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Trisha reminisces about Amrita’s badmouthing about Amrita and Kabeer’s relationship and thinks it cannot be true. Sonali comes there and says Kabeer is a good cop, etc. Trisha asks what does she mean. She says Kabeer used to meet Amrita at home, and it was fine, but he is meeting her at her office and staff is badmouthing about them, which she did not like. She came to talk about it to Amrita, but she overreacted hearing Kabeer’s name. She says Trisha that we should not bother what people say as we know there is nothing wrong. She asks her not to discuss about it with Amrita as she will get embarrassed.

Meghan sees Kushan playing game. He asks her to join. She says mom was telling you are fine now and acts as mad to escape going back to jail, asks to tell if it is true and she will not tell it to anyone. He is shocked to hear that, but continues playing game. She gets emotional and says he and Bobby were her best friend, she lost Bobby and cannot afford losing him. He asks her to let him play, starts shouting and asks her to go out. She says his angel loves him and runs from there crying. He also gets emotional and apologizes for not telling her the truth.

Amrita sees Sonali sadly having food on dining table and asks why is she looking tensed. She says she is worried about Vivan as he has started taking drugs and not even talking to them. Amrita suggests to spend more time with him and to share his problems. She asks Trisha if he told anything. Trisha says no. Amrita suggests Gaurav to take Vivan on a holiday. She gets Kabeer’s call and goes to her room. Trisha gets sad hearing that and goes to her room with tablet. She hears Amrita telling Kabeer that she will resign from CEO position if need be as she is ignoring Trisha and not giving time to her. Kabeer says culprit is very intelligent and she should not give up easily. He asks her to say his hello to Trisha. She asks him to come and meet Trisha.

Meghan calls Aditya, but gets tensed as his number is not reachable. She thinks whenever she needs him, he is not available for her. She calls hospital and asks receptionist to connect to him. Nurse says his shift is over. Meghan asks her to his number as she has an appointment with im. Nurse gives his address.

Amrita comes to Trisha’s room, sees her sleeping and pampers her. Trisha wakes up. Amrita says she is feeling guilty that she is not giving time to her and asks if she understand why she is busy. Trisha nods says and says she wants to sleep now. Amrita says okay and leaves. Trisha wakes up again after she she leaves.

Kabeer’s informer meets him and says he investigated and did not find any underworld connection in Pratik’s murder. Kabeer gives him his reward and asks him to keep his eyes and ears open. He thanks her and leaves.

Trisha calls Aditya and asks him to meet in the evening. He says he is busy today and apologizes her. She says she understands. Amrita comes there and asks why did not she go to jogging yet. She says Aditya is not coming. Amrita says she will accompany her. Trisha says she is not in a mood now.

Meghan reaches Aditya’s house and hears a lady’s voice. She peeps from window and sees Aditya carrying that lady and going into room an calling her Swara. Courier boy comes with Swara’s parcel. Meghan asks him to give parcel to her. He says he cannot. She gives him bribe and takes parcel from him, finds documents in it.

Lavanya hires security men and asks them to keep an eye on Kushan and not let him go out. Kushan comes there and starts acting as mad. She asks him to stop acting and says she is going to a board meeting where Amrita will submit her designs, says he cannot go out as her men are guarding out, he won’t be able to help Amrita now and she will make sure Amrita steps down as CEO.

Meghan meets Swara’s doctor and shows him report. He says she is Aditya’s patient and got paralyzed after a card accident, Aditya was taking care of her at hospita, but he took her home for some reason. He asks her the reason. Meghan says Swara is her friend and she wants to help her. Doc says she is a good girl and Aditya gets along well with her.

In board of meeting, Lavanya asks Amrita to give her construction designs and plan. She says she does not have yet. Lavanya asks if she is risking company’s 250 crores without a plan. Gaurav suggests to take a break. Lavanya says. Board member suggests to take 1 hour pain. Lavanya asks Amrita to get her plan in 1 hour, else to scrap the project and resign. Amrita says she is sure she will get plan and will not disappoint.

Meghan reaches Aditya’s house and tells Swara that she found papers on road, so she came to give it to her. Swara sees her medical report and says it had to come by courier, then how did she find on road. Meghan says she does not know. Swara asks her name and she says she is Meghan Grewal. Swara says she knows her well as Aditya talks a lot about her. She gets her in and gives her juice. She then says she is an orphan, her family died in an accident, Aditya saved her, but she got paralyzed. She says Aditya is taking care of her well and wants her to stay in her house until she gets well. Meghan thinks Aditya cannot keep a girl at home without any reason and she has to find out. She says Swara that she will leave now. Swara asks her to come back again.

Amrita eagerly waits for structural designs, but does not get them either on mail or fax. Kabeer comes there. She says him she has to resign now as she did not get designs yet, says it is not necessary that destiny will be in her favor. Lavanya tells Sonali that just 5 minutes are left and Amrita will resign after that. Sonali says Amrita may requests some more time from board members. Lavanya says Amrita does not have structural designs and she will not insult herself, so she will resign. She gets Meghan’s SMS which has her pic shooting Trisha. She gets tensed and asks Sonali to leave her alone for some time. She calls Kushan and asks why did he use Meghan’s phone. He says he will delete everything. She says she will inform Kabeer about his fake illness and send him back to jail. Kushan says he will tell Meghan about she trying to kill Trisha. She asks what she has to do. He asks her to submit designs to Amrita. She says she is not an architect. He says he is and asks to check her purse. She finds designs in it. He asks her to give it to Amrita as she is a nice woman and good CEO. She thinks Kushan is genius. Sonali comes back and says everyone is waiting in board room. She asks her to go while she follows her. She thinks how to give it to Amrita as Kabeer has assigned his men all around the office.

Meghan checks Swara’s case history and thinks of meeting her doctor to find out her and Aditya’s relationship.

Lavanya drops designs on Amrita’s desk and silently sits on her seat. Director asks Amrita to show her designs. Amrita says designs may arrive anytime and she needs some more time. Lavanya says they can wait. One of directors says Amrita if she does not submit design, she has to bear 250 crore loss and has to resign. Amrita sees it is 5 min and what if papers don’t reach her. Lavanya thinks if papers don’t reach Amrita, Kushan will expose her. Board member says time is up and rejects Amrita’s proposal and demands her to resign. She takes papers to resign. Sonali gets happy thinking finally Amrita will resign. Amrita is about to resign when her secretary gives her design envelope. She gets happy seeing designs and submits them to board. Lavanya acts as getting annoyed.

Vivan comes home inebriated. Gaurav holds him and asks why can’t he hold himself. Vivan says it is in his genes. Gaurav says he made mistake only once. Vivan says he is the one who forced him into this situation and falls asleep on sofa. Gaurav removes his slippers, cries looking at him, and apologizes.

Kabeer says Amrita he will find out how that envelope reached her. She says she cannot understand how a person can reach her so easily, she is scared. Kabeer says he can understand, but that person did not harm her yet. She says mybe because of him, she lost Pratik and cannot afford losing anyone else and starts crying. Kabeer leaves. She looks at Pratik’s pic and says she misses him.

Precap: Aditya asks Meghan why did she pick file from his home. Kabeer makes his staff wear Pratik’s mask and asks them to find out the culprit. Trisha comes on a base camp vacation with Aditya and searches him.

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