Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 7

Hi everyone….

Here I’m with a new episode of my fan fiction….

Hope you all will like it…..


Shanaya attends the call and it was Dr.Aryan’s call and Dr.Aryan asked him to come fast… as they have to go to meet Rehaan,so he is waiting outside… Shanaya gets up and get ready fast to go to meet Rehaan, She takes asthi-kalash with herself….Dr.Aryan receives her from outside her house and they leave for Rehaan’s house….

At Rehaan’s house, Dr.Aryan introduces Shanaya and Rehaan with eachother ….Rehaan feels something fishy and asked about it to Shanaya….Shanaya share hers dream of last night….Shanaya tells that she brings asthi-kalash with her…and gives it to Rehaan…. Rehaan says this asthi-kalash will be very helpful…At first Rehaan fix asthi-kalash in the middle of his room,where he do all his paranormal activities ,than she chant something and invites real Dr.Suneel’s spirit with help of asthi-kalash….and than he invites Mahesh Spirit with help of Mahesh’s watch ( which Dr.Aryan brings from hospital) and a spirit coin….

Dr.Suneel and Mahesh’s spirit get out of control seeing each other and starts fighting with their powers, while Shanaya, Dr.Aryan and Rehaan tries to stop them….finally Rehaan finds some ash box near him and he throw some ashes over both of them and chants something…. they both relaxes and get under control….

In presence of Dr.Suneel Rehaan asked to Mahesh about the real culprit but Mahesh didn’t reveal it….then Rehaan threatened him with a holy water and tied him with a holy rope and chants something….

Finally Mahesh reveals about that mastermind and tries to escape while Rehaan cages him with some mantras and holy powers and locked him in a casket….Shanaya, Dr.Aryan, Rehaan and spirit of Dr.Suneel goes to catch the real culprit…..

To be continued….:)

  1. Good one.Waiting for the next.

    1. Samayra

      Thanks…. I will write next episode soon….:)

  2. Salley145

    I wonder who’s this Mastermind.. thnx for the update

    1. Salley145

      I mean the update is very nice

    2. Samayra

      Thanks….hope you like to read next updates too….:)

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