Laut Aao Trisha 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanya says Amrita that she also wants to go out like Trisha. Amrita says she cannot and starts crying. Sanya asks her to stop crying. Pratik hears their conversation and says Sanya that your mom has not slept, so she is feeling tired. Sanya asks her to sleep them. Pratik gifts a ring to Amrita. Sanya asks about her gift. He says it is in her room. Sanya happily leaves. Pratik then apologizes for his misbehaviour, makes her wear ring and says he will take out her for lunch. She asks if it is necessary. He says he wants to feel a positive energy by going out and hope Trisha coming back soon. Amrita agrees.

Kushan reminisces about Lavanya extramarital affair with Prem and angrily breaks Lavanya’s photo frame.

Kabeer’s officer says he checked each car’s CCTV footage at Lonavla’s toll gates and says Trisha and kidnapper may be in Lonavla itself. Kabeer asks him to give it in writing and starts scolding him. He gets Abhay’s call who informs that he found store’s manager which sold chocs to Trisha. Kabeer says manager may know kidnapper personally and asks him to bring manager.

Amrita says she is fasting, but promised Pratik lunch with him, Pratik is trying to set things right and she cannot deny him. She prays god to help her, looks at Trisha’s pic and says her papa also told like her about positive thinking and says she loves her.

Lavanya reaches Kushan’s cabin and sees her photo frame on ground. She says Kushan how can he think that she is having an affair with Prem, he is just a good friend of her and why would she fall for him, says she is happy and satisfied with her family and does not need another man. Kushan asks her to get out, else he will kick her out in front of staff and drags her out of his cabin.

Pratik and Amrita come to a hotel for lunch. He says he read good reviews about this restaurant, so brought her in and says if she does not like this place, they can go to some other hotel. Manager greets Amrita and says she came here after a long time and wishes to get Trisha back soon. Amrita says Trisha used to bring her here and used to like desserts of this restaurant. Pratik says he promised many times to take her out but could not, he will not do it again. Amrita gets emotional and walks out from there. She reminisces Trisha telling that Pratik does not take her out and even her boyfriend does not. Amrita asks who is her boyfriend. Trisha says she was just joking and orders masala dosa, etc. Waiter says it is a french restaurant. Trisha says these are french disshes and tells him of their french names. Amrita laughs on her jokes.

Kabeer shows shop manager Salman, SRK, Sunny Leone’s pics who identifies them all and laughs. He asks Abhay to note down that owner can identify each face. Manager asks why did he call him here. Kabeer tells him that a man ordered choc at a shop and manager agreed and that manager is in front of me. Manager says he told a man that he does not sell imported chocs, but he forcefully ordered it and got them. Officer asks if he heard Trisha Swaika’s name. Manager asks if she is the girl who is missing. Kabeer says a man who ordered choc may be her kidnapper. Manager says he would not have accepted ordered if he knew this. Kabeer asks him to describe man’s face to make a sketch.

Bobby and Meghan fight for an issue at college. They see Kushan coming home and ask him to have lunch. Kushan gets into his room angrily. Bobby asks Lavanya what happened to dad. Lavanya runs behind Kushan.

Kabeer calls Amrita. Pratik picks call and asks how dare he is to call his wife again. Kabeer says he got a sketch of man who kidnapped Trisha. Pratik asks him to send it to him and tries to order him. Kabeer says he does not report to him. Pratik asks him to update him everything and not to tell it to his wife. He turns back and sees Amrita standing behind.

Precap: Amrita asks Pratik why is he playing with her. Lavanya tries to stop Kushan from leaving house saying it was just misunderstanding. Meghan watches their fight.

Update Credit to: MA

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