrong for her family, Gaurav does not want to live with her and wants to leave her. He calms her down and says she is the finest woman he has ever met. Vivan gets irked seeing them and asks Sonali to come and search his ipad in his room. He angrily looks at Nikhil and leaves.

Meghan comes to a secluded road and thinks why did Adity call her here. Goons kidnap her just then and rush in their car.

Kushan tells Lavanya that they should not complicate the case and should inform police. Lavanya asks him not to be silly and says they cannot tell police that they found a dead body in water tank and says someone is spying on us closely and has a something serious agenda. He asks like what. She says can tell only if we know who is it. She says maybe a middle man/watchman and says they should search watchman’s house tonight.

Commissioner hands over Amrtia and Pratik’s case to inspector Jagat Jeet Singh and gives him Trisha’s arrest warrant. Jagat asks if Trisha killed her own mom. Commissioner says according to evidence yes and asks to arrest her.

Kidnapper calls Lavanya and says he has made video of her and Kushan hiding watchman’s dead body. Kushan asks who is he. Kidnapper says he will know before he is dead. Lavanya asks what does he need. He says everything and will snatch everything from them. He says he has kidnapped Meghan.

Nikhil sees Gaurav sitting tensly on sofa and says he missed him. Gaurav gets up and pushes him. Nikhil blackmails Gaurav that he has told about their relationship to his comapany. Gaurtav asks if he came back to blackmail him. Nikhil says he came to take help from him to start a new life. Gaurav asks what if he denies helping him. Nihil says he will tell about their relationship to everyone. Gaurav feels trapped.

Kidnapper asks Meghan to talk to her parents. Meghan cries and requests Kushan and Lavany to save her. Kushan asks him not to touch Meghan. Kidnapper says he will not kill her easily and will kill her slowly and asks them to check their mailbox. They both check Meghan’s crying video. Kidnapper says his men are very cruel and can do anything to Meghan. He says he will give sedative injection to Meghan and she will forget everything. Kushan says he will give whatever he needs and asks to leave her. He says he wants them to suffer seeing their daughter dying. He injects sedative to Meghan.

Sonali asks Gaurav if he is still angry on her. He asks her not to worry about him and asks her to mind her own business. He thinks he should do something about Nihkil as he cannot suffer because of his single mistake.

Lavanya panics and tells Kushan that if something happens to Meghan, she will not forgive him or anyone. He says kidnapper is just frightening them. She says they will inform police, though they may go to jail. He says kidnapper killed Amrita and Pratik and may kill Meghan also. Kidnapper calls her and she says whoever she is, she wil l not spare him. He asks her to calm down and says he knows she is thinking of taking police’s help and says his men will rape Meghan if she does anything wrong. Lavanya shouts no and asks Kushan to save her daughter.

Inspector Jagat says constables that commissioner wants him to arrest Trisha. Constable asks if he believes Trisha is murderer. He says he does not want any innocent to be punished and does not want culprit to be spared, in this case it is proved Trisha is murderer, so he has to arrest her.

Kushan looks at Meghan and Bobby’s pic and reminisces his care for the and how he killed Bobby, he thinks he lost bobby and cannot lose Meghan now.

Lavanya calls kidnapper. Kushan asks her to stop and asks why is she risking Meghan’s life. Kidnapper calls and she asks what does he need. He says he needs her destroyal and he is among many people whose lives she ruined. He asks if she wants to meet Meghan, she should come with Kushan to a mumbai-pune highway.

Kushan and Lavanya wait for kidnapper at mumbai-pune highway. Kidnapper’s car comes, throws Meghan’s out and elopes. Lavanya and Kushan rush there and are shocked see Meghan unconscious in a disastrous state.

Precap: Kidnapper rapes Meghan. Gaurav calls Lavanya and informs that police arrested Trisha on Amrita’s murder charges. Trisha tells Gaurav that she did not kill mamma. He says everyone knows she is innocent.

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  1. Your English is cringeworthy. Please use a dictionary.

  2. Where did kabir disappear has he also left the show

  3. Just read that kabir also left the show congrats producers of the show you have utterly ruined the serial there should be some way the viewers should be able to sue the channel for leading us on and wasting our time in this fashion
    after pratik and amrita the only reason people still watched the show was kabir the new inspector is too stupid and childish as compared to kabir a big zero and what abt varsha her story link is also gone three cheers u guys have utterly ruined a very good story

  4. no head or tail to this show now – nothing solved truly lost track of the story .this is what happens when they drag on for too long . writers loose their MOJO!!!! well if its ending on 31.1.15

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