Laut Aao Trisha 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Commissioner gives arrest warrant of Trisha to Kabeer and asks him to arrest her. Kabeer takes it and leaves.

Kushan checks water tank and gets tensed seeing something.

Trisha mourns over her mom’s death. Sonali asks if she knows where Vivan is. Gaurav says Vivan has not come home since yesterday. Trisha say she does not know and starts crying. Gaurav consoles her. Trisha says all our dear ones are living us. Sonali asks to stop and says her son is not like her parents who left her. Trisha walks into her room weepig. Gaurav asks Sonali how can she be so insensitive. Sonali says if anything ahppens to Vivan, she will not spare anyone. Gaurav gets MMS and sees Vivan being tortured by goons. Sonali asks him to do something.

Kushan gets guard’s body of water tank. Lavanya asks why is he here when we left him in jungle. Kushan says he did a mistake. She asks if he planned all this.

Trisha calls Kabeer and says crying that she is alone and needs him. He says he cannot come right now as he has some important work. She say she can understand and asks him to promise that he will come soon and says she loves him. He says same here and gets emotional.

Kushan says Lavanya he just wanted to frighten her and reminisce giving money and asking him to frighten her. He says someone killed him and wants us to be arrested. She says they should hide his body.

Reporters surround Kabeer and asks if he will protect Trisha or will let her die like Amrita and Pratik. He asks them to shut up and gets into car.

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Gaurav drives his car and says Sonali that they should inform Kabeer and he will handle everything. Sonali says they should seek commissoiner’s help instead. Gaurav gets goon’s call who asks them to give him 2 crores ransom, else he will kill Vivan. They both accept his demands and ask not to do anything to Vivan.

Kabeer meets Trisha. She says she was remembering Amrita anbd was feeling lonely, so she asked him to come. She says her mamma did not harm anyone till now and asks who did it. Kabeer shows Jahnavi’s pic and says she must have done it. Trisha sees her pic and says she did not see this lady before and did not even hear about her from mom/dad. Kabeer asks if she remembers something abnormal happening on party night. She says she does not remember anything and will call him if she remembers.

Lavanya sends all servants out. Kabeer on the other side asks Trisha not to go out of house and to call him if she wants to. She asks him to not spare her mamma’s murderer. Kabeer sees Gaurav and Sonali walking out with bags nervously and asks Trisha where are they going. She says Vivan did not come home since last night and they are very tensed. He calls his officer and asks him to stop them. Officer says they left. He asks to follow them.

Aditya’s peons search drug sample bottles and says him that one is missing and it is a very dangerous drug.

Forensic expert informs Kabeer that he found 2 drugs in glasses, one a medical drug which will kill a person if overdosed and another one is normal drug. Kabeer says normal one must be of Vivan’s and he has to find out about another one.

Aditya feels sad thinking that he cannot be with Trisha i her tough time. Kabeer comes there and gives him report of medical drug composition and asks if it is available in his hospital. He says he will find out and tell him later. Once Kabeer leaves, he realizes that Meghan had stolen that drug. He calls Trisha and thanks her for taking his call. He apologizes her for not being with her in her tough time and says he knows she is missing her mom, but life cannot be controlled and asks her to be strong. She thanks him for calling and cuts call.

Kabeer looks at Jahnavi’s pic and thinks where must be she. Varsha comes there just then and says she came to know about his mental condition and says his nightmares may increase. He shows her pic, says she is nightmare and Pratik’s ex-girlfriend. She asks how can he says she is the culprit. He tells her the whole story happned. Varsha says according to his story, it looks Pratik did wrong to her and Jahnavi is not involved in it. He asks if she would not have done it. She says Jahnavi must have forgiven Pratik and moved on. He says only Lavanya can answer this question.

Kushan and Lavanya try to dispose guard’s body from their house. Door bell rings and Kushan sees Kabeer outside. Lavanya hides guard’s body behind sofa and asks Kushan to go up. She opens door. He asks where are her servants. She says they don’t know whom to allow in and whom not. He says it is not their mistake. She asks if he has come to arrest her. He says he came to ask her a favour and asks if she can come in. She lets him in. He shows Jahnavi’s pic and asks if she knows her. She says no. He says she was Pratik’s girlfriend. Lavanya says she remembers now. He asks if she knows where she is. She says she knows he is interested in Kabeer’s women, but she is not. Kushan comes down acting as mad. Lavanya asks Kabeer to leave if he is done. Kabeer looks at them and leaves. Lavanya feels relaxed.

Gaurv reaches an underconstruction building and calls goon. He asks to come in. Officer follows them, calls Kabeer and come there soon with backup.

Lavanya gives Kushan coffee and says someone wants them arrested and murdered guard. He is the one who clicked her pic while shooting Trisha and is the one who shot her. Kushan asks what does she mean. She says though she shot Trisha, her bullet did not hit her and someone else’s bullet hit her. He asks why did not she tell him about hit till now. She says he thinks she is always against him, between their fight their enemy is harming them. She says he is a single person who first shot Trisha, then killed Pratik and Amrita. Kushan says must be an woman.

Gaurav and Sonali reaches goon’s place and give them ransom amount. Goon says he will count money first and then will let Vivan free. Officer gets call. Goon get panicked and sends his man to send check. Goon says they must have brought police, so should be killed. Kabeer comes with his team and tells goons that they are surrounded by his officers. Sonali and Gaurav get happy seeing Kabeer.

Kushan asks Lavanya whom Kabeer was inquiring about. She tells about Janhavi and tells that she was pregnant with Kabeer’s child. Kushan says she is the one. Lavanya asks then why did not she kill Trisha and got her arrested. He says she must be thinking something big and suggests to take Kabeer’s help. She says they both will go to jail and should handle situation in their way. She says someone closer to them is doing all this and asks if it is Neha. He says she will not do this. Lavanya says she is greedy and when she can double cross Pratik, why can’t she, so they should confront and ask her.

Gaurav and Sonali bring Vivan home. Sonali tells that his friend told how he saved a child from goons and asks why did he risk his life for some strangers. Gaurav says they should be proud of him and it is his good deeds that they saved us. He says if Kabeer had not come, they would have been killed. He asks Vivan how did he get into drug dealer’s trap. Vivan says goons who were searching kids got him to his drug dealer and kidnapped him. Gaurav asks why did he risk his life and why did not he think about parents, says we had a big accident here. He asks what happened. Gaurav says Amrita. Vivan asks what happened to her.

Trisha at breakfast table remembers Amrita and cries. Vivan comes there. She says thank god he came home, they were all worried about him. He says he is sorry to hear about Amrita and asks her to control herself. She says she wants to talk to him and says he should always be good to his parents as children don’t value parents when they are around us and when they away from us, we feel their importance. Vivan also starts crying and says he cannot believe how can it happen to Amrita and runs from there weeping. Trisha starts crying inconsolably.

Commissioner comes to Kabeer’s office and asks why did not he arrest Trisha yet. Commissioner says how dare he disobey him and asks him to either arrest Trisha or… Kabeer gives his resignation letter.

Precap: Kidnapper calls Kushan and Lavanya and says he has kidnapped Meghan and will kill her.

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