Laut Aao Trisha 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer reaches his psychiatrist’s house and starts forcefully eating her food. She says he needs a life partner and she should be single and not related to someone else’s life.

Kabeer reaches his office and sees Amrita there. She apologizes him for Pratik’s behaviour. He says Pratik’s husband has woken up suddenly and says his words does not affect his case or his personal life. Amrita asks him to show culprit’s sketch if it is not against his rules. He takes her in to show it. Manager gets tired describing culprit’s face and asks sketch artist to finish it fast. Abhay says Kabeer will come and approve it. Kabeer enters in and Manager gets active. Kabeer asks if he identifies him and asks if he will finish description or not. He says he is trying. Armita says it is his daughter’s life’s issue and requests him to remember culprit’s face soon. Manager says he trying and asks artist to mix up all sketch and prepare one. Kabeer says Amrita manager will get into psychological pressure and takes her out.

Lavanya gets breakfast for Meghan and asks her to wake up. Meghan asks Kushan if he will not leave house. Bunty asks what is happening. Kushan says mom will reply. Lavanya says they both had fight and have settled it. Kushan asks Bunty to get ready and leave for college. Lavanya asks Kushan to go to his office while she takes care of Meghan. Bunty thinks something has happened and he has to find out what is it.

Kabeer asks Amrita to go home and he will call her when sketch is ready. She says she trusts him and gets up to leave, but stops seeing Pratik. Pratik says he knew she would be here. He shows Kabeer’s wife and daughter’s murder news. Kabeer asks why is he spying on his life. Pratik says he is feeling sad about his family’s murder and knows that he is getting psychiatrist treatment form Dr. Varsha, says a psychiatrically ill man cannot handle his daughter’s case and he is out of it. Amrita says it is Kabeer’s personal life and not related to trisha’s case. Pratik says he is unfit even for police job as he could not protect his own family. Abhay interrupts and says whole department knows that Kabeer is a best officer. Pratik asks him to stay out of it, else he will lose his job. Amrita asks what rubbish he is talking. Pratik says he is quiet till now, but will not from now on, says Kabeer he will know what Pratik Swaika is, and takes out Amrita from there.

Kushan catches Prem and Lavanya red handed making love and starts beating Prem. He then realizes it is just his imagination and he sees Lavanya sleeping on bed. He says he will leave out of Lavanya’s life, packs his bags, enters Meghan’s room, sees her sleeping, apologizes her and leaves.

Amrita sees Pratik talking to someone and asks why is he spying on Kabeer and asks how can he be so insecure and insensitive. He says he did what is right for Trisha and any father would have done the same. She says he cannot understand Kabeer’s pain as he lost his family and getting out of it is very difficult. He says he does not feel Kabeer is fit to handle this case.

Minister asks commissioner how can he let Kabeer handle this case. Commissioner says Kabeer is best officer for this case. Minister says he feels Kabeer is unfit for this case as he is mentally ill and suggests him to give him a normal case, says he can do that as he is Kabeer’s FIL. Commissioner says he does not fix his personal life with professional and tells him about complicated cases solved by Kabeer. Minister says he is getting pressure from his superior. Commissioner says Pratik is having problem with Kabeer from day one and wants him to get out of it, says he is the only officer who can handle this case and if anything happens, he will be responsible for it. Minister permits him to let Kabeer handle the case.

Pratik asks Amrita if she knows about Kabeer’s family secret. She says she knows. He asks why did she hide it from him. She says he would have reacted same way like now. He says he can see he is sharing personal things with you. She says he is handling case with full concentrate and personally. He says he is Pratik Swaika and he is a normal ACP. She says only Kabeer can get our daughter and that day, Pratik will fall in his own eyes.

Precap: Amrita challenges Pratik to use his power and get back their daughter now as Kabeer may not handle case.

Update Credit to: MA

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