Laut Aao Trisha 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali complains about Kabeer doubting them and whole family. Kabeeer gets a panic attack. He calls Amrita and asks her to be courageous. She says she is courageous and asks him to arrest even Pratik if he finds him guilty. Kabeer says he would not have called her.

Prem and Lavanya are together intimately. Prem tries to hug her. She says we need to call this out and says she cannot hide it from her family for a long time. Prem asks if she can live with Kushan. She says that is none of his business and says she cares only about her family. Prem says she is doing it to save her own image of a nice businesswoman. He twists her hand. She says he is hurting her. He says her anger makes him horny. She says she does not know how she submits to him.

Kabeer drinks alcohol and reminisces Amrita telling him to arrest Pratik if he is culprit. He calls his psychiatrist who asks why did he call him at midnight and asks him to shift his house and says he must be tensed that thinking it is his wife’s birthday today. Kabeer says he will call her later and cuts the call.

Prem says Lavanya when she came to break up their relationship, why did she use him again. They hear door bell and it is Pratik outside. Lavanya hides. Prem opens the door and lets him in. He says Gaurav and Lavanya came to sort the things out. Pratik says after all this, how can he get things normal. He says Neha is troubling her repeatedly and says she wants him to leave Amrita and get back to her, which he cannot do. Lavanya is shocked to hear this. Prem asks her to relax and go home. Pratik senses someone insde and tries to check, but Prem stops him and does not let him in. He says he cannot tell who is in and has promised that person to keep it secret. Pratik says he wants to know who heard about his personal life just now. Prem says he will not let him in. Pratik gets irked and goes out. Once he goes out, Lavanya comes out and asks from is Pratik/Neha’s affair going on. Prem says it is not an affair. She says she is not yesterday born to believe him.

Vivan meets Amrita and asks her to believe him. Amrita asks him how can he have an affair with his younger sister and says she did not punish him thinking about Sonali. She says Trisha will come back soon to her and if she finds out that he is behind Trisha’s kidnap, only god can save him.

Sonali takes out Nikhil’s gifts and throws them. She even tears their pic. Nikhil comes there. She says she saved all his gift not because she loves him, but as a memory of her first love. She asks him to go out and leave her alone.

Pratik wakes with a headache. Amrita gives him headache pill. He apologizes Amrita and says he was in stress. She says she will arrange lunch for him. Pratik says he promises he will take care of himself. Amrita says Trisha’s college has kept a prayer meeting and they have to go. Pratik says he cannot go as people will question him. He gets a call from someone who laughs and says he cannot get Trisha soon. Pratik gets angry and asks who is he. Amrita asks him to calm down.

Lavanya reminisces Pratik telling about his affair with Neha and thinks of informing about it to Amrita.

Vivan gets his panic attacks and searches for drugs, but does not find them. Gaurav sees him searching drugs and asks him not to do that. He says he has just come from jail and if he wants to repeat it again. Vivan says he does not know how he is feeling. Gaurav says drugs are temporary and will ruin his life. Sonali asks Vivan to calm down and she will get Gaurav credit card. Gaurav says he will not give his card. Vivan shouts at Gaurav and asks him to stop acting like his father. Gaurav says he is his father. Vivan storms out and leaves from there.

Lavanya meets Amrita and asks if she saw any change in Pratik’s behavior recently. She says after missing Trishi, she also lost Pratik who used to care for her and her family, now he just gets angry on everything, he has to understand that not only he lost Trisha, she also lost him. Lavanya asks her if she is sure his behaviour change is only after Trishi’s missing. Pratik comes there and asks her to stop and says Amrita that Lavanya is very complicate and manipulative. He asks her what she wants to say. She says she just wants to say him to understand who will be with him throughout his life and who will not. Amrita suspects something is wrong.

Kabeer’s officer says he had an intusion that handwriting will not match. Kabeer asks if he is not getting intusion that he will be removed from. Handwriting expert says he still doubts one handwriting, but is not sure 100%. Officer says they can take his handwriting again. Kabeer says we have taken Vivan’s handwriting already and cannot do that again, they have to find another way.

Lavanya starts verbal argument with Neha and asks her to do her work properly. Neha says she is Pratik’s secretary and knows her work better. Prem interferes and asks him to stop fighting.

Amrita says maid that she is going to Trisha’s college. She gets into Trisha’s room and sees her Ganesha idol, reminisces Trisha praying to cure her friend’s father’s cancer. Amrita asks if she the same friend whom she fought with. Trisha says yes, but she is praying for her father as she does not want any daughter to get pain from her father. Amrita gets happy and says she is proud of her. Trisha asks her to go out now. Amrita says her daughter does not want anyone to see her goodness. She then prays god to get back Trisha.

Abhay informs Kabeer that forensic lab expert found blood stains in one of Swayka’s clothes.

Amrita reaches Trisha’s praying meeting. Bobby sees her standing nearby. Teacher starts prayer meeting.

Prem says Lavanya she should not have scolded Neha. Lavanya says Neha is a cheap girl trying to get Pratik’s sympathy and says she is worried about Amrita. Prem asks if she is irked that Neha is a poor girl and what about her relationship with him. She says she is Swayka and does not want Nehan ruin Amrita’s life. Pratik passes by and hears them. He asks what are they talking about him behind his back and asks Lavanya why did she scold Neha. Lavanya says she is quick, hope she works so quickly. Pratik says she is my secretary Lavanya says she is just an employee like Kushan. Pratik says she is his personal secretary and he care about his employees. Lavanya says as a vice president she wants him to fire Neha. Neha enters and apologizes Lavanya for her mistake. Pratik asks if she is okay now. Lavanya leaves saying she has important work pending.

Amrita sees a note for Trisha and imagines Trisha asking her not to cry. Trisha teacher meets Amrita and says Trisha will be back and says Trisha had taken leave for being ill.

hbsPrecap: Amrita asks Bobby if Trisha took sick leave anytime. Kabeer arrests Bobby and asks about blood stains on his clothes.

Update Credit to: MA

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