Laut Aao Trisha 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya reaches Kushan’s house and asks him to come to her home. He says he does not want to come where she used to send love messages to Prem and says he used to think always how can Lavanya Swaika love a poor man. She says she loves him even now. He says he got her out of drug addiction. She says he is right, but even she gave her life for their relationship. Her holds her hair and she says he is hurting her. He says she got him work in his brother’s company, etc., just to safeguard her secret, she wanted a puppet whom she can play with. He says he sacrificed his professional life and took care of children so that she could go to office. She says he is inebriated, so he is seeing things from his point of view, says she will promise she will not betray him again. He says wanted to show herself as an ideal businesswoman, so she used him. He says he wants to live now for himself and asks her to leave.

Kabeer and his officers are traveling in a car. Officer tells his logic about kidnapper’s move and says he has become specialist in kidnapping case now. Kabeer says each case is different and nobody is specialist, else Trisha would have been at home. They see a ransacked white car and check it. Abhay calls forensic lab. Kabeer sees a tea stall nearby and asks shopkeeper that he wants some answer from him.

Bobby shows kidnapper’s sketch to his friends and asks if they saw him. Vivan says he is just trying to show his fake concern. Amrita comes there and says at least Bobby is trying. Vivan says no one can recognize this sketch and leaves from there. Amrita says Bobby that she has come to know about trisha and asks him to help her. Bobby says she knows Trisha better than anyone. She says she wants to know his thought, any incident, etc., about Trisha.

Tea stall owner says Kabeer that white car was parked there 2 days ago and after some time driver came out of car, but he could not see his face. He then saw a girl coming out of car. Kabeer asks if she came out herself or was forced to come out. Owner says he did not see properly as it was dark. Kabeer says car’s light must be on as door was open. Owner says girl came out herself and then man helped her get into another car. Kabeer asks if girl was limping and man was holding her. Owner says her sandal’s heel was broken and he cannot say if she was inebriated or not. Abhay finds Trisha’s choc wrapper and kidnapper’s cigarette butt, says they can get DNA match from cig butt.

Amrita says Bobby she wants to know Trisha whom she may not know and is different, wants to know where she used to go, what she used to do, etc. Bobby says nobody knows that except her, she is a mystery. He says she used to be very moody, used to be happy sometimes and sometimes used to realize that she is Swaika. He goes into flashback where Trisha used to invite her friends for a club and then getting irked seeing her poor friend. Bobby asks what problem she has with Swati. Trisha says she cannot go with a poor girl. Amrita asks if she is the same Swati whom Trisha fought with and reminisces Trisha telling that she hates Swati but is praying for her papa. She asks if she used to have alcohol. He says just once.

Precap: Pratik warns Lavanya that he will get her out of company. She warns him to tell his secret to Amrita. She informs about his extramarital affair with Neha.

Update Credit to: MA

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