Laut Aao Trisha 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya comes with her family to Amrita’s home for diwali celebrations. Sonali greets them in. Amrita also greets them. Meghan says what was she doing. She says she was preparing Trisha’s favorite food. Lavanya asks when will Trisha come back and when is she going to receive him. She says once she gets kidnapper’s call, she will.

Neha tries to lure Pratik and says let us go to my home and celebrate Diwali. Pratik says things have not normalized yet. Pratik gets a call from his secretary who informs that Amrita sold shares in half price. Pratik thinks something related to Trisha must have happened, so she sold shares.

Vivan hears Lavanya telling Sonali that middle class minded Amrita sold shares at half price and now their company shares are going low. He scolds her for stooping to such low level and thinking of her benefit when Trisha’s life is at risk. She says he should not forget what he thinks about his cousin sister Trisha. He says he is 19 now and she is 40, so she should act more maturely. Meghan comes there and they all leave for pooja.

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Amrita performs Laxmi pooja and prays god to protect her Trisha and help her get her out of danger today. She gets an SMS to pick phone from door. She goes out and picks that phone on which Trisha speaks to her. She says she has arranged money. Trisha asks her to keep this phone handy as she will get instructions fro it. Amrita says she will leave right now. She gets money and says Lavanya that Trisha called just now and asked her to come right now. She thanks whole family for their help and requests them to pray god to get Trisha back. Gaurav says Trisha will come back for sure. Bobby says he will go with her. Amrita says they called her alone, says this diwali is going to be very special and everything will be alright and leaves. Sonali thinks Amrita should not succeed in bringing back Trisha. LAvanya thinks even her goons could not stop Amrita, hope her own fate defeats her.

Amrita gets out of house and leaves in her. She reaches a secluded place. Kidnapper’s goon says he is leaving with Trisha now and has well prepared. He takes out gun. Trisha asks what he wants to do. He says it is very risky and anything can happen. She requests him not to harm her mama. She reminisces her last diwali’s happier moments with Gaurav, sonali and Bobby where Gaurav says he is not afraid of crackers but gets afraid seeing them and laughs.

Kabeer’s officer informs him that kidnapper did not call anyone yet. Kabeer thinks something is missing.

Trisha calls Amrita and says there is a change of plan and asks her to continue driving. Pratik reaches home and calls Amrita. Sonali says Amrita went with ransom money to bring Trisha. He says how dare Amrita is to not inform him. Sonali says she is surprised that he even forgot Trisha. He says Trisha is his daughter, he calls Amrita, but she does not pick his call. Abhay asks watchman if Amrita is in. He says she left in a car towards highway. Pratik asks his family members how can they not help Amrita. Sonali says she gave money, but it was not sufficient. Gaurav says kidnapper asked 20 crores.

Abhay informs Kabeer about Amrita moving towards highway. Kabeer asks him to follow her and use his instincts. He asks his officer to find out her location via mobile network. Officer informs location. He asks him to inform Abhay and come there.

Amrita reaches near Trisha’s car and walks towards it. Even Trisha walks towards her. They both meet and pamper each other.

Precap: Kidnapper kidnaps Amrita and leaves Trisha. Kabeer tries to rescue her.

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