Laut Aao Trisha 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita apologizes Kabeer for overreacting and says things got out of control and she is stressed. She informs him about Trisha taking sick leave, but she was not ill. Kabeer says it is an important info. Amrita says Trisha is getting away from her each day. She sees Kabeer’s wallet and sees a girl’s pic in it. Kabeer says she is his daughter and is not alive now. Amrita apologizes him to hear that and asks how did it happen. He says from now, she cannot complain that he does not understand her pain. She says she knows how it feels. Kabeer calls her Amrita and then says Mrs. Swayka. Amrita says she is talking to a daughter’s father and not ACP Kabeer, says she now knows why he tries to be strict and asks why he wants to run away from himself when he know it will lead him to no where. Kabeer asks her to leave and says he will look at the sick leave aspect of Trisha.

Gaurav and Sonali reach home back. Nikhil is already there and says he felt bad about Vivan and asks if he is alright. Sonali says she does not want concern from outsiders and leaves. Gaurav is also about to leave when Nikhil stops him and requests him for a drink tomorrow as he is feeling lonely.

Prem asks Lavanya what happened. She says she told Pratik that she knows about his and Neha’s relationship. He asks why did she do that. She says she did not tell him how she got that info. He asks how can she be so casual. She says she knows what she did.

Amrita and Kabeer at each other’s home reminisce about their today’s meeting. Amrita sees Pratik tensed and says everything will be alright. He hugs her. She asks if he wants to have food. He says no and reminsces Amrita warning that she will expose him. Amrita informs him about Trisha taking sick leave from college and going somewhere else. Pratik asks why did not she inform him before and gets tensed. She asks him not to doubt Trisha and says she was worried about me and was doing something for me. She says she has given leave certificate to Kabeer. Pratik asks why did not she show him before. She says he is overreacting and says Kabeer is helping us finding our daughter. He says why does she recite ACP Kabeer always and says he is not god, just a common man. He asks her not to meet Kabeer from today. She asks if he is telling or it is his insecurity. He says he is Pratik Swayka and would not feel insecure. She says nobody can stop her from meeting kabeer until she finds her daughter and asks him to stop feeling insecure about her. She says she just made an identity of his wife and his children’s mother and nothing else and asks him not to force her to make another identity.

Kabeer gets flashbacks about his wife and daughter’s murder and wakes up from his sleep, writhing in pain. He reminisces Amrita’s words that she is taking to a child’s father who is in pain like her. He calls his psychiatrist who says her night charges are double and he cannot afford it. She then gets tensed hearing Kabeer crying and asks if he is alright. He cuts call. She thinks what is happening to him.

Amrita and Pratik are on the breakfast table. Pratik does not like food and scolds maid for not checking before serving it. Amrita tries to console him, but then stops. He gets SMS from Lavanya asking him to breakup with Neha. He gets annoyed thinking now Lavanya will tell what he should do.

Sanya says Amrita that she does not want to go to school as everyone teases her that Vivan and Bobby killed Trisha and she says Trisha is in her friend’s house. Amrita says she will speak to her school friends not to taunt her. Pratik says we should inform about Trisha to Sanya and says before someone tells her about it, he will tell it. Amrita says not to do that. He asks if he has to take permission from her to talk to his children now. She asks him to think what he can.

Precap: Amrita asks Sanya who told her secret. She says Trisha told her. Kabeer says Abhay that Trisha’s phone is traced in some particular place.

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