Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 2

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Episode 2

Dr. Aryan and Shanaya met at a cafe, where Shanaya shares the incident with him. Dr. Aryan foound it strange that how could a dead person, with whom Shanaya never mets, can comes to her hallucinations.Dr. aryan and Shanaya goes to hospital to check the deadbody,and they found it at it’s place l.
Suddenly some strange things starts happening around them.the curtain falls from the deadbody and suddenly things starts shaking and suddenly everything becomes normal.Suddenly Dr. Aryan feels Someone behind him, there’s nothing but still he feels some spritual vibes there.Meanwhile Shanaya sees that old man again and it’s the spirit of that old man and Shanaya found that the spirit wants to say something, Shanaya tries to communicate with the spirit , while Dr. Aryan companies her.
The old man’s spirit tell them to not to be scared and said that he needs her help, Old man reveals about his story and tells that he was a Science professor, his name was Dr. Suneel and One day,
A flashback shown,
When it was term end examination of that batch and also it was the year, in which Dr.suneel was going to get retired and suddenly everything got changed, examination papers gets leak and Dr. Suneel was blamed for all the happenings, and college board took strict actions against him.and also filed a court case.
Dr.Suneel knows that it all was pre-planned, and he wants to catch the real guilty, mean-while some goons attacked at his house and killed him with a rope and hanged him with the fan that it seemed suicide, next day when his neighbors found that it’s too late, and Dr. Suneel didn’t came out for jogging and found the doors open, they goes inside and found him dead, they called police.
Police came and found a suicide note written by goons from room in which it was written that Dr. Suneel was felt guilty and doing suicide for his deeds and police confirms it as a suicide case and shut the file.
Dr.Suneel tells that he was not guilty and he didn’t died a natural death, that’s why he become a spirit but he is not a bad spirit and he needs Shanaya’s help to get free, to get salvation, this is last wish and only Shanaya can help him, because only she can see him.
Shanaya narrates all this to Dr. Aryan and says to Dr. suneel that she will help her….
to be continued….:)

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