Laut Aao Trisha 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer with his team imagines how Trisha must have been shot with bullet hitting her stomach and nother in tree. He says that means there are 2 different attackers.

Vivan, Meghan and Bobby prepare guest list. Meghan asks to include Dr. Aditya. Bobby says they will get cake and gift soon. She says they can go as she does want to go and be with Trisha. They both agree and leave. Meghan thinks about Dr. Aditya. She reaches Trisha’s room and sees Aditya and her chatting. She gifts trisha a watch. She likes it and shows it to Dr. Aditya. Even he likes it. Trisha asks where is Bobby. She says he went with Vivan and she tought of enjoying with her. Aditya says he has to go out and asks them to enjoy. She says trisha that she has to go to her friend’s house for a project and asks aditya where he is going. He says Bandra. She says she will drop him. They both leave.

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Kabeer calls Kushan and asks how is he. He says that is none of his business. Kabeer says he is a policeman who has to keep everyone’s tab. Kushan says he is not Neha who will get afraid. Kabeer says he did not take Neha’s name who planted evidence against Pratik and is trapped now. He says he is behind Neha. Kushan starts shouting and asks what rubbish he is talking and cuts call. He gets a call again and asks why did he call him, but it is Trisha on the other side who asks why did not he come to meet her. He says he was busy and tells Lavanya that Trisha wants to meet him. She asks him to tell yes. He says Trisha he will come and cuts call. Lavanya asks him to try and be normal and see if Trisha is getting back her memory. He asks if she will accompany her. She says she will not as Trisha still believes him and will not tell openly what is in her mind.

Kabeer fixes a blank pic and thinks who must be the other shooter. He says Abhay that he thought always only Swaika family is involved, but someone else is also involved, he has to catch Kushan now to find out the secret.

Kushan reaches Trisha’s room with a bouquet. She asks who is he, if she knows him. He gets tensed. She says that is what she will tell as he came after so many days. He apologizes her for coming late as he was busy in some problem. She asks if his prob solved. He says yes and asks what problem she has. She says she has something going in her mind and knows he will solve her problem, says she gets visuals of some known things. He takes out knife from his back pocket an asks what visuals. She says she sees a man who drags her to a car, she pleads him but he does not budge and pushes her from a cliff, that man was wearing hoodie, she thinks she knows that man. Kushan thinks he has to kill Trisha now, else she will identify him. She says she is trying her best to identify that man, then she realized that he is the one who can solve the mystery. He is about to stab her, but stops and puts knife back in his pocket and leaves. She thinks what happened to him suddenly.

Lavanya looks at CEO seat and reminisces Pratik’s words that their papa was not trusting her, so he gave CEO position to him and then reminisces him making her CEO. Pratik comes there. She says he cannnot deny that she worked hard for Swaika industry’s growth, says she helped him when he was CEO, now she wants him to help her and work as before. He says of course, it is his company and he will be with it and he always. She asks him not to forget, that she is the final decision maker. He says obsolutely and congratulates her.

Amrita comes back home after piligrimage. Trisha gets happy and asks how was her piligrimage. She says it was very good and feeds her modak prasad. Trisha says she liked it a lot and says she went through all the kidnapping and torture just with he hope of her love. Trisha says nothing will happen to her.

Lavanya comes home and asks Kushan what happened at Trisha’s hosue. He tells that she does not remember his face, he tried to kill her but stopped. She says he would have killed her as she may remember his face again, so there is no other option.

Abhay informs Kabeer that neither of 2 bullets are from Swaika’s guns. Kabeer says they may have used unlicensed gun, recalls all the events and realizes that Kushan is the kidnapper, he has to find why he kidnapped her.

Trisha asks Amrita why her clothes were in her room and what she is hiding from her. Amrita says nothing was wrong, only she was not with her. Trisha says that is good and says let us do what we used to do before. They both start watching TV, but cable goes off. Amrita says she will call cableman.

Abhay’s fellow officer informs him about Neha not getting out of house yet. He asks him to keep an eye. Neha comes in a burqa and sees them standing outside her house. she walks in front of Abhay and drops he bag. Abhay picks bag and gives her bag, but does not identify her. He realizes burqa clad lady is Neha and runs to catch her, but she already leaves in auto. He starts following. her.

Trisha talks to someone and says Trisha is fine. A photo frame falls down and she runs to check if Trisha is fine and finds her sleeping peacefully.

Kushan packs his bag for Lonavla. Lavanya helps him and says his plan is good and now Kabeer will not doubt him. She picks gun and is about to give him when servant informs that Kabeer has come to meet them. She goes down. Kabeer asks where is Kushan. She says he has gone to Lonavla on a business meeting. He says he must got afraid like Neha an d fled. She says he is misunderstanding. He says he just wants to know where Kushan. She says her answer will not change. He asks servant and she gives same answer. He asks her to get Kushan’s another gun. She says she does not have any gun. He says he has come prepared and gives her search warrant. She nods yes and officers start searching gun. She remembers sending Kushan from backdoor. Kabeer does not get anything and walks out after thanking her for her cooperation.

Dr. Aditya comes home and sees Trisha upset. He asks Amrita why Trisha is upset. Amrita says cable is not coming. Cableman checks and says cable wire is cut. Trisha reminisces cutting cable wire when she was kidnapped and starts panicking. Amrita consoles her.

Kushan changes his sim and calls travel agent to send him a car.

Gaurav happily reads paper in the morning. Sonali asks what kind of a man he is, his everything is lost and he is happy even then. He says he lost his CEO position, but he is working though. He says he is happy that he is not CEO and cannot take stress, he cannot do politics like Pratik and Lavanya. She says then he should learn it. He says he cannot be manipulative and says he lost differentiating betwen good and bad coming under her sugar-coated talks and says he does not want to become selfish.

Pratik is on phone. Kabeer comes there. Pratik asks what he wants. Kabeer says he says repeatedly what case asks him to say and unfortunately, there is a new turn in case, says 2 bullets were fired on Trisha and tells what he found. Amrita comes there and is shocked to hear that. Kabeer asks them not to share this info to his family or anyone. He says 2 different guns were involed and asks if they have any other gun. Pratik asks if he is blaming him. Kabeer says he is not blaming him and someone may get into trap. Pratik says he does not know if there is another gun. Kabeer asks where is Neha as she is missig. Pratik says he does not know about her. Amrita asks what Neha has to do with it. He says she is a prime suspect.

Lavanya thinks it is good she hid gun, else everyone would have know about it. She thinks why Kushan did not call her back, hope everything is alright.

Pratik says Kabeer he should stop suspecting Neha and do his work properly. Amrita asks Pratik why is he taking Neha’s side. Kabeer says Neha is involved and asks about Trisha. Amrita says she is fine and got afraid seeing cable wire cut. Aditya comes and says she got afraid before seeing hoodie. Kabeer asks why did not they inform him about it and asks doc to inform him about Trisha’s progress.

Kushan disguises in beard and moustache and calls Lavanya. She asks if he is fine. He says he has booked car and hotel for 2 days, he will reach Mumbai an call Trisha where she was shot. He asks about ACP Kabeer. She says nothing important and asks him to destrooy gun after his work is done. He says not worry and thinks nobody can save Trisha now.

Precap: Kushan calls Trisha at a secluded building and points gun at her. Kabeer reaches the spot and shouts Trisha.

Update Credit to: MA

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