Laut Aao Trisha 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratik’s family getting shocked to hear about Prem’s death. Pratik says he does not remorse Prem’s death as he was an enemy in friend’s disguise. He asks Amrita why did not she inform him about kidnapper’s call and says if she would have taken her, she would not have lost 20 crores. She says go and ask Neha. He asks her not to drag Neha in this. She says she called him many times and even messaged him, but she did not give phone to him. She says she even went to office, but he was so busy with Neha that he did not come to office at all. She says he did not even think of Trisha and has failed, did not even try to check if any info about Trisha came. She says he is responsible for Trisha missing. Pratik silently hears her.

Trsiha asks goon how dare he is to point a gun at her mom. He asks her to stop shouting, else he will shoot her.

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Kabeer asks Abhay if he would have been a kidnapper, if he would have come with only 2 goons with Trisha. Abhay says he would have taken a battalion. Kabeer says he thinks kidnapper knew everything and must have watched everything, that means kidnapper is either Swaika or closer to them. Varsha comes there and asks worriedly Kabeer what has he done himself. Kabeer asks Abhay why did he let Varsha in. Abhay says Varsha had called on his phone, but he did not pick it. Kabeer tries to get up. She asks him where is he going. He says he is a govt servant and govt will not pay bill if he stays long. She asks to tell what happened.

Pratik slaps Neha and asks her how dare she is to control him and says because of her, trisha is not with her and she is responsible for it. Neha says she did not know why Amrita was calling her and if she knew it was about Trisha, she would have informed him. She apologizes and requests to give her one chance. He says only he can decide whom he will speak with and warns her not to come in his way again. Neha thinks there is no use crying now and she has to do something now.

Sonali tries to calm down Gaurav and asks him to give drink water. He says how can he, he thought Amrita would bring Trisha, but she did not, Amrita is broke now. Sonali says even she cares about Trisha and says situations have changed her and now she wants Trisha to be away for some more days and it is punishment for Pratik. Gaurav asks her to stop thinking bad if not good about others. He tries to walk out. She asks if he is going to meet Pratik and says let them suffer, it is their punishment.

Goon ties Trisha. Trisha asks him to let her speak his boss and free her. He says boss did not want to leave you and just wanted money. He says you will suffer now and if you shout, I will kill you. Trisha apologizes her mama and thinks her life is more important to her, says she was thinking everything is fine, but nothing is fine, everything has changed, she has to get out from here.

Amrits holds Trisha’s pic and starts crying vigorously. She remembers the recent incident and thinks she will get her back somehow.

Kushan says Lavanya that Prem’s name will not be taken with either Trisha or her name. Lavanya asks her to stop it as he Prem is dead. Meghan hears that and asks Bobby if dad really killed Prem.

Pratik watches news with reporting telling about Amrita selling shares to gather ransom money and asking Swaika group does not have money and why Amrita went alone, says Swaika group’s shares are falling down. Pratik calls his secretary and says he wants press conference in 1 hour.

Pratik gets ready for press conference and asks Amrita to get ready. She says she knows his and company’s name is at stake and he has come to her to save his reputation and wants her to stand with him as her wife. Pratik asks her to stop her nonsense and sys he is doing this for Trisha. He says our differences are at one side and love for Trisha is on another side and requests her to come as Trisha’s mother at least.

Precap: Amrita says Pratik you benefitted with press conference and what about Trisha. She says she is for the first time feeling hatred for him.

Update Credit to: MA

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