Laut Aao Trisha 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer looks at Jahnavi’s parent’s ashes and tells his officer if she had to kill only Pratik, she would have immersed her parent’s ashes, she is target someone else now.

Lavanya wakes up in the middle of night and opens her cupboard. She finds a man’s dead body in it and runs down informs Kushan about dead body. Kushan goes up and finds a cloth instead of dead body. She says she is sure there was dead body and says she knows him. She reminisces firing security guard. Guard stands in front of her car indebriated and asks to crush him down. Kushan asks him to move out. Guard says Lavanya that she tried to kill Trisha and Pratik. Trisha gets irked, takes back car and thinks he will move out, but he stands in between road again and gets crushed under her car. Lavanya gets out of her car, but does not find guard, so thinks he must have fallen into cliff and died. Kushan asks he must have been alive. She says she is sure he is dead and says we have to search body. They both search. Lavanya goes to “bobby’s room, finds him there, calls Kushan and runs from there. Kushan comes there and does not find dead body. She says she is sure he was here. Kushan asks her to calm down as there is nobody. Once she leaves, he smirks.

In the morning, Amrita comes to Kabeer’s office and asks constable if he is there. Peon says he has gone out and she can wait for him. Officer gets Pratik’s forensic report and asks to keep it on Kabeer’s table. Amrita calls Kabeer, but Varsha who is there switches off mobile saying she does not need any disturbance.

Kushan and Lavanya travel on a secluded road and discuss that dead body is Samar singh/security guard. Kushan says thank god he knew about our secret and is dead. Their car gets punctured. Kushan changes tyre and gest back to his deckie and is shocked to see dead body there.

Officer asks peon to deliver envelope to Kabeer’s house. Amrita says she is going there and will hand it to Kabeer.

Kushan says Lavanya that they should inform police. Lavanya says nobody will believe us and they should bury body in jungle. He agrees. She sees police checking cars and asks Kushan if they should take u turn. He asks her to keep driving and stay calm. Inspector stops car and asks to open deckie. Lavanya opens deckie, but another inspector identifies her and asks officer to let Lavanya passs. Lavanya and Kushan gets happy and leave frm there. Inspector calls Kabeer’s office and tells peon to tell Kabeer when he comes back that he is keeping an eye on Lavanya and Kushan.

Kabeer gets ready for office and asks when is she proposing to her boyfriend. She says she will today and says she is very nervous. He says her boyfriend is very lucky and everything will be fine. She says even then she is nervous and asks if they can rehearse, says she will propose him and he can say yes or no. He agrees. She holds his hand and says she loves him a lot and if she can spend the rest of her life with him. Kabeer just watches her silently. She asks him to anser and asks if he loves him. Amrita comes there just then and sees them holding each other’s hands. She apologizes and says she will come later. Kabeer walks behind her, leaving Varsha irked, and asks why did she come. She apologizes for interrupting them and says she called him. He says she did not interrupt them and asks if party arrangements are done. She says yes and says Pratik’s college friend came to meet him and told about Kabeer investigating about Pratik’s college life and he told about Jahnavi’s affair. Kabeer says he met Pratik’s friend and even went to Jahnavi’s house, tells the rest of incident happened. She asks if he thinks Jahnavi killed Pratik. He says both yes and no, Jahnavi has a motto of revenge. She asks what next. He says he got Jahnavi’s pic from college’s admission form and will know who she is soon.

Trisha calls Aditya, but he does not pick call. She messages him. Meghan comes to Aditya’s cabin. He asks if she has any work. She says if she cannot come to meet his boyfriend. She reads Trisha’s SMS and says him that Trisha has invited him for party and asks if he is attending it. He says no as he is ignoring Trisha since many days. She says he has to attend it, else.. Peon comes and informs Aditya that someone is calling hi. Aditya leaves. Meghan takes a drug bottle from his desk and thinks she has to find out what it is.

Someone comes to Amrita’s room with a knife. Amrita’s party starts on the other side. Kabeer asks her why is she nervous. Amrita says we kept a party to prove Kushan is not mad and hope our plan gets successfull. Trisha sees them and gets irked. Sonali brainwashes her and she leaves angrily towards her room. Meghan comes with Aditya. Aditya thinks Trisha must be upset and starts searching him. Meghan asks to look at him. Trisha comes and say she has to talk to him something important and takes him from there. Meghan adds drug in juice. Aditya asks Trisha why did not he pick her call and why is he ignoring her. Meghan gives drugged juice to her and asks to have it. Trisha says she does not want to. Meghan forces her and she takes glass. She then asks Aditya to take the glass. He does not, she gets angry and he takes it. She touches him. Trisha sees surprisingly. Meghan says Aditya proposed him. Trisha is shocked to hear that. Meghan asks Aditya if he did not tell her and says she said yes. Trisha asks is this true. He says yes. Trisha walks out feeling dejected.

Amrita calls Lavanya, but she looks at his call and does not pick. Amrita tells Kabeer that Lavanya is not picking call and goes to ask Meghan. Kabeer asks officer if they got Jahnavi’s pic. Officer says peon gave it to Amrita in the morning itself.

Lavanya sees footprints and goes to check. She sees guard’s deadbody there and shouts.

Trisha gets sad seeing Meghan dancing with Aditya. Kabeer asks Amrita if she has the envelope she picked from office. She says she kept at his house when she came in the morning. He calls his officer and asks to pick envelope from his house. Amrita asks what is in it. He says it has Jahnvi’s pic.

Trisha sees Amrita and Kabeer together and angrily drinks alcohol. Sonali brainwashes her. She goes and asks Kabeer to stop touching her mother and says he is trying to take advantage after her dad’s death, says her dad did not like him from the beginning. Amrita asks her to stop. Trisha asks if she wants Kabeer to touch. Amrita slaps her. Trisha says she hates her and wll never forgive her before running from there.

Amrita comes to Trisha’s room and apologizes for slapping her, asks to forgive her mom. She says she is not behaving like her her Trisha and asks if someone told her. Trisha says she does not like her and Kabeer together and says Kabeer wants to take Pratik’s place and asks what relationshiop she has with Kabeer. Amrita says she is thinking wrong. Trisha says she will not give her papa’s place to anyone. Amrita says she loves only Pratik and nobody can take his place, Kabeer is only helping find Pratik’s murderer and he will solve the case soon. She has only Trisha and Sanya left in her life and if they are not with her, she does not need CEO position or anything. Trisha apologizes her and asks her not to break her friendship with Kabeer because of her stupidity. Amrita asks if they can leave now. Trisha says she will freshen up and come and asks her to stop Kabeer till then. Amrita hugs her and leaves.

Amrita comes back to Kabeer. He asks how is Trisha. She says she is in fine and wants to apologize him for her mistake, she is not like she behaved today. He says he knows. She thanks him for undersanding her. He says he will go and check photographs. Officer gives him photograph and he is surprised to see it.

Meghan mixes drug in a drink again. Sonali asks Amrita if Kabeer has left and asks how is Trisha. Amrita says she is fine. Sonali picks drink and forces Amrita to drink it. Amrita drinks, feels drowsy and falls on the ground. Sonali calls Gaurav. Everyone surround her and Trisha tries to wake her up. Kabeer comes back. Aditya checks her pulse and declares her dead. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Meghan gets afraid.

Precap: Someone kills waiter. Kabeer asks officers to take finger prints from the venue. Commissioner gives finger print reports to kabeer and he is shocked to see Trisha’s name.

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