Laut Aao Trisha 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik scolds Vivan for trying to make fake promise to Sanya and asks him to keep away from her, else he will kick him out, says if he would not have been his brother’s son, he would have killed him and asks him to keep away from Sanya again.

Kushan takes Lavanya to Prem’s house. Lavanya repeatedly asks him to take her home. He rings bell and Prem opens door.

Abhay and another officer inform Kabeer that kidnapper was using stolen car. Kabeer asks them to think of some other clue. Officer says Abhay that Kabeer has gone mad and says we should check DNA sampling. Kabeer hears their conversation and asks if they want to party.

Kushan pushes Lavanya on Prem and asks her to go to him. Prem asks her if she wants to live with a man who does not want to live with her and asks her to come back to him. Lavanya slaps him and asks he to get out of her life and asks Kushan to accept her back as she cannot live without him and their children.

Vivan starts crying and trying to take drugs again. Gaurav and Sonali see that and ask him to calm down. He says Pratik held his collar and asked him to stay away form Sanya and says he is not only one responsible for Trisha missing. Gaurav and sonali think why is Pratik torturing their son like this. Pratik and Amrita hear their conversation.

Meghan angrily cuts Lavanya’s clothes saying she took away all her happiness. Door bell rings and she is surprised to see her dad with Lavanya. Dad hugs him and Bobby and says he has sorted out his issues with Lavanya and asks her to prepare food for them. She says she will prepare food for her family alone.

Sonali and Gaurav ask Pratik how can he torture their son like that, Sonali says Vivan was trying to take drugs again. Pratik says he is getting punished for his mistake. Sonali asks why is Vivan held responsible for his affair with Trisha when they both are mutually involved. He says they did not control their son and they are responsible for his drug addiction. She says he should not tell this as he pampered his daughter so much that we don’t know if she is kidnapped or she herself eloped. Pratik gets irked hearing that. Sonali says we are being treated as third calls residents in this house. Pratik asks how dare she talk to him like that. Gaurav asks how can he talk to his family like that. Pratik says if he speaks more he will forgive that he is his brother. Gaurav asks if he really thinks him as his brother or his company’s useless employee.

Lavanya and family enjoy food. Meghan says it is so nice and she did not know if she can prepare so tasty food. Lavanya tries to serve Kushan, but he stops her. Lavanya says Kushan that next week we will go on a family vacation. Kids get excited. Kushan says he does not have time and ask them to enjoy. Meghan says he cannot do that. He says next week his tower project is starting, so he has to work on it. Meghan gets angry, leaves food in the middle and goes to her room. Bobby also follows her. Lavanya tries to convince Kushan, but he asks her to go to work so that they don’t have to see each other’s face.

Gaurav says Pratik that Vivan made a mistake and he is a child, so he should forgive him. Amrita tries to control Pratik and asks him to leave from their before making their relationship worse. Sonali says even she is concerned about family and worried about Trisha missing. Sanya hears that and asks if Trisha is missing.

Precap: Gaurav stops Pratik form slapping Sonali. Sonali says Pratik if he thinks she cannot control Vivan, then sorry to say even he is incapable of controlling his kids.

Update Credit to: MA

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