Laut Aao Trisha 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhay sees Kabeer tensed and ask what is he thinking and why is he tensed. Kabeer jokes and says he is thinking how can he smile even in such a tensed situation. Kabeer shows him Prem’s house’s keys and says these are special kind of keys and the one missing in it must be of a car. He tells why did Prem call Lavanya via PC and then Pratik via his mobile. He tells him probabilities and says he must have lost his keys. Abhay asks if he means Prem is having another partner and he must have stolen his car. Kabeer says there is a probability that Prem’s car is broken into pieces or even burnt and asks him to find out at a local police station.

Vivan stops Bobby and Meghan and says if they have forgiven Lavanya that they are going back home. Bobby asks him to stop fighting with him and says our family is going trough a tougher situation and we need each other.

Kabeer calls Amrita and asks about Pratik. She says he left house and she does not know where he is. He asks how many cars Prem had. She says 1 and asks why is he asking that. He says he can only say that it is related to case. He then says he wants to confront and tell his reason to hide Pratik and Neha’s affair. He says Pratik had promised that he will end his relationship with Neha, so he kept silent. Amrita says now Neha has come back in Pratik’s life and says if he would have told her about it, she would not have lost a good friend.

Sonali calls Gaurav and asks how is he doing at office. Gaurav says it is going great and says Pratik lifted ban of wine brand launch and he is handling it, says he has to work hard now and prove himself, but he is worried that if he goes wrong, Pratik will kill him. Sonali asks him to be confident and says even Pratik makes mistakes.

Kabeer reaches a mechanic’s garage. Mechanic says he saw a burnt car in jungle and stole its parts. Kabeer asks him to show the place where he saw burnt car.

Kindapper’s kin asks Trisha to call Amrita and tell that Prem is asking 20 crores to release her. Trisha asks why is he trying to trap Prem when he thinks her as his daughter and he is innocent. She asks her to stop her drama and get into car to make a call. She asks why does he ask her to make a call in car always. He says if they stay at one place police will easily catch them.

Kabeer reaches burnt car’s spot with sniffer dogs. Officer asks what are they searching. Officer asks what re they searching. Kabeer asks to dig the place. They did it and find a decayed dead body in buried there. Kabeer gets Prem’s body from dead body’s pocket and asks Abhay to send Prem’s body for post mortem.

Sonali asks servant to arrange a lavish diwali party tomorrow. Servant says there is a lot of tension going on in house. Sonali asks who is the owner and asks servant to do as she says. Vivan who hears her whole conversation and says he got evil qualities from her, says when Pratik has left house and Trisha is missing, how can she arrange party. He sees Amrita coming and walks out. Sonali says she has arranged diwali party. Amrita asks her to go ahead with the party and says she hopes everything will be alright.

Abhay says Kabeer what will he do now that the matter has taken a new turn. Kabeer says he knew from before that Prem was not a kidnapper. Abhay says what about Prem’s murder and who must have killed him. Kabeer says there are 3 suspects, Pratik, Lavanya, or Kushan. He says Kushan must have killed Prem as Prem was having affair with Lavanya. Kabeer says Prem has not kidnapped Trisha and someone is using his name. Abhay says Prem must be the kidnapper and must have killed Trisha before she reached home.

Amrita decodes Trisha’s diary and reads about her last diwali’s note. She praises Amrita for working hard for the diwali party and says she will take Amrita home when she gets married. Amrita gets Trisha’s call. Kabeer taps her call. Trisha says she is fine says Prem has kidnapped her. Kabeer’s officer says he is unable trace the spot as she is calling from moving car. KAbeer asks him to find out the area at least. Trisha says Prem needs 20 crores as ransom.

Precap: Amrita calls Pratik to arrange the money. Neha picks call and says Pratik does not want to speak to her and is asking to get out of his life. Armita thinks she will get back Trisha home somehow.

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