Laut Aao Trisha 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanya listens Sonalika and Pratik’s conversation that Trisha is missing and asks Pratik why did he lie about Trisha. She goes into her room and locks it. Pratik and Amrita try to convince her. She says she wants to know where is Trisha and says she will not celebrate her birthday.

Kabeer plays south indian music in his party for his officers. Officers ask why did he give party. He says he is happy that they did not leave him in his good and bad times. Officers are surprised about his sudden change in behaviour. Officer asks if they should check cig butt DNA. Kabeer says kidnapper is trying to show what he wants to and says when he wiped fingerprints, why did he leave cig butt, now we will know what he does not want to show.

Gaurav asks Sonali why did she misbehave with Pratik. She says Pratik provoked her. He asks why did he inform about Trisha’s missing to Sanya. She says she heard it by chance. Vivan hears that and says because of him, everything is happening and starts getting psycho. Sonali says it is not his mistake. Vivan runs from there. Sonali asks Gaurav to control Vivan. He he cannot.

Amrita requests Sanya to open door. Sanya opens door and says she will not celebrate her birthday as they lied to her. Amrita hugs her. Sonali calls Vivan’s friend and asks if Vivan came there and to inform her if he comes. Pratik angrily comes and tries to slap Sonali. Gaurav stops him and says she told it by mistake. Pratik says because of Sonali, Sanya does not want to celebrate her birthday and says he did not see an immature lady like her. Sonali asks him to stop his rubbish and says if she made a mistake, even he made a mistake and says if he thinks she cannot control vivan, sorry to say even he and Amrita cannot control their kids. Pratik asks her to talk sense, else he will forget she is Gaurav’s wife. He asks Gaurav to control his wife. Amrita asks them to stop fighting and says instead of facing problems, you all are fighting with each other.

Kabeer says officers that we will change our line of action towards this show. Abhay asks what will we do now. He says till now we were doubting only Swaika, now we should be doubting others and asks to check if Neha is working somewhere else and to check Prem also. Officer says he told that kidnapper is insider. He says these 2 are close friends of Swaika and says they both are Pratik’s close confidantes. Abhay praises him for his thoughts and salutes him.

Gaurav reminisces his tussle with Pratik. Vivan comes home back inebriated and says he will handle Pratik now. Gaurav asks him to go back to his room. Gaurav asks him to stop and tries to slap him. Vivan says he can except only that from him and goes into his room. Gaurav starts crying. Sonali says she knows he is tensed about their son, but he himself allowed everyone control and disrespect him. She says nobody respects him in this house and why don’t he take a stand, asks him to be a man in front of whole world. He says she is right. She says this house is equally belongs to him and what we want will also happen here.

Abhay comes to Kabeer’s home and says if he will open a door, he will tell him a big news. Kabeer opens door and says if he is lying, he will arrest him in drug possession case. Abhay says a man is caught with teenager in a cheap hotel and says girl must be Trisha. Kabeer says if it is Trisha, he would have hugged and announced that case is solved.

Kabeer comes to meet Amrita. Sanya who says she does not want to celebrate her birthday and does not want to have breakfast sees him and asks if he will do magic and bring back Trisha. He asks if she will eat if he shows her magic. She says yes and asks what about trisha. He says he will find her. Sanya says she will celebrate birthday if he will attend party. He says okay. She gets happy. Amrita thanks him to convince Sanya. Pratik asks why did he come here and why is he acting as searching his daughter. Kabeer says he is doing his best.

Precap: Amrita promotes new time slot of 9 p.m. form 29th October. Pratik says Amrita he will not give grand party for Sanya’s birthday. She says she will celebrate. Trisha says she will attend Sanya’s birthday.

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