Laut Aao Trisha 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer’s boss who is also his ex-father-in-law asks him if he is having an affair with Amrita. He says he is just taking help from Amrita and says he got medical certificate clue and locket, etc., from Amrita. Boss asks if he wants to say that he took Amrita to get clue which he did not get and says Kabeer who thinks himself as god and is very arrogant is taking help from a woman and asks him to tell a better story. He suggests him to not provoke Pratik Swaika, else he will ruin his career and life. He says if he wants to continue his life leaving his daughter’s memories behind, then he should find someone else than Amrita.

Kushan says Prem that he knows that he is having an affair with his wife and asks where did he hide her. Prem says he is just a friend of Lavanya. Kushan asks him to stop rubbishing. Prem asks him to leave and says he cannot embark in his house without his permission. Kushan holds his collar and says he embarked into his life without his permission and says he does not know what he can do.

Amrita prays god that she is fasting for the first time for Trisha and requests god to send Trisha back.

Lavanya comes to Prem’s house. Prem calls her and asks her to run from there before Kushan sees her. She finds Kushan in front of him who says he knows about her and Prem’s affair. Lavanya says she just came for a business meeting and asks him to stop creating drama. Kushan warns her and says she has not idea what will happen now and leaves.

Sonali sees Amrita holding god’s idol and says she is sure god will help us and says they will have to go shopping and eat out to cheer up. Amrita says she is not in a mood. Sonali insists to come with her and asks if there is any tension between her and Pratik, says since Pratik came from Lonavla, he is misbehaving with everyone. She says it was her mistake to inform him about you going to Lonvala, etc. Amrita says there is nothing like that and Pratik is tensed about Trisha missing, so he fights with her, but there is nothing to worry. Sonali asks her not to feel alone as she is with her to help, assures her secret will be safeguarded.

Lavanya reaches Prem’s home and scolds him for being careless. Prem says Kushan was monitoring us closely and caught us red-handed. She says she does not know what to do now. He says we should accept our relationship in front of everyone. She says she will try to convince Kushan that there is nothing between us. Prem says if anything happens, she can stay with him. She says there is no commitment between them and she does not want to ruin her family life.
She says she is Kushan’s wife and will always remain his wife. He asks what should he do now. She says she wants to save her marriage and asks him not to meet him anyone and to keep only professional relationship and leaves with teary eyes.

Kabeer gets Amrita’s call and asks her if everything is alright. She asks if he got any clue about kidnapper. He says no and will inform when he gets and cuts call that he is busy now. He then reaches Pratik’s office and says he wants to meet Pratik. Secretary sees him and informs Kabeer about it. Pratik says he does not want to meet him. Kabeer enters forcefully into Pratik’s cabin. Pratik asks how dare he is to enter his cabin without permission. Kabeer says he can complain about it also to his senior. Pratik asks him to tell why he came for and leave. Kabeer asks what problem he has with him. Pratik warns him that he will get him out of police force. Kabeer says he can but should answer his question. Pratik says he does not like his face. Kabeer says if he thinks he is giving special treatment to his wife, then he should leave his work and join him, but people will think Kabeer is favouring Pratik. He says he is doing his work and taking Amrita’s help to solve the case. Pratik gets irked hearing Amrita’s name and asks him to call her Mrs. Swaik and says he can see he is more busy in comforting his wife than searching his wife. Kabeer asks how long he had been married and says he is doubting his wife with him. Pratik asks him to keep away from his wife if he wants to be on Trisha’s case. He says he will handle Amrita as he loves her and she is his wife, will do what he wants. Kabeer says she is a mother and will do what mother thinks and says if he believed her, he would not have done this. Pratik tries to slap him and asks him to concentrate on finding Trisha. Kabeer says he is doing the same and leaves from there.

Precap: Pratik takes Amrita for a lunch. Kushan is irked about his Lavanya’s betrayal. Amrita sees Pratik calling Kabeer and asking him to keep away from his wife.

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