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Laut Aao Trisha 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya celebrates Swara’s birthday with a cake. Swara says if he would have come earler, he would have met a guest. He asks which guest. Meghan comes and says it is me. Aditya gets irked seeing him. Swara says she came on right time. Meghan gives her gift and says she is special as Aditya has kept her at his home. He gives gift to Aditya also. He says it is not his birthday today. She says to gift a friend does not need any occasion and asks him to check his gift. He finds file in it. Swara asks which file is it. He says it is a special file in which Aditya has kept his secret. Aditya hides file. Swara says Aditya is a dark person and keeps secret. Meghan says Aditya should not hide anything between friends and says she is sure he will come and meet her. Swara says Meghan is a nice girl.

Kabeer makes his officers wear Swaika family’s masks with victim, anger, etc., written on the tags and says 4 of them cannot kill Pratik as they knew he is keeping an eye on them. Officer asks what about Lavanya and Kushan. Kabeer says Lavanya is very strong and can take or give her own life. she has strong values and is the one responsible for Swaika group’s growth, but Pratik did not acknowledge her hard work, so she planted bomb in his car and tried to kill him. Officer asks what about Kushan. Kabeer says maybe he must have used someone’s help to kill Pratik. Officer shows a blank mask and asks it is for whom. Kabeer says it is for a person who is around and not among Swaika, but is a culprit. He says maybe he is Amrita’s well wisher and has a deep relationship with Pratik, but is not his close relative, maybe he is someone from Pratik’s past and he has to find out going into Pratik’s past.

Kushan plays hide and seek with Meghan. Aditya comes there. Meghan catches Aditya thinking it is Kushan. Kushan laughs and runs saying she lost it. Aditya asks why did not she pick his call and asks why did she pick this file and from where. Meghan asks him to relax and says at least because of it, he is paying her attention. He asks what attention. Kushan drags her from there saying he wants to go on a walk. Meghan asks him to call and if she is free, she will pick his c all.

Amrita is having breakfast with Trisha and other family members. Kabeer comes there and says he has to talk to her something important and they can talk on the way to office. Amrita agrees, asks Sonali to reach office on time and tells Trisha she will come early home tonight.

During breakfast, Lavanya says Kushan that he is happy thinking his plan is working, but as a Grewal she knows his drawbacks and as a Swaika, she is born player, so he will lose. Kushan says he is also genius and knows she is eager to become CEO, but he will not let her become CEO. She asks him to stop dreaming and finish breakfast.

Kabeer asks Amrita to tell her about Pratik’s past. She says Pratik was a perfect man and every girl wanted to befriend him. They married and time flew. For Pratik, business was everything and he loved his children a lot, soon Trisha was kidnapped and later she came to know about Pratik and Neha’s alleged relationship. She gets emotional. Kabeer says they can talk about it later. She asks what he wants to know more than that. He asks if Pratik had someone else before she met him. She says she does not know. He asks if she think if Gaurav or Lavanya knows about it. She asks to find out from themselves.

Swara calls her boss and and says her documentary is ready and if he can increase payment. She gets sad hearing no. Aditya comes there. She says she is writing a documentary on medical negligence, like a doc forgetting scissors in patient’s body, etc. Aditya gets tensed. She asks if he can tell her about more cases. He says no and leaves for hospital.

Varsha examines Kabeer. Kabeer says though Pratik betrayed Amrita, she is busy trying to fulfill his dream. She makes a mistake while listening. He asks her what happened to her. She says nothing. He says she can listen to his cases and he will not charge. She smiles. He invites her for lunch today.

Swara records Aditya and asks why is he looking tensed. He says he is having work pressure. She asks if Swaika and Grewal girls are troubling him. He says nothing like that and leaves for jogging.

Aditya and Trisha go on jogging. She asks him to question her again. He says I love you and if you love me. She says he is so unromantic that he is proposing while jogging and asks him to do something special to know her answer. He requests him to give her some time to impress her. She asks till when. He says till evening. She asks him to not dissapoint her. He says he loves her.

Kushan’s doctor tells Lavanya that Kushan’s mental status has stabilized. She says yes and he has not got voilent since many days, requests if she can take him to office. Doc permits and asks her to get someone around him always. She says yes. Kushan asks her why is she favoring her so much, if she is scheming something else. She says he wanted to have his place in office and she wants to give him a chance. He says his prefence changed and his dream is not to let fulfill her dream now.

Kabeer meets Gaurav and asks him to tell about Pratik’s friends before his marriage, his girlfriends, etc. He says he cannot help him much as Pratik was in college and he was still in highschool. He says Pratik’s friends can help him and recalls their names. Kabeer asks if he is in touch with them or has contact numbers. He says he does not. Kabeer thanks him. He sees Trisha coming home and tries to speak to her, but she says she has to freshen up and will talk to him later.

Kushan gets ready for office. Meghan gives his office bag. He thanks her and leaves with Lavanya.

Kabeer takes Varsha to a restaurant for lunch. She says she does not believe he has taken her out for lunch. He says he forgot his wallet, so he brought her out so that she can pay. She asks why did not he remarry. He instead asks why did not she marry yet and says looking at her face, it looks like she is heart broken and according to his calculation, she has 2 important person in her life, one who broke her heart and another whom she is expecting. She says she will tell him everything and he will be her life’s first and last person to know aboout her secret.

Kushan starts playing mobile game during board meeting. Director asks Gaurav to show plan. He says Amrita wants it approved first. Amrita comes there. Lavanya tells directors that Kushan’s doctors wanted him to take out for his better health. Gaurav introduces Amrita to an architect who will work on Pratik’s dream project. Architect sees designs and praises that it is work of genius. Amrita asks howmuch the project will cost and more details about it. He calculates. Lavanya takes out some papers and burns them while everyone is busy in meeting. She throws paper in dustbin. Sonali sees fire and asks everyone to vacate. Kushan starts jumping happily. Lavanya sends everyone out, burns Kushan’s designs and happily says his last copy is burnt . Kushan comes there and says she is wrong, he has many copies and will give it to Amrita again. Lavanya gets irked.

Kabeer’s officer gets Pratik’s friends’s details from university and gives them to Kabeer. Kabeer says 2 of them are in Dubai and UK, one is in Mumbai, so he will meet him personally.

Meghan comes to meet Trisha and sees her getting ready. Trisha says it is most important day of her life as someone proposed her and she is going to say yes. Meghan asks who is he. Trisha says she knows him, it is Aditya. Meghan gets irked. Trisha gets Aditya’s SMS with their meeting location at 7:30. Meghan peeps into her phone and notes down location.

Aditya is busy decorating her candles and cake before Trisha arrives. Meghan comes there. Aditya asks why did she come here. Meghan says she came to take him from there as the person whom he is waiting for will take time to come. Aditya asks if Trisha told her and says he is very excited. She says she can be part of his life and can control it. Aditya asks what does she mean. Meghan says she has read Swara’s medical report and knows he is responsible for her paralysis. Aditya reminisces operating on Swara and giving anesthesia injection in the wrong place, due to which she got paralysis. Meghan says if he does not obey her, whole medical fraternity will now what mistake he did and asks he to come with her before Trisha comes. She hears Trisha coming there and drags Aditya from there. Trisha comes, gets impressed with the decoration and cake and calls Aditya, but he is not there. She calls his number, but Meghan takes his phone and switches it off. Trisha feels dejected.

Precap: Aditya proposes Meghan and she hugs him happily. Kabeer says Amrita that culprit’s target is not just Pratik but some one else also. Amrita says she doubts on Kushan.

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  1. Meghan is going the same way as her mother and father . This track abt aditya meghan and trisha is probably added to increase serial but is taking away the beauty of the serial. The serial was v gripping now its getting filled with stupid emotions . Apart from pratik getting killed the makers r now murdering a perfectly good story .

  2. Pls stop showing immature teenage love triangles its taking away from the actual plot its a crime story keep it there who is interested in watching immature teens fighting over a stupid doc who had no buisiness to show love for his patient. Its not ethical

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