Laut Aao Trisha 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A lady in the ambulance requests doctor and peon to save her. Peon runs saying he does not want to get trapped in murder case. Doctor exchanges peon’s dress and reaches hospital. Hospital doc checks lady, finds her dead, and sees both bullet and knife stabbing marks on lady and asks how did she die. Peon says she is an actress and he does not know who killed her. Doc goes in to inform police. Peon leaves dead body out and runs.

Reporters throng court and discuss inspector Reshma has killed her. VK reaches there and starts his baffoonery. Inspector Reshma is brought to court handcuffed and face covered. Reporters throng her and some one among them removes her face cover.

Court hearing starts and VK starts his baffoonery again. Judge sees him wearing torn coat and asks if he is doing a drama or if coat is really torn. VK says shayari and says reporters tore his coat. Defense lawyer asks VK not to do drama here. VK says judge that he is jealous of them. Defense lawyer says Reshma will not be spared. VK says if he so much interested in judgement, he should become judge then. Judge asks to start the case. Defense says Reshma has client actress. Reshma says she did not kill anyone. VK says court walls will shout soon that Reshma has not killed anyone. Judge says he said same in last case and jokes with VK. He asks to proceed. Defense lawyer starts and tells him a story where Reshma’s show producer throws party on show’s success and gives its credit to junior actressand gives her trophy. His wife gets irked seeing that. Producer annouces special award for a special person because of whom TRPs increased and says in a murder sequence, inspector Reshma helped them. Reshma is seen walking in stayle and receiving award. Everyone claps for Reshma. Inebriated Actress comes and says her hand will burn if she touches her award. Producer’s wife asks if she called him. He says no. Actress Tapti starts yelling that without her, serial would have been closed and credit should go to him. She holds producer’s collar and says he used to enjoy with her during day and with his wife during night. Producer’s wife says they red-handedly caught her boyfriend. Tapti actress tells Reshma that she too bribe and filed false case against her and her boyfriend. Reshma asks what proof she has. She takes out envelope from her purse and says this is proof. Reshma asks to open envelope. Tapti says she will open it in a room. Producer’s wife asks her not to go with her, else she will trap her. Reshma asks to relax and gets into room. Tapti asks to close door. Producer says Tapti has gone mad. Wife says he was licking her feet. Tapti shouts not to kill her and gun firing sound is heard.

In court room, defense lawyer asks inspector who arrested Resham if there was any window to enter in that room. He says window was closed and noone was in the room, nobody can enter or leave from it. He says he saw gun in Reshma’s hand and took it from her. He then gies bullet shell and says blood was all around the floor.

VK starts questioning inspector and asks if he was sure it was Tapti’s blood. Inspector says he is not sure. He takes out blood and asks if it is judge’s. Judge asks him to stop drama and asks to proceed. VK says blood was not found on floor as it was floor was cleaned before he could go. Inspector says everyone saw Tapti’s blood on floor and says producer saw it. Producer comes in witness box and tells when he entered room, Reshma told she did not kill Tapti. Defense lawyer asks Reshma if she was working in drama company before joining police force. She says yes. He says even here she is creating drama. He says she killed Tapti and even stabbed her. She says she did not. Judge adjourns case for the day.

Next court hearing starts. VK starts questioning an evidence (doctor) and asks if Tapti had both bullet and knife marks on chest at same place. Evidence says yes. VK asks from when he is doing his job. He says 15 years. VK says in 15 years, he must be knowing if a person falls, he gets injured. Doctor says it is obvious. VK says Tapti was shot from front, so she should have fallen backwards, then why did not she have injuries on head or ankle. Evidence says sometime it cannot. VK asks if someone is shot, he will fall on backside and asks judge to permit him to show a demo with his assistant Trisha. Judge asks if he is doing a new drama. VK says he will do a small demo. Judge permits.

VK calls Trisha and pushes her on floor from front side. Everyone are shocke to see her falling. VK apologizes and says it was necessary for his and her career. She shows her hand injury. Judge asks to explain his drama. VK says when Trisha fell, she got injured, but Tapti did not have any injuries. Evidence says Tapti was killed by bullet. VK says that means even doc agrees she was shot and asks if he has any proof as there were many people present. Doc says yes, says Tapti was shot by Reshma’s gun and only one bullet was shot. VK gets nervous and asks doc to answer one thing. Doc agrees. VK asks where did bullet hit. Doc says heart and repeats. Defense asks why is he repeating. VK says if someone is shot in heart, they will die immediately, but Tapti was alive for some time and repeating that Reshma killed her. Doc says he is not sure if it was hit on heart or not and says he can only says bullet was from Reshma’s gun and shows it. Court adjourns for the day.

VK stops Reshma and asks her if Tapti fell in front of her. She says no as Tapti pointed at bathroom and she was looking at it. He sleeps on road and tells her that she was playing game with her. Reshma says someone fired next and says she is sure as she heard shell falling. VK says shell was from he gun. Reshma says she did not find. VK starts his bafoonery and checks constables’ hearts. Constable tells Reshma that she has hired a wrong man. VK continues her baffoonery again. Constables takes Reshma in van.

VK in cofee shop tells his team that he saw blood was fresh. Trisha asks that means someone punched her. He says yes and thinks why was dress missing, defense lawyer produced everything except dress and to save ourself we should find that dress.

Next court hearing starts. VK asks judge bullet must have gone through dress and asks public prosector why did not he submit dress. Prosecutor stammers. VK shows dress and says it is made from 70% synethic and 30% cotton material, so dress will burn like synthetic material. He asks doc howmany bullets went into bullet. Doc says 2. VK shows 2 holes and asks how can it possible. Doc says one bullet was shot, but 2 holes are there and gets confused. VK asks if he thinks 2 bullets are shot. Doc stands silently.

Precap: VK shows producer’s invitation card and says Reshma was invited for the party via phone. Producer’s wife tells that ACP is culprit. In court, VK confronts ACP in front of judge.

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  1. I am confused …who is the main star? Trisha or vk and has this serial become like a a private investigator show

  2. stupid story
    everythng is chngd…
    main story has gone in vain..
    nothing sort of attracting thing is der now.

  3. The show’s concept is going haywire
    The main cast is not being shown and all that crap Is being shown

  4. Laut aao trisha is a lesson in how to create an excellent show and then make it into unglorified kachra
    kushan got off scotfree so did lavanaya meghan too
    they found a lawyer a bumbling idiot but gud and decided to now make him the hero keep trisha and to hell with the rest
    the makers of the serial deserve eggs on their faces

    1. Title of the serial Laut aao trisha is over when she came back .She returned home .Both her parents are dead now. There is no Justification for that Title.Great to see Trisha as Lawyer.
      . Announce it as sequel journey of Trisha instead of saying the show will be aired from monday to friday for 30 minutes.

  5. I don understand a single thing!
    wat d hell z happening?

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