Laut Aao Trisha 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor dresses Pratik. Pratik asks officer where is Kabeer. He says he is busy and has told he will meet him later and has told to drop you home safely. Pratik says he does not have to take care of him and asks where is Pratik now. He says in lobby. Kabeer calls his officer and asks to find out in CCTV footage who entered room. Pratik comes and says his opinion on his true that he is useless, asks how can he be so careless. Kabeer say it is is his mistake and apologizes. Pratik asks him to stop his excuses and says he wonders how can somone exchange fake bullets with real ones without his knowledge, says his life was at risk, but he would have just started a new case and file, says he should resign so that a reliable officer can join. He says he knows his responsibilities and will know the truth at any cost, suggests him to go home with his team. Pratik shouts that he does not trust him and his team now. Varsha comes there. Kabeer introduces her to Pratik and says she is helping us in investigation. Pratik thanks her. She says she had forgotten mobile. Pratik asks if they met before. She says never and says she knows he is the Pratik Swaika. She goes to bring her phone. Pratik starts thinking where he met her before.

Varsha gets into her car. Pratik knocks window and says generally he does not forget faces and he even now thinks they have met before. She says she already told they have not met before. He says he had a college girl Jahnavi Shah who used to think herself as smart, but anybody could fool her, her face reminds her, but she is more pretty. Varsha says know he remembers who she is, then she will leave. Once she leaves, he thinks something else is there which he is not understanding.

Kabeer checks CCTV footage and sees blank screen. Security guard says light went off for 1 min. Officer says it can be Lavanya. He sees burqa clad lady then and thinks who she is. He then travels in car. Officer calls him and says they caught bomb planter. He asks him to get him for investigation. Lavanya’s maid comes and says Kabeer has come.

Gaurav catches Vivan stealing money and says he cannot let him ruin his life with drugs. Vivan says he has already ruined his life and says he was respected him, but he cheated on him and mom for a man, shame on him that he is a gay. Gaurav says he did mistake only once and did not know what happened to him, but after that he did not repeat it and will never, he promises and apologizes him. He says he can punish him instead. Vivan says he will not come under his trap and asks him to give money. Gaurav says he will not. Vivan blackmails that he will tell it to mom, snatches money and leaves.

Lavanya says Kabeer that she hates Pratik a lot because Kushan is in jail and Bobby is dead because of him and will take revenge openly and not like a coward. She says she does not have time for all his bullshit and should go and do his work. He says he is doing work and says he knows she can change bullets. She asks him to get proof and then come there. She says when Trisha was shot, there were 2 bullets and 2 different guns involved and if it is true, he will be become and joke in his department. Kabeer asks which fiction novel she is reading now a days. Lavanya says she is pity on him and says all the best. Kabeer walks out. Shooter messages her that he will send the gun which Kabeer is searching.

Kabeer in car thinks how does Lavanya know about second gun. He gets a call that bomber eloped.

Meghan sees news about bomber escaping from police lockup and Kabeer searching him.

Pratik reminisces Varsha and thinks he has seen her before. He sees Aditya and Trisha coming down laughing, gets irked and asks Aditya who is he. He says he is his daugher’s doctor. Pratik asks if he is doctor, then what is he doing in this house. Trisha asks him to calm down. He says she should look at class before making friends and asks asks Aditya to get out of his house. Trisha tries to stop him, but he walks out.

Kabeer gets a clue about bomber’s hideout and asks his officers to arrest him. Officers arrest bomber and takes him for interrogation.

Amrita sees Pratik writhing in pain and asks if it is paining. Pratik says she does not have to worry about him and says her best friend Kabeer tried to kill him by replacing original bullets, says if he finds Kabeer is killer, he won’t be surprised.

Trisha looks at her and Pratik’s pic and cries asking how can her papa do this to her. Amrita says there were many moments where she felt proud that Pratik is her papa and with just one incident, she is doubting her papa’s love. Trisha asks if Pratik did right by misbehaving wit Aditya. Amrita says he did it wrong, but he is posessive about her and cannot see her talking to unknown guy. Trisha says Aditya is her friend. Amrita says Pratik does not know him well and says we all make mistakes and he made mistake in judging Aditya.

Pratik starts drinking alcohol and reminisces telling to Varsha that her face reminds him of his college friend Jahnavi Shah. He opens his laptop and goes into flashback where he encourages his fat friend that any girl will accept her as he is his friend. He sees Varsha/Jahnavi walking around and asks friend to speak to her. Jahnavi slaps friend and leaves. Pratik then reminisces proposing her that he has fallen in love with her and says everyone loves him as he is rich except her. He tells details about her and says he needs a friend like her. She accepts his friendship. He then reminisces his friends asking him to insult her for slapping his friend. Pratik says it is time to take revenge. He goes to Varsha’s house and gets intimate with her. She says someone will come. He says nobody will come and gets into bed with her. He then reminisces Varsha telling she is pregnant with his child. He acts as getting happy and telling he will marry her by taking his parent’s permission. She gets happy and asks when will he speak to his parents. He says after exams, his dad wants him to go to England for masters degree and he will marry her before that. She thanks him.

Varsha also reminisces tellign her parents that Pratik truly loves her and her parents getting happy for her. She reminisces Pratik telling after graduation he will come to her house with his parents and gifts her mangalsutra. She gets happy seeing it and hugs him. He thinks all middle class girls get fool seeing mangalstura. She then reminisces asking Pratik’s friends if they saw Pratik. They taunt that he spends more time with her and asks her to check in her house. She goes to Pratik’s house and introduces herself to Lavanya asks Pratik’s friend. Lavanya says she cannot let her in and says he has gone to England. Varsha says he told he will marry before going and she is pregnant, so she should help her. Lavanya gets in, gives her money and asks her to abort her child. She then reminisces her parents making suicide and then Pratik asking her not to meet him and saying they slept together with mutual consent and he is not responsible for his parent’s death. He calls cashier, asks to give money to Jahnavi and not let her in again. She says he will repent and whenever she will meet him again, she will destroy him and his family. He says let us see and for now get out.

Kabeer’s officer tortures bomber and asks to tell who hired him. Kaberer comes and asks if he spoke out. Officer says he told howmuch money he got but is not telling who hired him. Kabeer says if he does not speak out in 12 hours, they should kill and throw his dead body in drainage water.

Lavanya gets a courier packet and finds gun in it. Officer says bomber it is 12 hours now and he will be killed. Bomber tells he will speak out. Officer slaps him and says if he had to speak, why did he take 12 hours.

Lavanya gets call from shooter and says this gun is for Kabeer and he will him and tell Trisha was shot from this gun, since her fingerprints are on gun, Kabeer will catch her.

Officer says Kabeer that bomber told who hired him. Kabeer says it is Lavanya. Officer says he is right. Kabeer says it is time for action.

Trisha gets a dream about Santa claus and asks gift from him. Santa says he will get it from his family. She says then she will not get it as her family is in trouble, Kushan is in jail and is mad, Bobby is dead, etc., so nobody will celebrate christmas. Santa asks if she can solve a puzzle for him and says there is a single candle in dark room and if he blews off that candle, how will she get light. She says they have to get more candles. She says celebration is like candle to get away from sadness/darkness. She says it is a good idea. She gets up from sleep and thanks santa claus, thinks she should celebrate christmas.

Kabeer reaches Lavanya’s hosue and asks maid to call her. Maid says she left home in car. He asks officer to check house and asks another officer to track Lavanya’s mobile. He reachesa jungle where Lavanya buries gun and walks back towards her car. Kabeer asks arrests her for attempting to murder Pratik as her friend Prahlad/bomber spoke out. She says she does not know anyone and he cannot arrest her without proof. Officer gets gun and says it is proof. Constable cuffs her.

Precap: Varsha spies on Pratik. Lavanya says Pratik that she would have been happy if he was dead in bomb blast. He strangulates her. Vivan tells Amrita that Gaurav slept with a man. She slaps him.

Update Credit to: MA

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