Laut Aao Trisha 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha’s school teacher informs Amrita about Trisha taking sick leaves. Bobby meets Vivan and Vivan starts fighting with him but stops seeing Amrita. Amrita asks them if they remember Trisha taking sick leave. Bobby says he is not from Trisha’s class. Vivan says he does not remember anything.

Abhay informs Kabeer about blood stains being found on Bobby’s clothes. Another officer informs Kabeer that Bobby is going out hurriedly. Abhay asks him why don’t he arrest him. Kabeer says he does not want to create any scene and will pick him up from his home.

Vivan is busy looking at Trisha’s letter. Sonali sees that and tears it. Nikhil watches her doing that and says she should handle Vivan with care, else she will lose him. Sonali asks him to not interfere in her family matters.

Prem tries to talk to Pratik. Pratik says he trusted him so much and shared his personal matter till now and and asks who was with him last night. Prem says it was Mrs. Khanna. Pratik asks him to call her and put the phone on speaker.

Amrita asks Trisha’s friend and Bobby why can’t they remember why Trisha took 12 days’ sick leave. Bobby says he really does not remember. Kabeer reaches there and asks him to have almonds for sharp memory.

Pratik stops Prem from calling Mrs. Khanna and says he believes him. He asks why did Lavanya misbehaved with Neha, if she knows about his affair. Prem says she is tensed with the recent events.

Kabeer arrests Bobby and says he has evidence against him. Amrita asks what did he find. He says it is a small thing and if he is confirmed about it, he will inform her. Meghan informs Lavanya about Bobby’s arrest. Amrita says Meghan if Bobby is innocent, she will support him.

Neha tries to be intimate with Pratik and touches him. He asks her to behave in office. He gets Amrita’s call. Neha runs form there. Amrita informs him about Bobby’s arrest, says Kabeer got some evidence. Pratik gets Lavanya call. Amrita asks him to be calm and not to behave with Lavanya like he behaved with Gaurav and Sonali.

Kabeer starts interrogating Bobby and asks Abhay to bring his arrest warrant. Abhay says he has not arrested him completely yet. Kabeer says how will Bobby’s lawyer get bail and frights Bobby with custody, etc. and asks him to tell the truth or face sentence. Bobby says he will tell the truth. Kabeer asks what was he doing when Trisha was kidnapped. He says he was in a party. Kabeer asks about blood stains on his jacket and and asks if it was Trisha’s blood. Bobby says he had a tussle and argument with Trisha that night. Abhay records his statement. Bobby reminisces the incident and his fight with Trisha. He shows trisha her kissing video with Vivan and asks him why is he spying her. Bobby says he loves her and cannot think of harming her. She says this is not possible as she is her sister. He says she is her cousin. Trisha tries to snatch his phone and he pushes her, she gets injured, slaps him and runs.

Precap: Amrita asks Lavanya if she knew about Bobby’s involvement. Lavanya shouts and says her son is not a drug addict to be involved. Pratik hears that and asks her how dare she is to shout at his wife.

Update Credit to: MA

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