Laut Aao Trisha 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya takes Meghan in her car. He gets down in the middle and starts walking on the road sadly. Meghan reaches home, looks at his pic and kisses it. Trisha comes home sadly feeling dejected. Darmiyaan… plays in the background…She calls Aditya, but his phone is switched off. Aditya sits on the footpath sadly. Amrita comes and happily asks Trisha to tell about her date. She sees her sad and asks if she fought with Aditya. Trisha says she will talk to her tomorrow morning as she is feeling sleepy. Amrita says no problem and asks her to forget about her fight with Aditya, if Aditya does not speak to her in the morning, she will scold her. Aditya reaches home sadly, Swara sees him getting into his room.

Gaurav sees Vivan going out of house and asks where is he going and why is he doing this. Vivan says he does not have any right to stop him after his mistake. Gaurav asks him to go back to his room. vivan calls Sonali and tells dad wants to tell his secret. Sonali asks what secret he has which Amrita and Vivan knows, but not she.
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Amrita gets Trisha’s favourite breakfast readied. Sonali comes, sees Trisha coming there, and asks if she special breakfast is for Kabeer and says worked hard in solving Trisha’s case and is busy in solving PRatik’s case, he deserves respect, etc. Amrita says yes. She says she knows him very well. Amrita gets annoyed. She sees Trisha and asks her to have breakfast. Trisha says she is not hungry and leaves.

Meghan sees Kushan playing game. Lavanya says it is 1 month since body’s death. Kushan reacts. Meghan says dad is reacting and says Bobby must have become angel and prays that they all 3 not separate in life.

Aditya angrily walks out of house ignoring Swara.

Varsha comes to Kabeer’s office and asks officer about him. He says he is in file room and informs him. Kabeer comes and asks what is she doing in the early morning. She says she came to tell him important and says she loves him. Kabeer says it had to happen. It is just her dream. Kabeer wakes her up and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says she blabbering alone, that means she is either in love or gone mad being with mad patients. She asks if first possibility cannot be, he asks really and asks who is that unlucky person. She says he is lucky. Officer says he has to leave. Kabeer tries to leave. Varsha stops. He says he will call her later. Amrita calls him and asks to meet him right now. He says okay. Varsha says he said he does not have time, then how can he meet Amrita. He says her office on the way, so he will meet her. Varsha gets irked.

Kushan increases TV volume. Lavanya asks him to lower volume. News reporters tells about Swaika group’s shares going high and telling it is because of company’s new CEO Amrita. Kushan congratulates her and says sadly she is not behind it, but a mad man who is working remotely. She says she will not let mad man run her company and angrily walks out.

Meghan calls Aditya and tells that she got a dream that he has taken her for a romantic date and comes very closer to her. He asks why did she call. She asks if they can fulfill their dream. He says he is busy as he has to go to hospital. She says she is more important to him and asks him to meet her in a restaurant. He agrees.

Kabeer meets Amrita and asks why she wanted to meet him urgently. She says yes and says his doubt that Kushan is her well wisher is true. He says he has his own reasons to doubt Kushan. She tells him about board meeting fire accident and Kushan reacting as a normal person. He suggests her to throw a grand party, they can prove Kushan is not mad and he is her well wisher. She says there should be a reason for party. He says she has a big genuine reason, her project’s success party.

Meghan happily gets ready and tries to go out of house. Kushan asks why is she happy. She says she is in love and will get someone soon. Kushan wishes her to be happy and blesses her.

Varsha thinks she should not have made Kabeer realized that he loves her, now that Pratik is dead, what if Amrita also starts loving him, she should stop that.

Trisha comes to Aditya’s hospital and asks receptonist about him who says he has not come and his shift is after lunch. She calls him. He is with Meghan who snatches phone from him and says let phone ring, nobody can come in between them. Aditya asks what is wrong with her. She blackmails that she will inform about Swara’s medical negligence to Swara and Trisha if he does not accept her demands. He asks again what is wrong with her. She says she loves him. He says he does not and loves Trisha. She says she loves him a lot more than Trisha and he should accept his love for her. She records him telling I love you and she also saying same. She sends that recording.

Kushan tells Lavanya that she should concentrate on Meghan along with work. She asks what happened to her. He says she was looking very happy.

Aditya comes to hospital. Peon informs him that Trisha is waiting for him since morning. He thinks he cannot meet Trisha and cannot let his patient affected because of his mood, he asks peon to change his name board. Trisha sees that and asks why he is changing it. He says Aditya will not come today and another doctor will look after his appointment. Once Trisha leaves, he apologizes and says he is ver helpless.

Gaurav calls Sonali and Gaurav and tells she wants to throw a party at home. Sonali gets happy and asks her the reason. She says Pratik’s dream project got approved and asks Sonali to help her arranging party. Sonali says she is acting like a corporate woman and says she will cancel her spa appointment. Gaurav says he will help her. She thanks her. He calls Lavanya who tells increasing share prices are not a good sign and they may fall steeply. He says he called her to invite her Pratik’s project’s success party. She says she is neither interested in project nor Amrita. Kushan comes and says he wants to attend party. Gaurav says he has to come. He tells Lavanya that it is his success party and he will attend at any cost. Lavanya tells Gaurav that she will come with Kushan.

Amrita says Vivan she wants to talk to him and if he is free. He says she does not need permission to talk to him. She asks why is he ignoring Gaurav and asks him to stop hating him and forget about his mistake. He says he is getting late and leaves.

Kabeer meets Pratik’s college friends and asks him to tell about his college life. Friend says Pratik was their leader and very good in everything, used to change girlfriends every week and he does not remember their name. Kabeer asks if he remembers any girlfriend who hates Pratik, etc. He says there was one girl, but she was very normal. Kabeer asks him tell what happened. He tells her name is Jahnvi and how she slapped him and Pratik taught her a lesson by making her pregnant and ditching her. Kabeer asks if it is simple to ditch a girl. He says they were innocent that time and Pratik was very daring. Kabeer says they are paying high for that mistake and asks if he has Jahnvi’s address. He says a peon can help him. Kabeer thanks him for his cooperation and says he will call if he needs him.

Meghan comes to Trisha’s room and asks if she was with Aditya. Trisha says she does not know where he is. She asks if he is ignoring her. Trisha says he is busy with his work. Meghan suggests her to invite Aditya for tomorrow’s party. Trisha gets happy.

Sonali sees Gaurav busy on party’s arrangements and asks if he is afraid that Amrita will expose his secret. He says nothing. She says he is hiding something big from her and starts arguing with him. He says Amrita his very understanding and did not trouble her husband for any reason, but Sonali is opposite to her. Sonali asks him to forget thinking that she will become like Amrita and says she will know about his secret soon.

Lavanya comes to Meghan’s room and asks why is she smiling. She asks who is he because of whom she is smiling. Meghan says nothing like that. Meghan asks when will she let him meet. Meghan says when time comes, she will.

Kabeer’s officer brings Pratik’s college peon and tells him that Kabeer wants to know about Pratik. Peon says Pratik was like his son. Kabeer asks about Jahnavi. Peon says Jahnavi locked her home after her parent’s death and it is the corner house of same road. Kabeer reaches house with officer and asks watchman if it is Jahnavi’s house. Watchman says he is just guarding this house and someone leaves salary for him every month. He shows Jahnavi’s parent’s ashes. Kabeer asks her parent’s died long back, then why she is keeping them still. He says only Jahnavi can tell about it. Kabeer asks him to get tea for him and he leaves. Officer says she must want to take revenge from someone, so she will not immerse ashes until then. Kabeer says Pratik was not her target and she wants to kill someone else also.

Precap: Kabeer asks watchman if he will identify Jahnavi if he sees her. Watchman says he cannot be sure. Kabeer says they will get picture from college’s admisison form and asks officer to take Jahnavi’s parent’s ashes from there.

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  1. So it is confirmed just cause amrita decided to leave the serial the story makers changed the story yet again to kill her off why couldnt they simply change the character. It appears there is no story its just plodding along kabir is sounding like an idiot he knows lzvanaya is guilty not arresting kudhzn is guilty roaming free now who will kill amrita has to b either lzvanaya or kabirs doc . Its becoming stupid and a waste of time the serial was so good till pratik got killed now its childish

  2. Also killing the only good person on the show so that the serial runs till march instead of ending in january is shame nothing but utter shame ..

  3. Read today that amrita has decided to leave the serial as the story is dragging and then read spoiler that amrita will b killed. How hopeless is that how can the serial makers keep changing the original story according to how long the serial should run .makes me hate this serial and the makers for taking us on a merry ride

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