Laut Aao Trisha 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik is shattered to hear from Neha that Trisha knows about their relationship and asks when did she came to know about it. Neha reminisces the incident. Trisha comes to Neha’s home and scolds for having an affair with Prateek and slaps him. Neha says it is misunderstanding. Trisha shows Neha and Pratik’s intimate pic and asks even now if she wants to say it is misunderstanding and says for her benefit, she is betraying her mom and says her mamma loves her popsy a lot and if she will know about it, she will not trust anyone. She asks why is she ruining everyone’s life. Neha says she is wrong, but she could not control her feeling and requests her not to inform Prateek and promises to keep away from Prateek. Trisha asks her to keep away, else she will inform it to Amrita. Pratik asks Neha how did she come to know about us. He then realizes his phone missing and Trisha checking his phone once. Trisha says she was taking selfie with mom. He asks what happened to her phone. She says her phone is not that good. Amrita says she will not get it. Pratik says he will get her phone. Amrita asks Pratik if they can go to Manali with family. He says the can go next Sunday. Trisha looks at him angrily. He asks why is she looking at him like that and says she will get her phone soon. He then says Neha that Trisha read your message. Neha says she met her in mall and asked to arrange for a medical certificate and she had to agree as she did not have any choice. Prateek says she had choice and says he know doubts she is behind Trisha’s missing and Trisha went away from me seeing my affair with you.

Kabeer gives Amrita water and asks her not to get angry as he is doing it for her benefit and then asks her to calm down and not to entangle the case. Pratik comes home, sees Kabeer there and asks what is he doing here. Amrita tells him about Neha arranging medical certificate. Pratik says he knows about it. Kabeer asks when did he come know. He says Neha called him and informed about Kabeer interrogating her. Amrita asks why is he worried about her who is guilty. Pratik says she is his employee and had to help her boss’s daughter. She asks why did not she inform about it earlier. He says he scolded her about it. She says you pushed everyone whom you found guilty and you are leaving her without interrogating. He says her case is different. Kabeer sees their drama and walks out. Pratik scolds Amrita for shouting in front of Kabeer and says it is waste discussing with her. Amrita says she will discuss with Neha and asks why she did it. He asks her not to start her own interrogation.

Kabeer looks at Neha’s pic and reminscdes interrogating her and Pratik’s reaction and thinks what is she hiding. He then looks at Neha, Pratik, and Amrita’s pics and writes about each other’s relationships, etc.

Amrita and Pratik sleep separately on bed and look at each other. Prem calls Lavanya, but her phone is switched off. Gaurav gets Nikhil’s call and gets irked. He meets him in the morning. Nikhil calls him Sid and says he wants to talk to him something important. Gaurav says he is not Sid. Nikhil says Sonali saw me with Rohit and he was careless. Gaurav asks how can he be so careless and scolds him.

Kabeer wakes up in the morning hearing a door bell. He checks from viewfinder and sees psychiatrist outside. She says she knows he is inside and to open the door. He says he has not worn clothes and they are in laundry. She says if he does not open the door, she will tell neighbours that she is pregnant with his child. He opens the door. They indulge in a conversation.

Amrita asks Pratik to allow her to interrogate Neha as she is sure she is hiding something. Pratik asks if she does not believe his judgement and says if he feels Neha is involved, he will call police and asks to trust him. Amrita thinks she does not trust anyone and will do what she thinks.

Precap: A lady informs Amrita that she saw Trisha in Lonavla. She informs about it to Pratik.

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