It was too late….Shivika Ts Part 2

Heya readers! I am glad that you did like this story of mine. Thank you all for the appreciation. Special mention of Lauren Di for her guess. Coming to the story , most of you said that the lady is Tia .
Is it Tia or not , find out….

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Rudra : No bhaiya. I cant tell you the truth.
Shivaay : Why cant you tell me the truth? And if you wont tell me then how will I know?
A voice called out from behind, which belongs to a lady,
Voice: I will tell you the truth, Shivaay.
Omru look at her with a prohibiting look but she comes ahead and speaks…
Voice: Omru, today the truth has to come out. I cant see Shivaay and Anika in this condition,away from each other. Anika has made you swear on herself but I am free to speak. So I will tell the truth today.
Shivaay : Badi maa, Please tell me. What is this ‘truth’ ?

Jhanvi: Shivaay, the truth is that Anika did not betray or leave us. She was forced to do this. She was forced to downcast her image in your eyes , so that you kick her out of the house. She has not come back herself. Omru got her back because they couldnt see you living your life like you did before Anika came.She has not betrayed you Shivaay, she has not betrayed you.
Shivaay (shocked): Who did this Badi Maa?
Jhanvi: You dont worry about who did that. You go and clear the confusion between you and Anika.
Shivaay : No badi maa, I want to know who did this with me and MY Anika.
Janvi: So if you want to know, I will tell you. But on one condition.
Shivaay: What condition Badi Maa?

Jhanvi: That after knowing the truth, you will first apologise to Anika and then confront the guilty.
Shivaay accepted and Jhanvi revealed Pinky’s name. Shivaay was shocked to the core and fell on his knees , trying to absorb the truth inside him. He couldnt believe the fact that the person whom he treated as God was the one who betrayed him . He was not ready to accept the truth yet. He couldnt doubt on his mother. Shivaay looked at Omru and they gave him an assuring look. Now , Shivaay had to accept that it was his OWN mother who seperated him from his love , his life , HIS Anika. On being consoled by Omru, he remembered Anika and ran to find her.

But unusually, Anika was not at home. Usually she would be sitting in the room and thinking about how to end all the confusions and drama going on in Oberoi Mansion. But now, she herself was not there in Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay was looking in the whole mansion and shouting Anikas name. Pinky heard his shouts and came out running. But she was the last person whom Shivaay would have liked to see at that moment.
Pinky : What happeneds Shivaay? Why are you shoutings ?
Shivaay (gritting his teeth ): Where is Anika?
Pinky : Hows would I knows? She must be somewheres with her fiances. But why are you lookings for that middle class roadside cheap girls like hers ?
Before Pinky could complete, Shivaay left and reached the gates of Oberoi Mansion with Omru.
Shivaay : Take out the car, Om. We need to go and find Anika.
Rudra : But bhaiya, where will you look for her?
Shivaay : I dont know Rudra. I just know that I cant sit at home and wait for Anika to come back, even after knowing the truth.

Om drove the car and they checked all the places where Anikas appearance could be possible. But she was no where to be found. She was not at Chandas house, she was not at her old house, she was not there at the temple where Shivika met first, she was not there on the beach, she was not there in Samar Malhotras office and she wasnt there at Sahils school. Then where in this whole wide world was Anika ?
The trio stood and wondered what was next. The three were in a state of shock, worry, sadness and Shivaays heart was sinking in buckets full of guilt. Their thoughts were disturbed when Omkaras phone rang…
Where is Anika? Is she alright ? Who called Omkara in such a critical situation ?
Guys , its longer than I thought. So it will extend to maybe more than five shots. Pleaseet me know if its fine with you all. Keep reading It was too late…..

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