Late night teachings-A Riansh Os

It was morning time, biology professor entered the class in XYZ college.

Vansh : So , students , take out your books.

Riddhima : Sir , it’s book

Vansh : Riddhima, stop troubling me

Riddhima : Aww ! you don’t like me ?

Vansh : Let’s study..Osmosis

Riddhima was busy doing her makeup .

Vansh : Riddhima, after the class meet me in my cabin .

Riddhima : Ok sir., pakka

Vansh was teaching , then he left…Riddhima comes to Vansh’s cabin and without wishing him , she sits on the chair.

Vansh : Is this a garden ?

Riddhima : I don’t think so …

Vansh : Then, stand up

Riddhima : No..

Vansh : Stand up now

Riddhima stands.

Vansh : Zyda makeup ka shaunk hai ?

Riddhim : Ha , hai toh

Vansh : You are talking to me like this…Me ?

Riddhima : Yes sir you, You !!

Vansh : Today you will write whole chapter 8 as punishment

Riddhima : Okkk

Vansh : Noww

Riddhima : Sir, mera lecture hai, Swami sir ka , vo aise hi bakwaas mei daantenge..

Vansh : I will talk to him..

Riddhima : Abhi kro

Vansh : Ha ok

Vansh informs Mr. Swami .

Riddhima : Ab likhti hu

She sits to write.

Vansh : Tell me one thing that have your parents put you in this college to do this all ?

Riddhima : Sir, vo naa..mai unse alag rehti hu  , job krti hu , aur apne paiso se admission li hai ..Mujhe bas  doctor banna hai..

Vansh : Aise bnogi ?

Riddhima : Aisa hai , mai raat ko jaag kr pdhti hu , taakin mai pdh likh kr bnon kuch , class mei nhi pdha jaata sir..

Vansh was listening very carefully..

Vansh : I will teach you at night.

Riddhima : But how sir and why ? You think me as bigadi beti..

Vansh : Listen, first tell why don’t you live with your parents ?

Riddhima : They wanted me to marry you..But I wanted to study..

Vansh : Me ?

Riddhima : Ha,  your parents too agreed without asking you but I disagreed..

Vansh : I will ask my parents and rahi baat tumhein pdhane ki toh mai …tumhein kuch din phone pe pdha dunga..

Riddhima : Ok sir, Thank you

Vansh : Koi zrurat ni hai yeh punishment krne ki , you may go to your job..

Riddhima : Thank you sir..

She was going .

Vansh : Wait, listen , ab se tum class mein bhi dhyaan  dena got it ?

Riddhima : Ok

Riddhima  went to her job and after some time, Vansh went to his home.

( Anupriya is not  his real mom )

Anupriya : Vansh tu aa gya..

Vansh : Sbh log aa jao..

Everyone gathers.

Vansh:.Kya aap logon ne mera rishta kisi Riddhima saath fix kiya tha…Yes or No

Anupriya: But..

Vansh : Yes or No ?

Anupriya : Yes

Vansh : Vo bichari ko ghar chod kr jaana pda, she wanted to study..And too, you don’t even needed to ask me…

Anpriya : But..

Vansh :Kya apko yeh pta tha ki voh ghar se bhaag gyi ?

Anupriya : Ha

Vansh : Because of you ,that girl is suffering  , use pdhai ke saath – saath job krni pdh ri hai..Agli baar se koi mere rishtey ki baat khin nhi krega..Got it ?

They all nod. Vansh leaves.

At night :

Vansh calls Riddhima . (Video call)

Vansh : Hello

Riddhima : Hello sir…

Vansh  :So, today we will ready flora and fauna

Riddhima : Ok

Vansh : Take out your book.

Riddhima nods and takes out her book . Then, a voice interrupts Vansh .

Anupriuya : Beta, yeh tu itni raat ko kisse baat kr rha hai ?

Vansh : Riddhima, I am teaching her..

Anupriya : Yeh vohi hai na , jiski vajah se tu ham par chillaya ?

Vansh : Haaa

Anupriya : Beta isko mat pdha , shaadi ki umr hai..

Vansh : Mom please leave me alone, mai itna bada hu ki aise faisle le sku

Anupriya leaves.

Vansh : Ha..toh let’s start.

Vansh is teaching her..

Riddhima : Sir, it’s 11:45 , bas naa..

Vansh : Riddhima , last topic..

Riddhima : Ok sir

He teaches.

Riddhima : Bye sir, Thank you, Good night

Vansh : Bye , good night..

They hang up.

A week passes and it’s a morning in college , Riddhima studied well , without speaking a word. She was asking her doubts. Everyone was surprised to see Riddhima like this. It’s Vansh’s class going on.

Riddhima : Sir, I didn’t understood Diffusion.

Vansh : After the college gets over you can ask , I am here till 3.

Riddhima : Sir but..

Vansh : Oh yes, you may leave that…

A student : sir what ?

Vansh : None of your business, Riddhima you meet me after your lunch in recess.

Riddhima : Ok sir..

Vansh leaves. Riddhima didn’t made many friends. Priya, Rajan , Aryan and Siya were her friends. Aryan and Siya are Vansh’s siblings but Vansh doesn’t talks much in class . Priya, Rajan , Aryan and Siya come to Riddhima.

Priya : Riddhu

Riddhima : ha

Priya : Ek cheez bta

Siya : Vansh bhai tere se kya baat kr rhe they ?

Riddhima : None of your business..

Priya : Aur tu itna pdhne kb se lgi ?

Riddima : Mind your own business, Priya..

Priya : tu Vansh sir ke liye apne doston ko chhod degi ?

Tears roll down from her eyes , she packed her bag and left. She was running in the corridor when bumped into Vansh , she apologised without seeing his face and started walking , Vansh holds her hand .

Vansh : What happened Riddhima ?

Riddhima (trying to release her hand) : Sir, please leave my hand, otherwise people will think something else.

She was crying , Vansh understood and left his hand , she ran to her home. Vansh enters their classroom (Riddhima’s)

Priya : Sir aap idhr ?

Vansh : Kisne Riddhima ko rulaya ? Who dared this ?

Siya : Bhai , this Priya only..

Vansh : Wait, I need to confirm..

He calls Riddhima and puts the call on speaker.

Vansh : Hello Riddhima, only tell who who was involved (eyeing all) in troubling you ?

Riddhima : S..i..rr…Si…ya..and..P (she was crying)..riya..

Vansh : Calm down and come to class now..

Riddhima : Ok

She hangs up. Riddhima comes to classroom.

Vansh : Say the names clearly.

Riddhima : Siya and Priya..

Vansh eyed both of them .

Vansh : Priya, I expected this from you but Siya , you ? How could you ? I can’t believe my sister could do such..Now you see..

Eyeing Siya , he held Riddhima’s hand and left to his cabin.

His cabin :

Riddhima : Sir , vo meri job…pr jaana hai…jaon kya ?

Vansh : No Riddhima, You have resigned it

Riddhima : When ?

Vansh : I mean I did it from your side..

Riddhima : Why ?

Vansh : Because you will work in VR Industries and will live in VR Mansion. I hope your house rent will reduce by that..

Riddhima : Thank you but I can’t

Vansh : Riddhima listen,  you will be able to study properly , so , I have shifted your stuff to VR Mansion and cancelled your rent house agreement.

Riddhima : Thank you so much sir..

Vansh : It’s ok , now you go to VR Mansion

Riddhima : Sorry sir, but  I will go with you only, at least for today, I am scared..

Vansh laughs.

Riddhima : Sirr

Vansh : Accha, okkk

Riddhima smiles.

In VR Mansion :

Vansh enters with Riddhima. Everyone is present there .

Anupriya : Vansh isse kyu le kr aaya hai ?

Vansh : Ab main bolunga aur tum sirf sunoge. Riddhima will work in VR Industries , and she will study too , she will live here only and don’t anyone dare to say her anything or else, the result you all know..(to Riddhima) It’s 3:30 , at 4:30 be ready, we will go to office. And Siya tumne Riddhima ko rula kr accha nhi kiya ab tum Chapter 8 , 9 aur Chapter 10 likhogi poora..

Siya nods .

Riddhima : OK sir , I will be ready..

Vansh : There’s my room and there’s yours (points)

Riddhima : OK

They both go. Daadi goes to Vansh . The door is closed.

Daadi : Vansh , Vansh..

Vansh : Come in..Areey daadi , aapko kya zrurat thii knock krne ki..

Daadi : Nhi beta, it is good manners…

Vansh : Ha boliye..

Daadi : Toone Riddhima ko laakr accha kaam kiya, mujhe garv hai tum par..

Vansh : Thank you daadi..

Daadi : Chal mai chlti hu

Daadi left.

Vansh : Pata nhi why I feel something when I am around her.

He was buttoning his shirt , when Riddhima knocked , he thought it’s Daadi so allowed. Riddhima entered, she saw Vansh like this and turned her face.

Riddhima : Sorry sir..

Vansh buttoned his shirt quickly and says,”No, it’s ok , you may turn..”

Riddhima turns .

Riddhima : vo actually , I came to ask that where is my photo frame, it was in that house only..

Vansh : Isn’t it there ?

Riddhima  : That’s why I was asking

Vansh : Can’t you give the answer in right way ?

Riddhima : No

Vansh : Ok ,wait..Angreee…

Angre comes and says,”Yes boss..”

Vansh : Did you found a photo frame in Riddhima’s house ? Where is it ?

Angre : Boss, I think it’s left in car..

Vansh : Go and check

Angre : Hmm..

Angre goes, Vansh’s shirt button broke suddenly..

Vansh : I will have to change the shirt.

Riddhima : Wait , mai lga deti hun .

Riddhima brings thread and needle . Vo button lgati hai (Sorry english mei button lgane ko kya kehte hai vo ni pta) They both share an eye lock  , suddenly needle pricks in Vansh’s chest.

Riddhima : I am really sorry sir..really sorry..sorryy..

Vansh : It’s a small pain, it’s ok..

Riddhima : Sorry..please…

Vansh keeps finger on her lips and says,”Bohot bolti ho naa tum, shh..”

Angre came, they both jerked off.

Angre : Boss , yeh lo..

Riddhima snatches from him and hugs the frame and starts crying. Vansh gestures Angre to go , and he goes..Vansh is very curious to know who is in the frame. Riddhima parts from the frame, thanks Vansh.

Vansh : Who is in the frame ? (trying to look)

Riddhima : He is very close to my heart..

Vansh : Your boyfriend ?

Riddhima : Areey , it’s not important any boy who is very close to a girl’s heart is boyfriend , he is my late brother..

She starts crying.

Vansh : OH, show..

In the frame, Riddhima was tying rakhi to her brother. Vansh smiled and wiped her tears. They both look at each other..

Riddhima : You didn’t trusted me, sirrr…

Vansh : I was just adoring you in the picture..

Riddhima : hh?

Vansh : Kuch ni..let’s have lunch..

Riddhima : No thanks..

Vansh : Ziddhima…

Riddhima : Sir, dinner pakka…Mereko chole – kulche khaane hai..Pleaseeee

Vansh : Ha, no problem , chole-kulche bnwa deta hu

Riddhima : Sir, why are you taking-

Vansh : Shh, pehle bhi kaha tha na maine ki bohot bolti ho tum, drink water, thak gyi hogi..

He gives her water and makes her drink . They go to the dining table.

Vansh : Chole – Kulche ban gye ?

Servant : Yes sir

Vansh : Serve

Riddhima : Itni jldi ?

Vansh : Vansh ka jaadu..

He smiles.

Anupriya : Beta, but tumhein toh chole-kulche nhi acche lgte they..

Vansh :Mujhe ab lgte hai..Koi problem ?

Anupriya : Nhi..

They all eat the lunch and  Angre, Vansh and Riddhima leave for office. In office, Vansh introduces everyone to Riddhima .

Vansh : Angre, help Riddhima to get Khurna’s file and come in my cabin.

Angre : OK boss..Let’s go Riddhima..

Riddhima hummes and leaves.

Vansh’s POV – 

Why do I feel something around Riddhima ? Why am I attracting to her  ? Why I felt emotional listening her story of running from her parents ? Why I brought her to my office  ? She doesn’t fulfills the criteria but still , why ? why I brought her to my home ?? Why ? Whyyyy ? I was thinking all this , then Angre came, R

iddhima was not with him , he said,” Because you love her.” and he left. Do I love here ? But Vansh ki life mein toh Love naam ka shabd hai hi nahi..Kya sach mein pyaar ho gya hai mujhe ? Shayad haan…Mujhe daadi se advise leni hogi, she is love specialist..

Riddhima’s POV –

Vansh sir is so cute, he is handsome, hot..But wait, why I am saying this ? He is my boss, my teacher..No, no , I can’t think this…I can’t get rid of this..What is happening to me? Angre came to me and said,”Because you love him..” and started doing his work . Do I really love him ? Shayad , but what will I do ? Who will give me advise ? “Daadi” Angre told me..Maybe yes, she behaves nicely..

Author’s POV –

Riddhima :

Angre : You can call me Angre, bhabhii

Riddhima : Hey, I am not your bhabhi

Angre : Dekhiye, aap maane yaa naa maane jb boss apko le kr aaye they mai tbhi samajh gaya tha..

Riddhima : Angre please stop it for now

Angre : Aapka hukum sar aankho pr bhabhi ji (in teasing tone)

Riddhima : Angreee…

Angre : Anyways, let’s go to give Khurana’s file..

Riddhima nods.

Now, it was 8 and the office time was over, they headed towards VR Mansion .

VR Mansion :

Everyone is in their rooms, Riddhima messages Daadi , that she wanted to talk something to her and Daadi comes.

Daadi : Ha beta bolo

Riddhima : Daadi vo…voo…mereko..aapse..kuch..

Angre comes and says,” Daadi Bhabhi ko aapse baat krni hai/..”

Daadi : Bhabhi ?

Angre : Hone wali bhabhiii..(teases)

Riddhima was blushing.

Angre : Actually she is not realising that she loves boss and same is with boss..

Daadi : Accha, toh yeh baat haii..Ha ?

Vansh enters.

Vansh : Sb yahan kuch hua ?

Riddhima : Sir vo , daadi dinner ka pooch ri thii

Vansh : Okkk…Daadi chlna mujhe kuch baat krni hai..

Daadi : Ha chal..

They both went.

Angre : Lgta hai boss ko bhi vhi baat krni hai , right ?

Riddhima : Angreeeee

Angre giggles and leaves .

Vansh’s room :

Vansh : Vo daadi.. actually

Daadi : Kya ?

Angre comes and says,” Actually he is not realising that he loves bhabhi and same is with her..”

Daadi : Accha toh tumhein bhi yhi baat krni thii

Vansh : Bhi matlab ? Riddhima bhii ?

Daadi : Haa..

Vansh was too happy to listen this..

Vansh : Daadi , thank you btaane ke liye and Angre thank you…

They both smile and leave.

Vansh : Chalo, Abhi proposal ho jaaye…

He calls everyone in the hall .

Riddhima : Yes sir…khiye..

Vansh bends on his knees , takes out a rose and says,” Riddhima agr hmari shaadi pehle ho gyi hoti toh shayad tumse mai aaj itna pyaar nhi kr paata, jitna mai aaj krta hu..Jab se tum aayi ho meri zindagi mein kuch accha sa lgne laga hai..I love you..”

Everyone was stunned by this action. Riddhima accepts the rose and says,” Same is with me, I love you too..” They both stand and hug each other..

Anupriya : Vansh tu aur pyaar ? Kuch toh gadbad hai

Vansh : Nahi mom…Riddhima realised me that love jaisa shabd meri dictionary mein hai..

They all smile and then there’s whole black..

I know it’s quite surprising for you…This is an Os from my book “Collection of Riansh Os” on Wattpad. This story got an immense response , so I decided to update it here too..On Wattpad it is of 2 parts, but here I combined it..I hope you like it..You can consider it as a treat or a gift..

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