Laut Aao Trisha 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita wakes up after she gets dream about Trisha pleading to help her. She goes near her balcony and sees reporters shouting outside her house. Meghan sees reporters and gets excited that her news will be in page 3. She gets ready and tries to go when Lavanya stops her and drags her back to her room.

Kabeer watches pro kabbadi matches on TV. Abhay comes there and says even he used to play kabaddi. Kabeer asks him to recite kabbaddi till he loses his breath. He starts reciting and stops in a few seconds. Kabeer says kabbaddi players can say it continuously for more than 2 minutes. Abhay gets a call about and is informed about reporters thronging Pratik’s house.

Pratik gets calls repeatedly from reporters and gets irked. He thinks he will sue the person who leaked the news.

Kabeer reads newspaper and angrily asks his officers who leaked the news. He says whoever leaked the news will not be spared and to come forward before getting sued. He shouts at them that a girl’s life is at risk.

Amrita asks her maid to tell the callers that she is not at home and not to transfer the calls to her room. Pratik gets a call from reporter and warns to sue him if he calls him back. Lavanya says Pratik that press should not know about our tiff, else our company’s shares will be down and they should call press conference and clear the misconception. Amrita gets irked hearing that and says Lavanya that she is shocked to hear she is more worried about company than Trisha. She says they all should not forget that they are not only company’s MDs and presidents, but also parents of kids. Pratik also scolds Lavanya and asks what she has to say about Trisha’s blood stains on her son’s jacket and asks her not to except any support either personally or professionally until Trisha is found.

Kushan gets a call from reporter and says his son is innocent and not call him again. Bobby hears that and says he is innocent. He hugs Kushan emotionally and says he loved Trisha and cannot harm her. Kushan says he trusts him. Bobby says he knows until Trisha is found, all this will happen often, and once Trisha is found, their family’s lost reputation will be back. Kushan says he is his father and it is his responsibility to protect him.

Pratik appoints a new employee for the project which Kushan was handling. Lavanya asks how can he hire anyone without informing her. He says he does all this for company’s profit and she should not question her. She says even Kushan could handle this project well. He says if it is under his control, he could have thrown Kushan out of company. Lavanya says he can throw her out also if he likes. He says it is her wish to leave the company. He says as Trisha’s father he can doubt anyone. Lavanya says as Trisha’s aunt, she can doubt him and even Amrita. He says your son is a lier. She says even he is a lier and says she knows about his and Neha’s affair. He asks what proof she has. She says she is his sister and knows him well and says he cannot believe he is having an affair with his secretary. He says she is using this cheap tactic to save his son. She says her son is innocent and to keep away from her family, else she will expose him in front of Amrita.

Kabeer sits on a mountain and sadly looks at his daughter’s pic. Amrita reaches there and asks why did he do that. He asks if she is talking about news report. She asks why did he leak the news and says her family is a but of joke because of it. Kabeer says he did not leak this info and says if he would have to do it, he would have filed FIR and apologizes for the mishap.

Precap: Amrita sees Kabeer’s daughter’s pic and asks where is she. He says she is dead. Pratik warns her not meet Kabeer. Amrita says he cannot stop her.

Update Credit to: MA

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