Laut Aao Trisha 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kushan sees Amrita and Kabeer getting out of car and coming towards him. He asks why are they here. Amrita says she was following Kabeer and Kabeer was following him. He asks what is happening. Kabeer says instead of making a drama here, we should go and talk in our office.

Lavanya reaches Prem’s house and calls him. He comes and touches her from behind and she gets afraid. She says she got afraid. He asks how can Lavanya get afraid and says we will stay together for the whole day. She says she has to go to office also and asks if he can change his mood. He asks what is bothering her. She reminisces Kushan’s weird behavior and tells about it. He says she is thinking too much. She says her sixth sense is sensing some danger.

Kabeer asks Amrita if she is sure she wants to stay while he investigates Kushan. She says it is her daughter’s case and she want to know every bit of it. Kabeer asks where was he going. He says he was going to office. Kabeer says his office does not come in that way. He says he was going to meet client. Kabeer asks why is his phone switched off. Kushan asks if it is a crime. He asks why it is switched off every 2-3 hours. Kushan asks what rubbish he is talking. Kabeer shows his telephone records and says before Trisha was kidnapped, his phone was not switched off and after she is kidnapped, it is switched off every 2-3 hours. He asks why is he tapping his phone. Kabeer says he goes to college just for 1 week and he has his office records also and asks what he does during those 2-3 hours. Kushan gets tensed.

Sonali gets Nikhil’s call and thinks she does not want to meet her, why he does not leave her alone. She then sees flower bouquet and Gaurav bringing her breakfast. She asks why is he bringing breakfast for her. He says why can’t he bring it for his beautiful wife and asks if she liked flowers. She says she liked them a lot and says after our marriage, just like other couples, we had a difference, and now why is he being romantic. He says he wants to rekindle their lost passion and picks her to the bed.

Kushan says it is none of his business. Kabeer asks him to reply. Kushan says because of the tension in his family, whenever he works, he switches it off and asks Amrita why did she also follow her. Amrita says she did not know Kabeer was following him. Kabeer asks them to stop their family drama and asks Kushan why is Lavanya’s phone switched off. He says he does not know and asks him to find trisha’s kidnap, if he harrasses him again, he will repent it. Officer asks if he should stop tapping Kushan’s phone. Kabeer says no. He then asks Amrita to concentrate on her family and says she is not party of his team officially. She says Trisha is her daughter officially and she has right to know every bit of info about the case. Amrita asks if he is not attached to the case emotionally and says she does not believe it. Kabeer says as soon as he finds anything, he will inform her. She repeatedly says she wants to know everything about the case, she wants to know how is Trisha. Kabeer holds her hand and asks her to trust him.

Sonali and Gaurav are on the bed intimately. She says she feels he is trying to prove something. He asks if she got any message from Nikhil. She says he is calling her repeatedly. He asks her not to meet him and says he is playing with your emotions from ages, says he will get him out of work. She asks him to calm down. He says a true friend cannot see other friend in trouble and says he cannot see her in trouble. She asks if he is trying to explain she should understand Nikhil’s friendship and thanks him.

Kabeer’s superior comes to his office and scolds him for tapping Kushan’s tap. Kabeer says he is overreacting and trying to vent his anger on him. Superior says he is being too careless. Kabeer says he is investigating the case, thats all. Superior says many egos are involved here, and he should be careful.

Amrita is traveling in her car and reminisces Kabeer’s words. A beggar girl asks her money and she gives it. Just then a man snatches money from her and slaps her. Amrita imagines Trisha in girl and her from the man and starts beating him. She hugs the girl and cries. She sees the girl and then realizes it is not Trisha.

Precap: Kabeer informs Amrita that Neha arranged medical certificate for Trisha.

Update Credit to: MA

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