Laut Aao Trisha 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik calls Neha and her number is not reachable. He thinks how can it be possible and repeatedly tries to call her. Amrita sees that and asks how can he support Neha. He says police just blame everyone and they blamed even him. Amrita says he dragged Neha between them and if Neha is involved in all this, she will not forgive him.

Meghan gets ready with full makeup and happily walking out. Bobby asks if she is going for a date and who is that lucky guy. She says she will tell him later. He says that means she has one and asks where is she going. She says Trisha’s house. He says he will accompany her. She says he can come after she come back, they both can share half day each.

Aditya is with Trisha. Trisha says she will get fat if he makes her sleep like this. Meghan comes and says she has a plan that Trisha will not get bored, they can go out for cofee. Aditya says it is a bad idea and he cannot come with them. Amrita comes and asks Aditya to go with Trisha and even she will come with them, and he agrees. Trisha and Meghan get happy.

Kabeer asks Abhay about Kushan. Abhay says he is in Lonavla. Kabeer says like he thought both suspects have panicked and Kushan must be trying to mislead that he is in Lonavla and that means Trisha’s life is at risk.

Trisha reaches coffee shop with Meghan, Amrita and Aditya. Aditya orders coffee. Trisha orders hot chocolate. Aditya says he is hungry. Kabeer calls his officer and asks if trisha is fine and where is she. He says coffee shop with Abhay, Meghan and Aditya. Kabeer asks why did not he inform him and asks him to SMS abhay cofee shop address. He asks Abhay to reach coffee shop soon.

Trisha gets an SMS that if she wants to know who tried to kill her, then she should come to Mad islands, it reads kidnapper’s target is Amrita and he is using her to get to her, if she really wants to know who is behind it she shold come there, he will switch off his phone after this SMS and she would be able to call him. She gets tensed and says Amrita that she will go to washroom and come back. Amrita says she will come with her. Trisha says she will be back soon. Meghan says she will go with her, Trisha says leaves. Aditya says let Trisha feel normal. Kushan is disguised and is on his way to Mad island. Amrita waits for Trisha and goes to check, but does not find her in washrooom. She gets worried about her and starts searching her. Abhay comes with his team and asks team to search Trisha. They don’t find him anywhere. Amrita thinks Trisha cannot leave her like this. Trisha is in car moving towards mud island.

Kabeer gets a call by Abhay who informs him about trisha missing. He gets angry and asks him to continue searching while he reaches there. Once he reaches there, Amrita starts crying. Kabeer asks him to calm down and tell what happened from the beginning. She tells him everything and says she does not know where she has gone. Kabeer asks her to calm down and asks her to go home while he brings Trisha. Aditya says Trisha must have remembered something and must have gone home, so they should go home. Amrita asks Kabeer if he will bring her home, he says yes and sends her home.

Lavanya gets Kushan’s call and says everthing is going according to plan, he is on his way to mud island and even Trisha will reach there.

Pratik comes home and asks servant where is Trisha. Servant says she went with Amrita. He asks Amrita where is Trisha. Meghan says she went with us for coffee and went somewhere without informing us. He asks what does she mean and if they searched her. She says they searched her everywhere but did not find. Pratik says she knew Trisha was attacked twice, even then she took her out. Aditya says police has started searching Trisha and she will be found soon. Pratik asks him to not interfere in his family issues and to behave like a doctor, not family members. Pratik says Amrita if she is thinking Kabeer will find he, then she is wrong, if anything happens to her, he will not spare her. He calls commissioner and speaks.

Trisha on her way thinks she should not call Amrita and risk her life and should findout herself.

Bobby reaches home and tells Lavanya that Trisha is missing once again from coffee shop. He asks if she will come with him. She says of course and asks him to leave and she will come behind him.

Neha sees news about police searching Trisha’s kidnappers, gets panicked and thinks to leave the city.

Amrita calls Trisha and her phone is switched off. Pratik asks her to stop her drama. Sonali thinks she can use this opportunity to add fuel in fire. Amrita says she knows her responsibilities. Pratik ask if she really knows. Sonali asks Pratik if he knows about responsibility and says he ruined his own company by becoming prime suspect of his own daughter’s kidnapping and even is having affair with secretary. He tries to slap her, but Gaurav stops him and says he does not have right to touch his wife. Amrita asks Pratik how can he touch a woman and that too bahu of this house. Pratik says she shoudl be in limits. Sonali says he should know his limits first and not use opportunity to insult people.

Vivan discusses with Meghan how can Trisha leave suddenly, she must have got her memory back. Meghan says hope she gets her memory back. Bobby says he is updating Trisha’s status on facebook, so that his friends can inform if they find her. Vivan says it is a good idea. Meghan says it was her mistake to take Trisha out. They both say she does not have to feel bad, Trisha will come back soon.

Kabeer says Abhay that Trisha must have gone herself or someone must have provoked her. Abhay gets a call and informs Kabeer that Trisha took cab to leave for mad island. Kabeer asks him to activate team and leaves for Mad island. In car, he says Abhay that something is wrong that Trisha went even after Amrita was with her. He gets a call that Kushan is not in his room, but his phone is there. He says Abhay that Kushan is misleading us and must have come to Mumbai, they should keep an eye on him.

Pratik calls his contacts and asks to find out Trisha soon. Kabeer calls Amrita and informs that Trisha is going towards Mad island and he is also going there, will bring her soon. She informs Pratik about it.

Meghan says Aditya that she is feeling bad that trisha is missing again because of her. He consoles her and says she will come back soon.

Kushan reaches mad island and Trisha also reaches behind him.

Lavanya reaches Amrita’s house and asks how did Trisha went missing again. Amrita says she went by herself and will come back soon. Lavanya thinks her and Kushan’s plan is workin well. Sonali says ACP kabeer is behind Trisha and promised to get her back. Lavanya thinks she should inform Kushan that Kabeer is behind Trisha, else he will be caught, she says she will have to go now. Sonali asks her to stay until Trisha comes back. Lavanya says she has important work and even Kushan is not at home, so she has to go. Sonali thinks what happened to her suddenly.

Trisha does not find anyone at the building and does not find anybody. She switches on phone and gets Amrita’s call but does not pick it and switches it off again. Kabeer and Abhay reach the spot and think how to find her. Amrita calls Kabeer and informs him about Trisha’s phone on for some time and then getting off. He asks Abhay to find out Trisha’s last active locatin and asks Amrita not to worry. Kushan reaches building’s top floor and waits for Trisha with his gun. Trisha also comes up and he hides. Kabeer and his team reaches building and start searching Trisha.

Lavanya eagerly waits for Kushan’s call. Kushan comes behind Trisha and fixes silencer on his gun and is about to shoot at her. Kabeer reaches there and shouts Trisha. Kushan runs seeing him. Kabeer asks Trisha if she is fine and then goeds to check culprit, but Kushan has hidden. He asks why did she come here. She says she got a message telling kidnapper will be coming, so she did not inform her mom and came here. He says instead of believing dear ones, she believed stranger, she would have called him at least and says she is the biggest risk for kidnapper. Kushan gets into his car and leaves. Kabeer scolds Trisha that her mom is worried about her. She says her mom’s safety brought her here and as he said, she would have informed someone and apologizes him. He also apologizes for shouting at her. She says she should be sorry for troubling everyone. He says he will not let her happen anything and calls her Ishita. She says she is Trisha and not Ishita. He says he is handling one more case, so he got confused.

Pratik shouts at Armita where is Kabeer, he promised to bring Trisha, they should leave for mud island and stop waiting for him. Amrita says she is just waiting for Trisha and it was Kabeer who brought Trisha and even today he will bring her. Trisha comes with Kabeer and calls mamma. Everyone get happy seeing her. She goes and hugs Amrita happily who asks if she is fine. Trisha says she is fine and it is because of Kabeer uncle. Amrita thanks him. Kabeer thinks until he finds out the mastermind, she is not safe.

Precap: Neha tells Kabeer that Kushan is the mastermind. Bobby asks Kushan how can he kidnap Trisha. Kushan tries to kill himself. Bobby and Lavanya tries to stop him and bullet hits Bobby.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What!!!!!!! Bullet hits bobby!!! Uff kushan has become a mad man himself.. btw great job kabeer

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