Laut Aao Trisha 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya tries to walk out of her cabin, thinking to meet Pratik. Just then Prem comes and drags her, asks why is she ignoring him. Pratik enters their cabin, and they both start acting as working. Lavanya says she was about to come to his cabin and takes him to his cabin.

Amrita asks Bobby if trisha spoke to someone hiding from him. He says many times and she was a puzzle and did not want anyone to solve her. Amrita asks if she met someone outside of college, maybe a sketch guy or someone. He says she used to be missing from our group and meet someone, whom he does not know.

Lavanya asks Pratik to give back Kushan’s project. He says he has already hired supervisor. She asks him to remove him. Pratik asks to give him a valid reason. She says as a vicepresident, she wants supervisor removed as she does not like his face. He says he is seeing Kushan’s wife and not vicepresident and he will not change his decision. Lavanya says she worked hard for the company. He says she got company’s share for that and he will not let her take company’s top decisions and will not accept her request. He says she will make him accept it by telling his secret to his family. He gets irked. She says everyone cares about their family and asks him to get out supervisor and get in Kushan, thanks him and leaves. Prem hides and hears their conversation.

Amrita reminsces Bobby’s words and goes into flashback where Trisha tells herc cousins where she was whole day and shows them her trip pics. Meghan snatchesher mobile and shows it to Amrita. Amrita gets angry on Trisha and says she cannot believe she is lying to her. Trisha laughs and says she knows she is acting and says Meghan that mom knows everything, she is her best friend. Amrita then goes to her room and thinks she did not know everything about Trisha and could not know her well.

Pratik angrily says Prem that Lavanya is blackmailing him and says why is she reacting like this, if something happened between him and Kushan. Prem asks him to calm down and says maybe she is taking it professionally. Pratik says it is not that simple and thinks something has happened which he should know now. Prem gets tensed hearing that. Pratik gets Amrita’s call, he picks it but cuts hearing Amrita’s voice saying he will talk to her later. He thinks he does not have Lavanya’s secret to keep her mouth shut.

Lavanya sees Amrita in her home and asks when did she come. Amrita says she was walking by. Lavanya says she is not that kind and asks reason. Amrita says she wants to talk about Trisha. Lavanya asks if she bought ACP and asks if she has to accompany her to police station. Amrita says she wants to know who Trisha is. Lavanya says if she is thinking about kidnapper, etc. Amrita says she wants to know why we completely don’t know our children, etc. Lavanya apologizes her for misunderstanding her and asks what she wants to know. Amrita asks if she felt weird hearing Trisha words anytime. Lavanya says she is Trisha’s mom, and Trisha respects her, so she she hid many secrets and instead told them to her. Amrita asks what secrets she knows.

Kabeer’s officers say they found DNA traces on cig butt and says kidnapper must have wiped out fingerprints and must have worn gloves, we can get help from DNA sampling. Kabeer says kidnapper is trying to mislead us and asks officers to leave him alone. He thinks what Trisha is actually.

Lavanya informs Amrita that before Vivan, Trisha had a boyfriend at 16 years and goes into flashback where Trisha informs about her boyfriend and asks what if her boyfriend wants to kiss her. Lavanya says she should go slow and get mature soon, says she had a boyfriend at 17 and dumped him after 2 months. Trisha says she will also enjoy and dump her boyfriend. She then says Amtrita, she asked Trisha to be careful. Amrita asks why did not she stop Trisha. Lavanya says she would not have stopped. Amrita says Trisha would have tought something is wrong, so she would have stopped, asks if a 16 year old girl knows her limits and says she is a mother and should have stopped Trisha, else at least she would have informed her. Lavanya says these are new gen kids and she should understand it, says Trisha believed me more than you and she feels she was just Trisha’s mom and not her friend, so she feels Amrita failed as a mother. Amrita gets sad hearing that.

Precap: Amrita asks Vivan who thought about the affair first, he or Trisha.

Update Credit to: MA

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