Laut Aao Trisha 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya’s good presses remote to blast Pratik’s car and smiles saying

goodbye Pratik Swaika, but remote does not work. Meanwhile, Pratik and

Meghan get out of car and walk away. Goon repairs remote and press

button and car blasts. He thinks Pratik is killed. Pratik and Meghan

are shocked to see that.

Lavanya gets panicked thinking she even killed her daughte now. Meghan

comes and asks what happened to her. Lavanya is surprised to see and

happily hugs and kisses her. Meghan asks what happened to her. Lavanya apologizes her and says she saw a bad dream and got afraid. Meghan says Pratik car blasted, her luck was good that she escaped it. She tells her how she and Pratik got out of car and car blasted. Lavanya asks if Pratik escaped. She says yes. Lavanya asks if he went to Poona. She says he was about to when he got a call that Trisha’s memory is back, so he went home back. Lavanya gets tensed that Trisha’s memory is back.

Trisha tells Amrita, Pratik, Kabeer and Aditya how Kushan kidnapped her and pushed her from cliff. Pratik asks if she know who shot her. She says she does not remember that. Pratik insists her to try to remeber. Aditya asks them to leave as Trisha needs rest. He gives her rest.

Pratik comes out Trisha room with Kabeer and asks him to give vigorous punishment to Kushan. Kabeer says he cannot help him in his revenge and can punish Kushan for only what he deserves and he is insane n ow. Pratik says he is acting. Kabeer says maybe, but he cannot do anything. He says when Trisha has remembered till, she will remember the remaining incidents soon.

Lavanya thinks Trisha must have informed everything by now and takes stress relieving pills. Meghan thinks why is mom taking so many pills, this is ridiculous.

Pratik asks Aditya why don’t he stress Trisha to remember who is the main culprit. Amrita asks him to calm down and says stress is bad for Trisha. Aditya leaves to be wit Trisha.

Kabeer says his officer he does not know if his decision to let Trisha meet Kushan was right or not. Officer gets a call and he informs Kabeer that Pratik’s car was blasted. Kabeer says he was just now with him. Officer says Pratik is fine.

Aditya cheers up Trisha. Trisha thanks him for being her friend than doc and says he helped him meet Kushan. Kushan asks her not to overpraise her and says she should be praised instead for being brave.

Kabeer asks Pratik why did not he inform about car blast. Pratik says he is safe now, then why is he worried. Kabeer says he must have been killed and asks if he remembers who was around him when he left home. Pratik says he has spoken to home minister and will get a responsible officer who can take action and not like him who gives assurances. Kabeer says as he wishes and walks out. Amrita asks why did not he inform her about car blast. He asks her to stop showing her fake concern.

Vivan and Trisha get happy seeing their childhood pics. Gaurav comes and asks what are they doing. They show childhood pics. Gaurav says he was crazy about taking pics and took many pics in their childhood, since they grew up, he lost his interest. Trisha asks him to show them more pics. Gaurav says it is in his old laptop.

Officer shows Kabeer Kushan’s gun foresnic report from which he killed Bobby and says it is registered in Lavanya’s father’s name and missing complaint was filed 25 years ago. Kabeer asks how did Kushan get it, that means he would have stolen it or Lavanya herslef gave it.

Trisha and Gaurav look at childhood pic and smile, then get sad seeing Bobby’s pick. Vivan on the other side checks Gaurav’s old laptop and finds old personal folder in which he sees Nikhil and Gaurav’s intimate pic and Nikhil’s mail that he will not forget the night spent with him and will not forget it. He is shocked realizing his father is a gay and had an affair with Nikhil. Gaurav comes down and is shocked to see Nikhil’s mail open on laptop.

Kabeer’s officers come and interrogate Pratik. He asks when it is not related to Trisha’s case, why they are interrogating him. They ask him to please cooperate and asks if he felt something weird before leaving for Poona. He says no. Officer says he wants to interrogate servants and drivers and asks if he trusts them. Amrita says staff is like family.

Officer interrogates security and driver and asks driver how can anyone plant bomb without his knowledge. Driver says car had gone for servicing.

Amrita asks Pratik to take Kabeer’s security. He says he has world’s best agencies to gaurd him and asks her to tell Kabeer to solve Trisha’s case first and then think of next case. Trisha hears about security and asks Amrita what is she hiding. Amrita says Pratik’s car was bomb blasted, fortunately he was not in car and escaped, Kabeer is interrogating case and will find out. Sonali hears their conversation and thinks time is taking its revenge on Pratik for his sins.

Officer reaches car service station and asks who serviced Pratik’s car. Mechanic says Shyam did it and he went home after his shift finished. Officer reaches Shyam’s house, tells him about bomb blast and asks if he saw any weird thing. He says a man came for servicing and was looking at Pratik’s car weirdly. He requested to get water and when he came back, he was not there and must have planted bomb and left. He says instead of number plate, there was some weird sign. He says sometimes he is very calm and sometime he gets voilent and says he wants to kill Pratik, even remembers his son. Officer asks if he is acting. Kabeer says even if he is acting or really insane, he knows whose help to take and has to take higher authority’s permission.

Sonali calls Lavanya and asks how is she. She says she is fine and asks why did she call. Sonali says to know her whereabouts. Lavanya asks how is Trisha. She says she remembers Kushan kidnapped her but does not remember who shot her. Lavanya says she is not feeling well and cuts call. Door bell rings, she opens it and sees goon who gets in. She asks what is he doing here. He says she did not give his money. She says Pratik is still alive. He says she asked him to plant bomb and he did. Meghan comes there. Lavanya says she will send his paper in 2 hours and sends him out. Meghan says she is going to meet Kushan. Lavanya says she will accompany her. Meghan says she wants to go alone. She comes out of house and sees goon hurriedly moving in car.

Kabeer comes to Kushan’s cell. He scolds his officer for giving more attention on Kushan and then asks doc what are chances of Kushan’s recovery.

Vivan reminisces Nikhil’s letter for Gaurav and thinks how can his dad have an affair with a gay, he thought him as hero, but he betrayed him.

Varsha comes with sweets and asks Kaber to taste. He asks for what. She says Kaber Rana called him, so she is very happy and is distributing sweets. She asks if his medicine finished. She says he needs help for someone. She says she knew Abhay would have gone insane in his company. He says she should be an actor. She says that is what she can expect from him and asks who is it. He tells her about Kushan and what she has to do.

Meghan comes to meet Kushan at his cell and gets sad seeing him sittting like a mad person. She calls him dad and says she is Meghan. He starts scratching. Meghan starts crying and asks how can he forget her and to speak up. Kushan says if she is his son, then she should help him get out of here as he wants to kill Pratik Swaika, he destroyed his life and killed Bobby, says we both can kill Pratik. Meghan says she is with him. He says we both will kill Pratik who killed my son Bobby.

Trisha ges flashback about a man with gun and wakes up calling mamma. Amrita wakes up and asks what happened to her. She says she saw a bad dream. She says she saw a bad dream about a man coming in their house with a gun and shooting at them. Amrita says nothing will happen and calms her down.

Amrita sees Sonali and Gaurav tensed that Vivan has not come home. She calls Kabeer and asks him to find out Vivan. Sonali says he used to take drugs before used to leave home. Gaurav remembers Nikhil’s letter. Sonali asks what if he is also kidnapped like Trisha. Gaurav asks what rubbish she is talking about and says he is safe. Pratik comes and asks how can he be so sure and says Kushan is acting as insane and must have harmed even Vivan. Sonali asks him to shut up. He says Kushan hates Swaika surname, it maybe Trisha or Vivan.

Lavanya gets a call from unknown number who asks to open main door. She comes down and sees Meghan reading newspapers with her pic trying to shoot Trisha.

Precap: Amrita says Pratik he has made many enemies who hate him. He says he is seeing hate in her eyes. Kabeer says Lavanya that Trisha was shot from her dad’s missing gun.

Update Credit to: MA

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