Laut Aao Trisha 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A rirder sees deadbody on floor. He turns goes near and sees a joker’s deadboy. He leaves. Inspector reaches spot with his team and gets some doll and bag nearby.

Charlie reads news about joker’s murder and tells Suhana and Trisha about it and reads who must be joker’s murderer. Suhana gets a call from a lady sonali who wants to meet her regarding a case. Sonali reaches with her devar Alok. Suhana asks where is her husband. Sonalil says her husband is arrested in maid laxmi’s murder. She fells from window and allegations came on her husband. Suhana asks her to tell what happened. She goes into flashback about her house party where Laxmi spills drinks on her husband by mistake and he yells at her. Laxmi says she did not it purposefully. He yells again and leaves to change. Sonali sees that and asks Laxmi to apologize her husband. Laxmi goes to his room. Sonali hears Laxmi’s shout and sees her on floor after falling from building. She says police arrested her husband then. Suhana says she wll study her husband’s case and will fight it. Sonali thanks her and leaves.

Court hearing starts. Charlie asks VK if he should bring jalebi. Suhani asks him to shut up. Judge comes and asks where is public prosector. VK says he has not come yet. Judge jokes. PP comes rushing and clashes with VK. He instead scolds him for coming in between. VK asks where was he. He says his vehicle broke down. VK asks to show evidence. Judge asks to stop and come to the point. PP says Raghav pushed Laxmi from his window and killed her. He asks Raghav where was he and what was he doing. He says he was at home enjoying his party , laxmi drops alchol on him by mistake, he yells at her and leaves to change. PP asks where was he when Laxmi fell. He says he was going to change his shirt, but got a call in between. PP asks if liked Laxmi or not. Raghav says Laxmi was his maid and he used to pay her for household work. PP says he did not like laxmi as he wants family members to work and not waste money. He says he has proof and gives judge a file. He continues that he pushed Laxmi in a fit of rage. He calls Sonali into witness box and asks what mistake Laxmi did in party. She tells she spilled alcohol on Raghav’s shirt by mistake and he goes to rooma after scolding Laxmi. PP asks why did laxmi leave party. Sonali says she sent Laxmi to apologize Raghav and then she heard Laxmi’s shout and saw her dead on floor. He asks if Ragav liked Laxmi or not. She says he did not. He asks if he used to hit Laxmi. She says he never hit her, but tried once. PP says when he can raise hand to hit Laxmi, he can kill her, so judge should give his judgement.

Judge asks VK to start and be specific. VK says PP has not given proof at all that Raghav killed Laxmi. Raghav was not in party when Laxmi fell from window and he concluded Raghav killed her, but there were many guests who were around, so on a basis of doubt, you can allege a person, but cannot give judgement. He asks PP if he has proof that Laxmi did not suicide. PP says laxmi’s head was hit on floor directly, so it proves she was pushed. Judge says this does not prove Raghav is guilty and gives next hearing.

Suhana furiates in front of Trisha that VK has not come yet. Trisha says he must have gone to find evidence. VK comes and their argument continues. Charlie comes and says he found a doll on the murder spot.

Next court hearing starts. VK takes out doll and tells Raghav was not in room when Laxmi’s murder happened. He says Laxmi had gone with doll to Raghav’s room and as per PP she and Raghav had a fight there. VK says doll was present in the water tank of house. He tells how Charlie finds doll in water tank and girl comes and says it is her doll and she is searching it since yesterday. VK then asks judge to give him some time to investigate the case.

Next court hearing starts. VK arrives court late with lots of dolls and says it is not a simple case, but very tricky. Judge asks why did he bring so many dolls. VK says he want to gift it to someone. PP starts his same old argument. VK says it is a multiple murder case by a psycho killer. PP starts laughing. Judge asks him to behave. VK calls inspector into witness box and asks if he found another dead body near Raghav’s house same dady. Inspector says he found a joker’s dead body nearby and found many broken dolls. VK says thisis gudiya connection. Judge asks what he wants to prove. VK says he wants to prove that both murders are connected and dolls are damanged very badly, and one person is involved in both murders. He calls Sonali into witness box and asks if she knows everyone who attended her party. She says yes. He asks if everyone came on time. She says yes. He says he heard party started late. She says her devar Alok came late as his car got punctured. VK starts coughing and asks judge for a break. Judge gives 1 hour break.

VK speaks to Sonali and Alok and tells case is slipping from his hands. She asks how can he say that. Alok asks why he is having so many dolls. He says these are evidences. He takes Sonali to sign on papers and leaves Alok there. Two jokers come and laugh. Alok shouts at them and tries to strangulate them. Constable rescues joker and takes Alok from there.

Next court hearing starts. VK calls Alok into witness box and tells his assistant checked building who thought Laxmi must have jumped from terrace. He says he called forensic lab who told laxmi’s body had cement and he also found blood stains and cement on terrace. PP asks why did Laxmi go to terrace. VK says when laxmi was heading towards Raghav’s room, Sonu stops her and asks her to call Alok from terrace. She goes up holding doll. PP asks how did the joker come. VK asks Alok to speak. Alok goes into flashback where the tries to change his car tyre. A joker comes to help him, but Alok gets afraid and kills him and even breaks doll. He got upset and went to terrace. When laxmi went to terrace to call him with doll, he panicked seeing doll and asks her to go fromt here. She asks what happened to him, he pushes her from terrace. Judge says VK he is superb. PP asks why Alok hates doll. VK says it is a problem from childhood and if not cured worsens. Judge asks how did he know about this disease. He says Trisha enlightened him. Judge and whole court clap for Trisha.

Precap: A girl kills her classmate while ragging. VK defends her case.

Update Credit to: MA

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